Five Benefits Of Sex During Pregnancy

Five Benefits Of Sex During Pregnancy

16 Aug 2022 | 3 min Read

Reema Shah

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It is safe for a woman to continue having sex throughout her pregnancy unless her doctor has advised her otherwise. In fact, during certain stages of pregnancy, a woman’s sex drive may increase. Here are some benefits of sex during pregnancy.

5 Amazing Benefits Of Sex During Pregnancy

1. Helps to increase intimacy with the partner without harming the baby

It is a great way to get intimate with your partner and enjoy some physical pleasure without harming your baby. Having gentle sex protects the baby due to the amniotic sac. The amniotic sac surrounds the baby and helps to hold the amniotic fluid. Plus, your uterus has strong muscles and also has a thick mucus plug near the cervix which provides protection. 

benefits of sex
One of the benefits of sex during pregnancy is easier orgasms which release happy hormones /  Credit – Pexels

2. Easier To Get Orgasms

On average, women gain about three to four pounds of blood throughout their pregnancy. This blood gained during pregnancy tends to circulate below the waist, hence making it much easier to have an orgasm.

3. Breasts Can Become More Sensitive

The breasts tend to become fuller and more sensitive during your pregnancy. This can be arousing for both you and your partner. Some women enjoy their breasts being fondled first time during pregnancy as part of their sexual play. 

However, some women find that their breasts feel more uncomfortable and tender during pregnancy. Both of these reactions are normal. As an expecting mum, you need to trust what your body is telling you and only indulge in actions that feel the most satisfying and comfortable. However, don’t hesitate to experiment. Pregnancy can be a period where you can easily find new enjoyable things. 

4. Promotes Positive Body Image

It is normal for many women to struggle with their body image as their pregnancy progresses. This is because the waistline diminishes and the thought that it’s going to make the expecting mum unattractive kicks in. Hence, sex is one of the ways to feel good about one’s body again. It can help the mum realise that no matter how the body changes, she is capable of experiencing physical pleasure. 

sex during pregnancy
Promoting the well-being of the baby and the couple are other benefits of sex during pregnancy / Credit – Unsplash

5. Promotes Well-being of the Baby and the Couple

The pleasure that the pregnant mum receives pleasure during a sexual intercourse helps to achieve orgasm through which even the baby benefits. These feel-good hormones help to keep pregnancy-induced diabetes and hypertension at bay ensuring a healthy pregnancy.

Sex helps the expecting mum feel desired and loved by her partner. This, in turn, makes her feel safe, allowing the baby to arrive in excellent health. It also ensures the couple’s love, togetherness, and understanding get even better while benefiting each person. 

Many expecting couples are concerned about getting busy with a baby on board. However, until the doctor advises you otherwise, sex during pregnancy is not only safe for couples but also has these benefits. However, it’s important to talk to your doctor about any possible complications to stay safe during this sensitive phase.



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