9 Amazing Benefits Of Tummy Time For Babies That Parents Should Know About

9 Amazing Benefits Of Tummy Time For Babies That Parents Should Know About

16 Oct 2022 | 5 min Read

Manisha Pradhan

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You will be surprised to know about the amazing benefits of tummy time for babies. It is very important for infants as it helps them in their motor development milestones, as it helps to build a foundation of core strength. It helps to develop core muscles of the back, neck and shoulders. It also helps conditions like positional torticollis(twisted neck) and positional plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome). 

Tummy time should be started as soon as babies are born beginning with a few minutes every day and slowly increasing the time as they grow. You can place your baby either on a blanket or mattress on the floor or a bed or sofa for tummy time. Placing your baby on their tummy on your lap while you sit on a chair, the sofa or bed is another way for tummy time. You can take a few drops of an organic massage oil like the BabyChakra Nourishing Baby Massage Oil and gently rub it on your baby’s back during tummy time. It will help to soothe your baby while also nourishing the skin.

There are many benefits of tummy time. Here’s all that you need to know.

What Does Tummy Time Mean?

You could call it your baby’s first physical exercise. Tummy Time also known as prone position is the time a baby spends on their stomach when they are awake during the day. While babies need to sleep on their backs when they sleep, it is very important to spend time lying on their tummy when they awake for at least a few minutes every day.

When Should A Baby Start Tummy Time?

As mentioned above, babies can start tummy time as soon as they are born and come home from the hospital. 

How Long Should Tummy Time Last?

As a newborn, your baby can start tummy time with a few minutes daily and it can slowly be increased to a few minutes for at least 3-4 times a day. By the time a baby is around three months old tummy time should be for an hour, this can be broken up into smaller sessions. As the baby grows the tummy time can be increased for a longer period of time.

benefits of tummy time for babies
Babies can start tummy time as soon as they are born/image source: freepik

Tummy time can be stopped once the baby starts crawling, which normally happens when the baby is around seven to nine months old, however, if your baby enjoys it can be continued till they are a year old.

What Are The Benefits Of Tummy Time For Babies?

It is an important part of your baby’s daily routine as it is the benefits of tummy time are many. It is necessary for their motor, visual, and sensory development.

1. It strengthens the baby’s neck, and shoulders. When a baby turns his/her head from side to side or lifts their head, it helps build neck strength.

2. It strengthens core muscles. When a baby uses their hands to push up or pulls their knees up, it helps to strengthen their hips, abdominal back and shoulder muscles.

3. It helps the baby meet motor milestones like sitting, rolling, crawling etc.

4. Babis learn to focus and track when they are on the floor surrounded by their toys.

5. While on the floor with their toys very close to them, directly in their line of vision, babies get more experience with focusing and tracking.

7. It helps in sensory development. When a baby is placed on a mattress or blanket etc. they feel the different textures on their stomach, cheeks, hands, and arms, and this helps baby’s tactile sense (sense of touch).

8. They gain body awareness when they move and their weight shifts. 

9. It helps develop their vestibular sense (movement and balance). 

Helps develop their hand-eye coordination, when a baby looks down at their hands, they see how their hands move and also discover the things they can do with their hands. 

Tips Tummy Time For Babies

  • Get down on the floor at your baby’s eye level.
  • When your baby is lying on their stomach, make eye contact. and talk to them. You can even sing to them and gently rub their back.
  • Make it fun by placing their favourite toys around them.
  • If your baby resists tummy time it’s advisable to do it after every bath or diaper change.
  • Tummy time should be avoided immediately after the baby is fed.
  • Keep tummy time to when a baby is in a playful mood.
  • Encourage them to roll and move.
  • If your baby falls asleep during tummy time, gently turn them on their back.

The benefits of tummy time for babies are many. It makes a huge difference in your baby’s development, all you need to do is keep an eye on your baby and never leave them alone. They may also fuss about tummy time so be patient.

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