Top 13 Benefits Of Outdoor Play For Kids

Top 13 Benefits Of Outdoor Play For Kids

1 Nov 2022 | 4 min Read

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Children today spend an increasing amount of time indoors. Most kids are enthralled by TVs, cell phones, and other technology. Kids need to spend more time outdoors as the benefits of outdoor play for kids are plenty.

Children’s physical and mental health can be enhanced by enjoying outdoor games. Their personality can be shaped and important social skills can be developed through exposure to outdoor play. It is an excellent way to support their development of life skills. Encouraging your kids to play outdoors is the best thing you can do for your child’s overall development. The only precaution you need to take is to protect them from pesky mosquitoes and bugs by spraying a natural mosquito repellent spray before they head outdoors.  

Continue reading to find out the top benefits of outdoor play for kids.

Top Benefits Of Outdoor Play For Kids

1. Enhances athletic abilities

Children can develop their athletic skills without the stress of organised sports when they are allowed to play independently on the playground. Interacting with a range of equipment can help them build strength and a healthy heart. 

2. Improves health

All types of outdoor activities are excellent for children’s health. Kids who have more space to run about and play can burn off more calories and get more vitamin D from the sun. Our bodies can produce all the Vitamin D required for the day, which is utilised to maintain our immune systems, control our sleep cycles, and fortify our bones, with just fifteen minutes of sun exposure.

3. Learns something new

Kids’ learning ability can be greatly improved by playing outdoor games. They might pick up valuable life experiences and skills, foster a problem-solving mindset, have the opportunity to explore nature, discover new things, and develop a basic understanding of science.

4. Boosts mental health

Playing outside can enhance mental health by enhancing concentration, mood, and attention span. Children’s attentiveness and ability to pay attention are also improved. After spending time outside during the school day, symptoms of ADHD in children with this condition become less severe.

5. Benefits physical growth

Playing outside keeps kids engaged and might improve their physical fitness and endurance. Their bones and ligaments will be strengthened, their immunity will be boosted, and they will be less likely to contract ailments like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. 

benefits of outdoor play for kids

6. Builds life skills

Creativity surges when children are allowed to roam freely outside. Children who play outside are free to use their imaginations as they like. The ability to prioritise, plan, juggle, debug, and negotiate are all examples of executive function skills, which are crucial life skills. 

7. Sparks imagination and creativity

Participating in outdoor games might help kids become more imaginative and creative. A child’s imagination and creativity can be sparked and enhanced by being outside and surrounded by plants, trees, and other objects.

8. Makes them independent

Most kids lead fairly regulated, supervised lives. They get freedom and independence from outside play. In playgrounds, kids can safely explore new territory. Children can connect socially, make their judgments, and learn to play alone autonomously while they are not under the direct supervision of an adult.

9. Develops social skills

Kids who spend time outside like in the park, tend to engage with other kids more effectively than kids who stay indoors and are withdrawn and alone. If your child devotes more time inside and isolates himself, you should encourage him to play with other kids outside. 

10. Teaches them to explore

Kids need to be allowed to play outside under adult supervision if they are to learn about hazards and their causes and effect. Indoor play can come with some advantageous risks, but outdoor adventure is more fun. 

11. Promotes a positive outlook

Children who play outside often grow up with a favourable outlook on life and are more mellow and content. Additionally, playing outside gives kids a wonderful chance to focus their energy in productive ways.

12. Connects with nature

Children who spend a lot of time outside may be more likely to form a lifetime connection with nature.

13. Develops healthier lifestyle choices

Children who actively participate in outdoor activities have a higher chance to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle as adults. They are capable of making sound decisions. They develop the ability to test their limits and push themselves, which improves their risk assessment skills.

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