cloth nappies or disposable diapers

cloth nappies or disposable diapers

24 May 2022 | 6 min Read


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While some mothers prefer the traditional cloth nappies, some mums prefer the disposable diapers. Every mum wants the best for their kids while the two kinds of baby diapers differ each and every method has its own advantage against the other but the primary objective is to get rid of the waste of the baby. Choosing the right kind of baby diapers involves you to understand the differences in skin type of your baby as some babies react to either the texture of the cloth nappies or the diapers. Hence it is wise for a mum to know which one is the best for the baby.

Which baby diapers do parents generally prefer?

It’s not a huge surprise that we as first-time parents prefer to get the potty part of our kids done with disposable diapers than cloth diapers. Whatever might be awesome about your parenthood journey, the diaper changing routine is definitely not a part of it. Most of us want it just to get it over with to begin and our image of cloth diapers are nothing but an old school version of pins and rubber pants all messily poked into. Hence we prefer the disposable diapers any day. However one must not forget that cloth diapers have gone through their fair share of reinvention – they now come in Velcro straps and snaps that make the job easier for you.

Let us start our very huge diaper debate by listing out the pros and cons of cloth diapers v/s its disposable counterpart.

So, which one is better?

Cloth diapers

The fabric of cloth diapers usually is in cotton or terry-cotton. There are various kinds of cloth diapers and for some of these kids, you need to buy the supplies like cloth liners separately. However understanding your convenience, cloth diapers are now also available in all of one kind, meaning you do not have to take separate notes and reminders to buy the other parts of cloth diapers as they come attached.

1. Cheaper

Cloth diapers are cheaper and can be reused hence are economic. For the moms who are less occupied with work to do, cloth diapers are definitely better than disposable diapers but however needs frequent changes up to 6-8 times a day. Cloth nappies will save you money during the diaper wearing years of your baby.

2. Hygienic

Cloth diapers can be messy although some come with disposable liners that make them easy to clean. Although the laundry load is demanding, cloth diapers are hygienic as they can be cleaned regularly unlike disposable diapers.Hence moms are sure how hygienic the nappies for their babies are.

3. Environment Friendly

The nature of the cloth diapers which is easy to clean in your own washer and dryer makes it eco-friendlier to your baby and family also. The cloth diapers can be reused hence they are less disposed recklessly unlike the diapers. Due to the increase in the use of disposable diapers thousands of them have been dumped in landfills making our environment a dangerous place to live in.

4. Natural

The studies that show that the chemicals like dioxin, dyes and gels used in the disposable diapers cause harm have not been approved however some babies have reactions due to these diapers hence parents opt the cloth nappies more.

5. No diaper rash issues

The issue of skin rashes that parents face when they strap on those disposable diapers to their children is mitigated when it comes to cloth baby diapers as these contain almost zilch chemicals as mentioned above. This makes it a safer if not a convenient option for your child.

6. An early potty training

You can introduce potty training earlier for your child when you encourage the use of cloth diapers. This is because unlike a disposable baby diaper, due to less absorbent property your child is able to sense the wetness of the excreta earlier in a cotton diaper, hence you can call for an early potty training session.

7. Frequent changes

Unlike disposable diapers, cloth diapers need to be frequently changed as much as 6-8 times a day. This requires patience from the parent tasked with this duty.

8. Conscious choice of clothes

By investing in cloth diapers, you also have to remember to buy clothes that are few inches bigger in size for your baby. This is because cloth diapers are bulkier and those well-fitting jeans might become tighter with the cloth diapers strapped on your child’s waist.

Disposable baby diapers

1. Less labor

For the working moms changing of cloth diapers frequently maybe difficult due to work hence they might opt for disposable diapers which absorbs the wet waste or poop for long hours without frequent change.

2. Less water

Disposable diapers are easy to put on, easy to remove and also are a more hygenic alternative in case your city or locality faces acute water shortages.

3. Expensive

As much as the disposable diapers make life easy for the moms however they are expensive and can end up costing a lot before the child is pottly trained. Hence cloth diapers are better in this regard.

4. Travel friendly

Disposable diapers do not pose any challenges while you are off travelling with your tiny tot in tow. You do not have to arrange for special baggage to load those soiled cloth diapers.

5. Fewer odour problems

Disposable diapers are an instant solution if you have to immediately replace one with another.  There is no lingering odour of the poop that you will have to deal with unlike in cloth diapers. Also if you choose these diapers then the chances of facing urine leaks are lesser.

6. Better for night time use

Since disposable diapers have more absorbent qualities as compared to cotton diapers, it is more reliable to use it for your baby at night when you are asleep for 6-8 hours.

Most parents wonder if a cloth nappy is better than the disposable diaper. Cloth diapers are better than the disposable diapers because they allow more air and make the nappies comfortable whilst they give more labor in cleaning, the disposable diapers are easily disposable which can be harmful to the environment. These are the differing perpectives that need to be considered in baby diapers.

Therefore, mothers, choose the best option for your baby and do not take it lightly for your choice of diapers is another parenting choice by itself.



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