Laugh Out Loud: 75 Most Hilarious Animal Jokes For Kids

Laugh Out Loud: 75 Most Hilarious Animal Jokes For Kids

22 May 2023 | 6 min Read

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Kids love to hear animal stories and poems as it helps spark their imagination and expands their knowledge about different creatures. To add a fun twist to their learning, you can consider sharing animal jokes with them, which are knowledgeable and entertaining at the same time. Plus, these animal jokes for kids are super hilarious and will have your little one constantly chuckling and rolling on the floor laughing. 

Also, as you know, with lots of laughter comes a glowing face and good health too. So read on to know the funniest animal jokes for kids and their answers.

75 Funny Animal Jokes For Kids

Animal Jokes For Kids

These animal jokes are super-entertaining and also help improve your child’s knowledge about different creatures / Image credit: Freepik

What device do you use to count the cows?

A cowculator.

Why can’t leopards play hide and seek?

Because they are always spotted!

Why did the fish blush?

Because it saw the ocean’s bottom.

What do you call a pig that loves karate?

Pork chop!

What’s the difference between a fish and a guitar?

You can auto-tune a guitar, but you can’t auto-tuna fish.

What does a kitty eat for breakfast?

Mice Krispies!

What do you call a rabbit with fleas?

Bugs Bunny

What kind of a key opens a banana?

A monkey!

What’s a shark’s favourite sandwich?

Peanut butter and jellyfish.

What do you call an alligator wearing a vest?

An investigator.

What do you call a bear with no teeth?

A gummy bear

Why did the duck cross the road?

Because it was the chicken’s day off!

What did the spider do on the computer?

He created a website.

What do you call a famous fish?

A starfish!

How does a lion greet other animals in the field?

Pleaded to eat you.

How do spiders communicate?

Through the world wide web.

What do you call two octopuses who look the same?


Why is a bee’s hair always sticky?

Because it uses a honeycomb.

What is a giraffe’s favourite fruit?


Why are fish so good at watching their weight?

Because they have a lot of scales.

Who makes clothes for dinosaurs?

A dino-sewer

What pine has the longest needles?

A porcupine

What do fish eat to stay healthy?


Why do giraffes have such long necks?

Because their feet stink.

What did the Cinderella fish wear to the ball?

Glass flippers.

What did the grape do when the elephant stepped on it?

It gave out a little wine.

Why are giraffes so slow at apologising?

Because it takes them so long to swallow their pride.

What do you call an exploding monkey?

A baboom!

Which day do fishes hate?


What do you call a cow in a tornado?

A milkshake!

Where did the sheep go on vacation?

The Baaahamas.

How does a penguin build a Lego house?

It Igloos them together.

What happens to a frog’s car if it breaks down?

It gets toad away!

What did the duck say when it bought lipstick?

Put it on my bill!

What game do baby parrots play?


Why do cows wear bells?

Because their horns don’t work.

What do you call a cow that plays a musical instrument?

A moosician!

What does a dolphin say when it’s confused?

Can you please be more Pacific?

Where do you put barking dogs?

At a barking lot.

Why did the turtle cross the road?

To go to the shell station!

What did the banana do when the monkey chased it?

It split.

What kind of dog always runs a fever?

A hot dog.

What do you call a mad elephant?

An earthquake.

What kind of mouse does not drink, eat, or even talk?

A computer mouse!

What do you call a sleeping bull?

A bull-dozer!

Why do fish live in saltwater?

Because pepper makes them sneeze.

How does a dog stop a video?

By pressing the paws button.

Why are teddy bears never hungry?

Because they are always stuffed.

Why did the cows go to New York?

To see the moosicals. 

What is a cat’s favourite movie?

The Sound of Mew-sic

Why did the lamb cross the road?

To go to the baaaarber’s shop.

Where do squirrels take a vacation?

Beach tress!

How does a mouse look after taking a shower?

Squeaky clean!

What happened to the wolf who swallowed a clock?

It got the ticks.

What do you call a fight between squirrels?

A squarell!

What do ducks put in their soup?


What do you call a cow that eats your grass?

A lawn moo-er!

Why was the wolf arrested from the butcher’s shop?

For chop-lifting.

What does a frog eat with its hamburger?

French flies.

What do you call a sarcastic duck?

A wise Quaker.

What dog keeps the best time?

A watchdog!

Why are fish so smart?

Because they live in schools.

What fish swims only at night?

A starfish!

Why do hummingbirds hum?

Because they can’t remember the words.

How do bees get to their schools?

By school buzzzz

What do you call a lazy baby kangaroo?

A pouch potato!

Why don’t cats like online shopping?

Because they prefer cata-logs.

What do cats say on telephones?

Hello? Can you hear meow?

Where do dolphins sleep?

In the water bed!

What do you call a pig who is arrested for bad driving?

A road hog!

How do you catch a squirrel?

Climb on a tree and act like a nut.

What is as big as an elephant but weighs nothing?

Its shadow!

What is the snake’s favourite subject?


What do rich squirrels eat?


Why are cats bad storytellers?

Because they have only one tale.


These animal jokes for kids are entertaining and knowledgeable, and we bet your little ones will have a great time memorising them and sharing these with their peers. Also, these jokes help expand your child’s knowledge and strengthen your bond with one another. So use these jokes to bust your child’s boredom and have a great time together!

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