Bra You’Re Definitely Wearing The Wrong Fit

Bra You’Re Definitely Wearing The Wrong Fit

1 Jul 2022 | 4 min Read


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As much as we’d all love our boobs to be free, societal norms dictate that we wear bras (most of the time). So how do you know whether your current companion is your life-time companion? More often than not, you’ll find that women are wearing the WRONG bras.

1. Spillage:

If your boobs are hanging out the sides, your bra is probably the wrong size. Try getting a larger size. You’ll know you’re spilling out if it looks like you have more than one pair of boobs on you.

2. Straps:

If your straps keep slipping off your shoulders despite you adjusting them and tightening them, you probably need a smaller bra.

3. Pain:

Bras are designed to give you support therefore they shouldn’t be causing you extra back and shoulder pain. If they are, you’ve probably got to get another bra. It could be because your bra is too tight or too loose, so get yourself re-measured.

4. Baggy:

If the cups of your bra feel baggy or get wrinkled when you wear it, it’s probably because there is too much extra fabric which means the bra is too big.

5. Tight:

Tightness can occur with the underwire or the straps. The underwire is designed to give you support, not poke you or dig into your skin. If the straps are leaving dents in your skin, that means they’re digging in and are too tight.

6. Hook:

When wearing your bra, the hook should be such that you are snug, but you’re leaving room for adjustment for when the bra stretches, which is bound to happen over time. So if you’re wearing your bra on the last hook already, that means it’ll probably get loose sooner or later. Alternately, If you’re wearing it on the first/innermost hook and it still moves, that means your bra is probably too loose for you.


If all your bras from different brands and of different styles are of the same size, there are very high chances that some of them are wrong. This is because different styles of bras are created for different purposes and so the sizes will vary.

How Do I Solve It?

This one is easy. When you’re shopping for bras, it’s best to go to a store rather than buy it online. This is because of the reason stated earlier – all bras are different depending on the brand and the style. If you go to a store, they can measure your size accurately and find the bra you want in the right size. Make sure you try it on to check a few things.

1. When you raise your hands, your bra should not rise up.

2. The center portion of your bra, between the cups, should sit flat against your rib cage/sternum.

3. The cups shouldn’t wrinkle or sag when you wear it.

4. The underwire and straps shouldn’t dig into and put pressure on your skin.

5. Wear your bra on the middle hook and make sure it fits snug. So if it gets tight, you can loosen it by wearing it on the last hook, and if it stretches out, you can tighten it by wearing it on the innermost hook.

Just remember that your bra size does tend to change, especially during and after pregnancy. It’s a natural process that happens as you age. Make sure you have different bras for different occasions and different outfits/tops that you wear. Also, be sure to buy all of these after proper measuring. Not all bras suit all blouses so make sure you’ve got the right ones. The women at the stores, if you’re lucky, will be aware of what bra is best suited for what occasion and what varying bra sizes you’ll need depending on the style. So, ask them for advice and assistance before making any purchases. Make sure you go bra shopping every once in a while to make sure your bras are still the right size for your boobs. Happy Hunting!



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