21 Easy Breakfast Recipe Ideas For Toddlers You Must Try

21 Easy Breakfast Recipe Ideas For Toddlers You Must Try

23 Aug 2022 | 9 min Read

Manisha Pradhan

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Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day. Skipping breakfast can cause low energy as breakfast helps refuel a toddler’s energy after a long night’s break. It is therefore important to have breakfast recipes for toddlers that are well-balanced, wholesome and have the right combination of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats along with minerals and vitamins.

These well-balanced breakfast recipes for toddlers support their growth and provide them with their nutritional needs. Having said that, we understand how stressful it is for mums to think of new ways and ideas to make healthy yet interesting breakfast recipes for toddlers every morning. Incorporating healthy breakfast ideas for toddlers, every morning, especially after being sleep-deprived can be an ordeal!

That’s why we have listed some interesting healthy breakfast recipe ideas to make your life easier!

Healthy Breakfast Ideas Your Toddler Will Love

1. Whole Wheat Dal Paratha

This paratha is something I started making for my daughter when she stopped eating dals (lentils). All you need to do is knead the whole wheat dough with leftover dal instead of water, and add some finely chopped onions, coriander and some salt to taste. Cook them like you cook your regular parathas with ghee.

2. Multigrain Chilla

The multi-grain chilla is a super easy, healthy and quick breakfast recipe. You need a mix of wheat flour, black millet and gram flour. Add some finely chopped onions and vegetables that your child likes to make a crispy and crunchy chilla. Serve it with some dahi, tomato ketchup or green chutney and watch your toddler enjoy this yummy chilla.

The multi-grain chilla is a super easy, healthy and quick breakfast recipe / Image source: lav-art-craft-food.blogspot.com

3. Uttapam

The ragi uttapam is a combination of semolina, yoghurt, finger millet flour, onion, carrots, capsicum, ginger, cumin seeds, salt and mustard seeds all mixed to form a batter. Add some ghee to a heated tava and put a spoonful of the batter to make the uttapam.

4. Coin Dosa

You can’t go wrong with a coin dosa. Take some dosa batter and add a tablespoon of the batter to a dosa tava and shape them into coin-sized dosas. Add some grated cheese as a topping.

5. Fruit Sandwich

This fruit sandwich is a super healthy and delicious recipe, made with bread, seasonal fresh fruits that your child enjoys, and any fruit jam. The fruit sandwich can be made in a jiffy!

6. Lauki Paratha 

The lauki paratha is a healthy paratha recipe for kids. Take some washed and finely chopped spinach, lauki(bottle gourd) some spices, salt and wheat flour. Knead into a semi-soft dough and roll it into a round shape. Place the paratha in a tava, cook till both sides are done, spread some ghee on top and serve.

7. Banana Pancake

If you have overripe bananas in your kitchen and don’t know what to do with them, this is the perfect recipe to make! Take some whole wheat, mashed bananas, jaggery and milk to make a batter. Make sure you mix the batter by hand instead of an electric mixer as overmixing makes the pancake rubbery. Once cooked top the pancake with fresh fruits or drizzle some maple syrup over it.

8. Chapati Noodles

Kids love noodles and this chapati noodle is something u can let them eat without worrying about it being unhealthy. All you need are some leftover chapatis cut into long noodle-shaped strips. Cook them like you cook noodles by adding vegetables like capsicum, carrots, cabbage etc. 

Use leftover chapatis cut into long noodle-shaped strips to make the healthy chapati noodles / Image source: foodontvnetwork.com

9. Tava Capsicum Cheese Toast

Take some grated mozzarella cheese or normal cheese. add capsicum and garlic pieces. Add some pepper and salt and mix all the ingredients well. Spread butter on a slice of bread and toast the buttered side till it turns crisp on a tava. Switch off the gas, and add the cheese and capsicum mix to the unbuttered side of the bread. Switch on the gas, cover the bread slice with a lid and allow to cook on low flame till the cheese melts. 

10. Bread Pizza

Cut a slice of bread into two triangles. Spread pizza sauce, add toppings as per choice and sprinkle a generous amount of grated cheese on top. Heat a tava, place the bread slices on the tava and cover it with a heavy lid, till the cheese is melted. Sprinkle some oregano flakes and your bread pizza is ready to be devoured!

11. Paneer Uttapam

Use leftover uttapam batter, dosa or idli batter and top it with paneer, onions and tomatoes. This is cooked like a regular uttapam but the paneer is what makes it special.

12. Beans On Toast

A staple English breakfast favourite. Baked beans on toast is something all kids love. You can either make baked beans from scratch or use canned baked beans for this recipe.

Baked beans on toast is something all kids love for breakfast / Image source: freepik.com

13. French Toast

This is a childhood favourite. This is one recipe that can be made in less than 5-6 minutes. Whip an egg, and add some salt. Dip a slice of whole wheat bread in the whipped egg. Heat a pan, add some butter and cook the bread in butter till both sides turn golden brown. Serve it with tomato ketchup.

14. Broccoli Cheese Fingers

Heat water in a pan. Once the water comes to a boil, switch off the gas and add thickly cut broccoli into the water and let it stay for about 5 minutes till it becomes slightly soft. Drain the water, put the broccoli in a bowl, and add some cheese, pepper, salt and corn flour. Mix them all. Preheat the oven to 180°C. Bake the broccoli till it turns crispy. If you have an air fryer, you can even fry them in it.

15. Brown Rice Poha

The brown rice poha is cooked like the regular one but with made with healthy brown rice instead of the regular white variety. Make sure u add a dash of lemon juice to the poha because kids love the tangy taste.

16. Sweet Potato Kheer

Boil, peel and mash sweet potatoes. In a pan add some ghee. Add some dry fruits and add the mashed sweet potatoes, and mix it well. Add sugar or jaggery to taste and then add the milk to make it into a kheer consistency. 

17. Pumpkin Halwa

There are two ways of making this delicious pumpkin halwa. One is you peel and boil the pumpkin till it softens and the other method is to use raw peeled and grated pumpkin. Whatever method you use, you will be surprised how this humble veggie can turn into a delicious treat! Heat some butter or ghee in a pan, fry some cashews and raisins and keep aside. Use the leftover ghee to cook the halwa. Add the pumpkin (grated or mashed) to the ghee, cook it well till it soaks the ghee, add some sugar or jaggery, and then add some milk. Cook till the milk is absorbed. Garnish the halwa with fried cashews and raisins.

There are two ways of making this delicious pumpkin halwa / Image source: pipingpotcurry.com

18. Oats And Veggie Pancake (Savoury)

This savoury oats veggie pancake is a welcome change from the sweet pancakes that kids normally eat. What’s more, you can add any veggies to it without your toddler releasing it! Watch the pancakes disappear in minutes!

19. Banana Spinach Muffins

The banana and spinach are nutritious and sugar-free since they are naturally sweet from bananas, it’s also rich in Vitamin C and A since it has spinach in them. Use overripe bananas. Blend the bananas and spinach until very smooth. Add whole wheat flour and make a batter. Pour the batter into a muffin tin. You can sprinkle them with chocolate chips as a treat. Bake the muffins and serve them to your kid with a fancy name like Hulk Muffins; kids love eating things that have fancy names! You can even store these muffins in an air-tight jar and heat them in the oven before serving.

20. Mashed Potato Cake

U can use boiled potatoes or leftover mashed potatoes to make this quick and easy recipe. Add some grated cheese to the mashed potatoes, salt to taste and corn start or tapioca starch. Shape them into patties and grill them till they turn golden brown. If your child eats non-vegetarian food you can add toppings like pepperoni, bacon or ham. You can even add any vegetarian topping like diced onions and capsicum.

21. Cheese Omelette

Last but not the least, you can never go wrong with the cheese omelette! Yes, if your toddler eats eggs and is not allergic to them, the cheese omelette makes a wholesome breakfast. You can even throw in some grated veggies along with the cheese to make a healthy and yummy omelette.

Now that you have a list of recipe ideas here are some tips for feeding a toddler.

Tips For Feeding Your Toddler

  1. Avoid processed food and stick to homemade recipes
  2. If your toddler refuses to try something new, don’t stress since that’s normal.
  3. Don’t force feed your toddler, let him/her decide how much to eat.
  4. If your toddler likes something and wants to eat the same thing every day, that is normal too. Offer them that along with introducing them to new foods.
  5. Make sure your toddler’s food is cut into bite sizes.
  6. Try and add seasonal fruits to your toddler’s meals.

Hope these easy breakfast recipes help make feeding your toddler in the mornings easier. Try them out and let us know about them in the comments below.

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