5 Brushing Teeth Games For Toddlers That Are Sure To Work

5 Brushing Teeth Games For Toddlers That Are Sure To Work

26 Oct 2022 | 5 min Read

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Getting toddlers to brush their teeth can be quite a battle for most parents. But it’s important to make brushing teeth for toddlers a part of their daily routine as poor dental hygiene can affect their health. According to the World Health Organization brushing teeth for toddlers is a must as oral diseases affect people throughout their lifetime.

Before they brush their teeth make sure your toddler’s hands are clean and make them wash their hands with a natural foaming handwash to avoid germs from entering their mouth. While it would make life much easier for parents if toddlers brushed their teeth without a fuss, life is not always perfect when you have a fussy toddler at home! So here are some brushing teeth games for toddlers to get them to brush.

Why Do Kids Hate Brushing Their Teeth? 

Your little one’s brushing journey should begin the moment they get their first tooth, to ensure they grow up with a healthy set of pearly whites. But first, it’s important to understand why kids hate brushing their teeth. Some of the reasons are:

There could be a number of reasons why kids dislike brushing their teeth. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • They are not used to the taste of toothpaste and don’t like it.
  • Brushing teeth, especially before bedtime reminds them of sleeping in their rooms on their own and most toddlers don’t like going to bed.
  • They are bored of doing the same mundane things day and night.
  • Sensory issues.
  • The bristles of the toothbrush may be hurting their teeth.
brushing teeth games for toddlers
Toddler teeth brushing journey should begin the moment they get their first tooth/Image source: freepik

Brushing Teeth Games For Toddlers To Make It Fun

Make sure you make the experience of teeth brushing for toddlers a whole lot of fun so that they get into the habit of brushing their teeth twice a day without creating a fuss. Here’s how you can add fun to teeth brushing with these brushing teeth games for toddlers.

Let Them Take The Lead

Let your toddler hold the toothbrush as this makes them feel that they have control and they also feel independent. You can show them how to brush correctly and then let them take over.

Let Them Choose The Toothbrush

Take your toddler toothbrush shopping and let them choose a toothbrush they like. Toddlers usually like bright colours and ones with their favourite cartoon characters on their toothbrushes. It’s a good way to encourage them to brush their teeth.

Sing Songs

There are some fun rhymes on teeth brushing for toddlers like “This is the way we brush our teeth,” or “Up and down and all around,” and sing along with your child while you show them how to brush their teeth.

Make A Brushing Star Chart

Make a brushing chart for your toddler or print one out. Each time your child completes brushing their teeth in the morning and night, stick a star sticker on the chart. Toddlers love getting stars as a reward and it encourages them.

Pretend Play

Let your child pretend to be the dentist and allow him/her to brush her teeth. Then you can reverse the roles and pretend to be the dentist and brush your child’s teeth. This is a good way to clean their teeth without making it seem like a routine that they have to follow. They can even brush their favourite toy’s teeth while you brush theirs.

Let your toddler hold the toothbrush as this makes them feel that they have control/Image source: freepik

What Is The Right Way To Brush A Toddler’s Teeth?

There is more than one way of brushing a toddler’s teeth. Deciding which technique is best for your child depends on the gum condition and teeth position. It’s advisable to consult your child’s pediatric dentist to determine which brushing technique is best for your toddler. Some of the most recommended toddler teeth-brushing techniques are:

  • Circular movement. Brush only a small group of teeth at a time and then gradually cover the entire mouth. Using a back-and-forth movement may cause receding gums, wearing of root surfaces and sensitive root surfaces.
  • Placing the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle, beside the teeth. 
  • Brushing the outside of the teeth, inside of the teeth, and the chewing surfaces. 
  • Make sure to brush your toddler’s tongue as well to remove bacteria.
  • All these steps should be repeated twice daily.


When can a toddler start brushing their teeth by themselves?

By the time your toddler is two years old, they can start brushing their teeth on their own while you supervise them. You need to supervise toothbrushing in toddlers till they are around eight years old.

How long should kids brush their teeth?

Children should brush their teeth for about two to three minutes.

What type of toothbrush should be used for toddler teeth brushing? 

  • A toddler’s toothbrush should have a small head and a handle that is easy for the toddler to grasp.
  • The bristles of the toothbrush should be rounded at the ends, made of nylon and should be soft so that it does not damage their delicate gums.
  • This helps ensure that the brush bristles are kind to the gums and tooth surfaces. 

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