C Section Delivery Myths And Reality

C Section Delivery Myths And Reality

30 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Child-birth is undeniably the most life changing experience for a woman. This experience though undoubtedly a beautiful one, comes equipped with its own challenges. Significant among the many is a situation to undergo a C-section for delivering the baby.

For a person who has passed through it, reminiscing on the events which unfolded post the operation, my thoughts and apprehensions during , before and after the procedure and the many myths that I heard all the while, were easier than compared to someone who did not go through them. Today when I look back at that year, I still feel like all this happened just yesterday! Thanks to the able support of my family and the skilled medical personnel, everything went well!


It is quite but natural that I would want to share my experiences which I went through as a novice with others who might find themselves in the same boat as me sometime later.

1. You Can Choose To Have A C Section If You Feel Like It

For starters, go for a very experienced medical professional who encourages vaginal birth. The reasons to go under the knife should be completely justified and should not be triggered just because you don’t want to take the pain or perhaps looking for birth on a certain day or time! For example a “breech” condition (like in my case) is a justified reason to go for a Caesarean. Take it or leave, natural birth is good for your health!

2. Once You Have A C Section, You Can Only Have C Sections

Now this is one of the most commonly heard myths. Out of sheer curiosity, I happened to do some research of my own and found that there is no particular theory to support this and many women have delivered many healthy babies normally, after undergoing a C-section earlier.

3. It’s Unsafe To Go For A C Section

It is very important for mothers to stay calm and be prepared for the procedure, since complications like severe bleeding, kidney failure, infections, clots, chances of a heart attack associated with it are more when compared to normal delivery. Talk to your doctor and family members to get a confidence boost so that you can be cheerful before you go for the operation.

4. Second Opinions Don’t Matter

It is wise to go for a second opinion if you are initially not convinced about going for a C-section delivery. Since it is you who needs to be mentally prepared for the entire procedure, it is but imperative that you lay to rest any apprehensions or fears which you might be associating with it. Go ahead and talk to another doctor if you feel the need to be better convinced or just to be doubly sure about the need to go for it. Frankly, I confided with my doctor and went for a second opinion since I was a tad disappointed that I would not be able to deliver normally. After all, I wanted to experience what my mother felt when she delivered me, but I guess other plans were in place for me!

5. C Section Moms Cannot Breastfeed

A myth again! No doubt that a C-section may not lead to a new mom to immediately lactate, but that doesn’t mean that she cannot breast-feed. The mother will be subjected to a small procedure called “suction” to force the breasts to start lactating. It may be a little painful, but it definitely helps. Mommies stay rest assured; I went through this procedure at least four times before I could feed my little one and am glad to say that my little one did not have to rely on formula food or any other supplement.

6. A C Section Takes A Very Long Time To Heal

This is not exactly a myth but not completely true either. The new mother is given enough medical attention by way of healing drugs, advice on how to get back on her toes gradually, and support to go through the entire post-delivery period.

7. C Section Moms Have Dietary Restrictions

Nope! Nothing at all! That’s what my gynaecologist said! Just ensure that it is healthy and nutritious and don’t binge, because what you eat is ultimately what you give to your baby! So choose wisely!

Finally to conclude, new mommies, you will always be what you think you want to be. Just take things as they come in your stride and never fret or fume if things go against your initial plan of a normal delivery. Remember that you are gearing up for a beautiful experience ahead and just get ready to cherish it. Wishing you all a happy motherhood and a memorable parenting phase ahead!

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