How To Care For Combination Skin During Pregnancy

How To Care For Combination Skin During Pregnancy

13 Apr 2023 | 7 min Read

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Taking care of combination skin during pregnancy can be extremely tricky. If you use the wrong products, you may end up with parched and inflamed cheeks, or an excessively oily T-zone. The key to caring for your combination skin during this crucial time is by striking the right balance. 

You need to develop a well-sought-after skincare routine with products that help control excess grease and sebum on the oily parts of your skin and hydrate the dry parts to keep them smooth and soft. 

Yes, we understand that this may seem a little fussy, but trust us on this, once you determine your skin’s temperament, it’s going to be a smooth ride. So read on to know more about combination skin, and the best pregnancy-safe skincare products to add to your regimen to enhance your complexion’s health.

What Exactly Is Combination Skin?

Combination Skin

If you have combination skin, you will notice that your T-zone is oily, and your cheeks dry or flaky / Image credit: Freepik

If you have combination skin, you will notice that the texture of some parts of your skin is different than others. For instance, your T-zone will appear oily, and your cheeks will either be normal or extremely dry. The oily T-zone can be acne-prone, and you may have visible pores in those areas. In addition to this, you may also notice extremely dull and flaky cheeks.

According to skincare experts, while combination skin is one of the most common skin types, it is also the most misidentified one. But don’t fret, we have got you covered with an easy way to figure out whether you have combination skin or not.

How To Determine If You Have Combination Skin?

We have listed a few definitive signs that will help you determine if you have combination skin during pregnancy.

  • Within 30 minutes of cleansing your skin, you will notice that a few parts of your face have turned oily or greasy, while others remain normal.
  • When you use a moisturiser for oily skin, your T-zone feels normal, but your cheeks feel dry. Similarly, when you use a moisturiser for dry skin, your cheeks appear fine, but your T-zone turns extra greasy.
  • You have large open pores on your nose.
  • The texture of your T-zone area changes with the weather. For instance, during humid and hot climates, your T-zone turns shiny and greasy faster. However, during cold weather, it appears a tad bit normal. 
  • Your skin has both breakouts and dry patches at the same time. 

How To Care For Your Combination Skin During Pregnancy: A Detailed Daily Skincare Regimen

Combination Skin

Follow a basic skincare routine with the right products that help care for your combination skin / Image credit: Freepik

Caring for combination skin can be a tad bit difficult, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow an extensive 10-step skincare routine to maintain your skin health. We have listed a basic yet potent skincare regimen for combination skin that you can follow daily.

Step 1: Start with cleansing

Start your skincare routine with a gentle, mild, and water-soluble cleanser. It’s better if you choose a face wash that has a lotion-like texture and contains antioxidants and vitamins for exfoliation. 

You can opt for The Moms Co.’s natural vitamin C face wash which features orange beads, willow herb, and pro-vitamin B 5 that gently exfoliate your skin, remove dirt and excess oil and reduce the appearance of pores to give you a glowy look. Vitamin C also helps fight off free radicals and prevent skin damage due to environmental pollutants and hyperpigmentation.

Make sure to use the cleanser twice a day, and no more than that to avoid stripping the natural oils from your skin. Also, be gentle while applying it on your face, and pat your skin dry, instead of rubbing it with a towel.

Step 2: Apply a hydrating toner

Right after cleansing, your skin needs a soothing, hydrating, and non-irritating toner. The right toner for combination skin must feature skin-replenishing ingredients and antioxidants that help keep your complexion non-oily and nourished at the same time. 

Go for The Moms Co.’s natural daily toner, which is formulated with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich ingredients like vitamin C, green tea, niacinamide, and aloe vera. These hydrating ingredients work together to help soothe your skin, reduce redness and irritation, and maintain an even skin texture. Plus, the toner is alcohol-free, which prevents your skin from drying and maintains your skin’s pH balance. 

Step 3: Layer in an oil-free moisturiser

Moisturising is a crucial part of your skincare routine as it helps offer your complexion essential active agents and hydrating ingredients. To maintain the texture of your combination skin, you can try using an oil-free moisturiser, such as The Moms Co.’s natural vitamin C oil-free moisturiser, which contains skin-enhancing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, squalane, aloe vera, green tea, and niacinamide that work to maintain hydration in your skin, without making it too oily or shiny. The cream also helps soothe your complexion and reduces acne breakouts and inflammation. 

Additional Skincare Steps For Combination Skin

While you don’t have to incorporate these steps into your daily skincare routine, it’s a good idea to practice them at least twice a week. These skincare steps will help enhance your skin’s health, improve skin texture and elasticity, and boost radiance.

Exfoliate Your Skin For Deep Cleansing

Gentle exfoliation can help remove excess oil and flakiness from your skin and also even tone your complexion. Opt for a nourishing coffee cranberry face scrub that helps unclog pores, remove blackheads and whiteheads, and smoothen your skin tone to reveal a much more radiant and healthy complexion. However, ensure to keep this skincare step limited to two times a week, as over-exfoliation can make your skin sensitive and prone to irritation. 

Apply A Nourishing Face Mask

Applying a face mask can help detoxify and purify your skin, and also acts as a TLC ritual. Opt for The Moms Co.’s gentle clay face mask, which contains healing and soothing ingredients that offer deep cleansing, hydration, exfoliation, and nourishment at the same time. It contains kaolin clay, activated charcoal, and multani mitti, which helps remove dirt and oil from your skin, tighten your pores, and reduce inflammation caused by acne breakouts.

The face mask also contains witch hazel extracts, pro-vitamin B5, and plant-based AHAs, which help nourish your complexion, improve radiance, and even out your skin tone and texture.


The treatment of combination skin during pregnancy really comes down to using a proper skincare regime twice a day. So, use the products that we mentioned in this post to balance your skin tone and enhance your complexion. The Moms Co. products are designed, especially #ForEveryMum #ThroughEveryChange, and are free of chemicals and toxins, making them completely safe for use during pregnancy and postpartum. 

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