4 Causes Of Neck Rash In Babies And Remedies To Treat It

4 Causes Of Neck Rash In Babies And Remedies To Treat It

13 Oct 2022 | 4 min Read

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A neck rash in babies is common. It happens to babies as they have soft and delicate skin. Plus, they also have chubby necks which have many skin folds, making them vulnerable to rashes, especially until they are unable to hold their necks up by themselves. Most rashes are not a cause for worry as they disappear on their own when babies learn to hold their necks up on their own without any support. Read on to find some baby neck rash remedies along with the causes.

While you are looking for a home remedy to soothe your baby’s neck rash, you can use natural baby powder in the area and ensure they wear light cotton clothes. 

What Causes Baby Neck Rash?

To treat neck rashes in babies, it is essential to know the cause of the rash first. Here are some reasons for a rash on a baby’s neck:

1. Prickly Heat

Your baby can develop a neck rash due to prickly heat, especially during the summers. Hence, this can lead to sweat getting trapped below the skin and blocking the sweat ducts. Tiny red bumps can appear on the baby’s neck which can also turn itchy. This rash is also called heat rash or sweat rash.

2. Irritation of the Skin

The creases in the skin of the infant’s neck may continuously rub against each other. Plus, these creases can also rub against the baby’s clothing. As a result, this continual friction may irritate the skin and result in a neck rash.

3. Milk Drool

When a mum is breastfeeding, some extra milk may get spilt on to the baby’s neck, which gets collected in the skin folds. When this is not cleaned properly, the skin can remain moist and eventually develop a neck rash in babies.

4. Fungal Infection

Neck rash in babies may appear due to fungal infection as well as fungi tend to thrive in wet and warm places. As a result, the skin folds of the baby’s neck can become the perfect breeding place for such fungi if moisture and sweat get trapped in them.

6 Practical & Effective Baby Neck Rash Remedies

Here are some simple home remedies that can treat neck rash in babies:

1. Use Natural Baby Powder

Sprinkling baby powder, especially in the skin folds, after bathing the baby can help prevent rashes and also control the growth of existing ones. However, you need to avoid baby powder that has talc

2. Use Mild Detergents

Opt for gentle detergents that are free of any harsh chemicals to wash the baby’s towels, clothing, and linen. It’s best to use unscented detergents.

3. Use Cold Compress

Apply a cold compress on the baby’s neck rash which can help provide relief from itchiness and pain. It will also soothe the skin by reducing any inflammation. Apply the cold compress a few times a day and then pat dry the area afterwards.

4. Dress in Light Cotton Fabrics

Dress your baby right – go for breathable, soft cotton clothes and avoid synthetic clothing that may irritate the baby’s delicate skin. Do not overdress your baby as too many layers of clothes can trap sweat inside. Hence, it will not allow the skin to breathe freely.

5. Practice Good Hygiene

Follow good hygiene habits for the baby to protect them from getting rashes. Bathe the baby regularly while paying special attention to the skin folds during cleaning. Dry all parts of the baby’s body properly especially when it comes to the creases. Clean any milk that may have spilt onto the baby’s neck while breastfeeding.

6. Apply Organic Coconut Oil

Go for organic coconut oil as it has anti-microbial properties and is an excellent home remedy to treat neck rash in babies. Apply it on the baby’s neck rash can also help decrease inflammation and itchiness.

When it comes to treating neck rash in babies, you need not panic. It is common as babies to have sensitive skin and skin folds that tend to trap sweat. Ensure that you use only gentle products to treat them.

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