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  • Bipasha Basu Shares Devi’s Exercise Routine: Check Out These 5 Delightful Activities For 6-Month-Old Babies
Bipasha Basu Shares Devi’s Exercise Routine: Check Out These 5 Delightful Activities For 6-Month-Old Babies

Bipasha Basu Shares Devi’s Exercise Routine: Check Out These 5 Delightful Activities For 6-Month-Old Babies

8 May 2023 | 6 min Read

Manisha Pradhan

Author | 1053 Articles

Actor and new mum Bipasha Basu recently shared a video of her daughter Devi’s morning exercise routine. In the video, Devi can be seen kicking a soft stuffed ball, one of the favourite activities for 6-month-old babies and proud mum Bipasha captioned the video, “Natural Athlete.”

She also wrote that Devi enjoys her morning exercise routine just like her mum and dad, Karan Singh Grover. 


When a baby reaches six months, they become more aware of their surroundings, and their personalities start to shine through, that’s why it’s the perfect time to engage in fun activities that promote bonding and growth.

We’ve listed five delightful activities for 6-month-old babies that they are sure to love.

5 Activities For 6-Month-Old Babies

Bonding with your baby is a beautiful and essential aspect of parenthood, helping to create strong emotional connections and fostering their development and one of the ways of doing it is through activities that they enjoy, such as:

Sensory Play Activities for 6-Month-Old Babies


An excellent way to stimulate your baby’s senses and help develop their cognitive, motor, and language skills is by engaging in sensory play.

Here are some fun sensory activities for you and your little one:

  • Explore textures: Introduce your baby to various textures by providing soft, rough, bumpy, and smooth surfaces. This can be achieved by using fabric scraps, sensory boards, or even household items like sponges and foil.
  • Colourful lights: Create a sensory light show by using a flashlight with coloured cellophane or fairy lights since babies love the different colours. They will enjoy watching the lights as they move and change.
  • Taste testing: Offer your baby different flavours using safe, age-appropriate foods like mashed fruits and vegetables but always be cautious of allergies and check with your pediatrician if you’re unsure.

Tummy Time Fun Activities for 6-Month-Old Babies


Tummy time is essential for your baby’s physical development, helping to strengthen their neck, back, and arm muscles. Incorporate fun activities to make tummy time more enjoyable and engaging for your little one:

  • Mirrors: Babies love looking at their reflections. Place a baby-safe mirror in front of your baby during tummy time, and watch as they become fascinated with their own image.
  • Toys and props: Entertain your baby with age-appropriate toys, like soft blocks, balls like Bipasha Basu uses with her daughter, rattles, or plush toys. These can help keep your baby’s attention and motivate them to lift their head and reach for the toys.
  • Singing and storytelling: Singing nursery rhymes or telling stories during tummy time can provide auditory stimulation and make the experience more enjoyable for both of you.

Baby Yoga and Massage


Both baby yoga and massage are excellent ways to bond with your 6-month-old while promoting relaxation and improving their flexibility.

  • Baby yoga: Look for local baby yoga classes, or learn a few simple poses from online tutorials. Baby yoga encourages bonding through gentle touch, eye contact, and movement. Some popular poses include “happy baby,” “flying baby,” and “baby cobra.”
  • Baby massage: Baby massage is a great way to soothe your baby and promote better sleep. Use a baby-safe massage oil or lotion, and gently stroke your baby’s limbs and torso. Remember to maintain eye contact and talk or sing softly to make the experience more enjoyable.

Music and Dance


Music and dance are fun and engaging ways to bond with your baby while supporting their cognitive, emotional, and motor development.

  • Singing: Sing your favourite nursery rhymes or create your own songs based on your baby’s daily activities. Your baby will love hearing your voice and may even try to “sing” along.
  • Dancing: In an earlier video, Bipasha Basu also shared how she and Devi love to spend time dancing together, similarly you too can hold your baby securely in your arms or use a baby carrier, and dance to your favourite tunes. Dancing provides sensory stimulation and can also help your baby develop balance and coordination.
  • Musical instruments: Introduce your baby to simple instruments like shakers, bells, or a toy xylophone and allow them to explore the sounds.

Reading and Storytelling


Reading to your 6-month-old is a fantastic way to bond while supporting their language and cognitive development.

  • Picture books: Choose colourful picture books with simple stories or illustrations. Your baby will be captivated by the vivid images, and you can talk about what you see on each page.
  • Interactive books: Look for books with flaps, textures, or sounds as these interactive elements will engage your baby’s senses and make storytime even more exciting.
  • Storytelling: Create your own stories using your baby’s toys or everyday objects as characters. While dpoing so use different voices and facial expressions to bring the story to life, and watch as your baby becomes enthralled by your performance.

Bonding with your 6-month-old baby is an imporatnt part of parenthood. Engaging in activities like sensory play, tummy time, baby yoga and massage, music and dance, and reading and storytelling can strengthen your emotional connection while fostering your baby’s development. 

Remember to be present, patient, and attentive during these activities, as your baby will cherish the love and attention you provide. By incorporating these fun and engaging activities into your daily routine, you’ll create lasting memories and nurture a strong, loving bond with your baby.

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