Benefits Of Tulsi For Kids

Benefits Of Tulsi For Kids

25 Jul 2022 | 4 min Read

Reema Shah

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Tulsi, which is known as holy basil is one of the most important plants used in India. Other than being worshipped, it is also regarded as one of the best Ayurvedic cures for most diseases. 

The two varieties of tulsi found in India include the Lakshmi Tulsi which is green in colour and the Krishna Tulsi which is purple-hued. Tulsi is rich in phytonutrients, essential oils, and vitamins A and C, and it is useful in strengthening immunity and fighting bacterial infections as well. Tulsi is also used in baby-friendly mosquito sprays to keep pesky disease-causing mosquitoes at bay.

Hence it is very beneficial for infants and toddlers. Read to find out five key benefits of tulsi for kids. 

5 Key Benefits Of Tulsi For Kids

1. Aids Digestive System

If your child has been having stomach aches, then chewing on a few tulsi leaves can be highly beneficial. It can help in strengthening the immune system while also playing the role of an appetiser. This is because tulsi leaves can help in stimulating the release of digestive enzymes which thus helps to enhance digestion.

2. Respiratory System

The first system that gets affected is the respiratory system. Whether your child is suffering from a cold and cough or bronchitis, tulsi is packed with medicinal powers to treat them. It is very useful in treating running nose and throat infections and has usually been effective in most cases.

benefits of tulsi water
There are several benefits of tulsi water for kids including stomach issues and helping tackle fever in kids / Credit – Canva

3. Immune System

Tulsi has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that help in boosting the immune system. When your little one has a strong immune system, they are less likely to catch an infection or fall ill. Just keep a tulsi plant indoors and take its benefits for not only your child but yourself as well.

4. Fever

The antibacterial and antiseptic properties present in tulsi make it the best herb for the treatment of fever. They can effectively fight against viral, bacterial and fungal infections. Just add a few tulsi leaves to a cup of warm water and ask your child to drink it to ward off the fever.

5. Eye Health

Monsoon season in particular is common for children to get conjunctivitis or boils in the eye because of the humidity and bacteria during the changing climate. Wash your child’s eyes with tulsi water to avoid these common eye infections. They are effective in reducing inflammation and help to reduce stress on the eyes.

benefits of tulsi water
You can serve Tulsi leaves by garnishing them on your child’s meals like soups and salads / Credit – Pexels

Ways in Which You Can Give Tulsi to Kids

  1. Add a few tulsi leaves along with a small piece of ginger to about two cups of water and then bring it to a boil until it reduces to half. Strain this water and give it to your child when suffering from a cold, cough or flu.
  2. Give your child a few tulsi leaves after waking up and ask him or her to chew them. They can then consume a glass of water.
  3. Add boiled tulsi water to any fresh fruit juices or soups that you serve to your child.
  4. Sprinkle finely chopped tulsi leaves on some chopped-up fruits like bananas.
  5. Add some tulsi leaves to the sipper or the water tumbler that your child drinks water from. They will keep getting the benefits of the tulsi leaves each time they drink the water.

There are several benefits of tulsi for kids and adults. Add tulsi leaves to your child’s diet for good health.



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