Cracked Tooth In Toddlers

Cracked Tooth In Toddlers

2 Apr 2022 | 2 min Read

Dr Sweta Bajaj

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Cracked tooth  can result from frequent teeth grinding, chewing hard foods, or physical trauma like car accidents, injury while playing sports, or any other injury/ physical pressure.

Kids that suffer from cracked tooth generally complain of:

Tooth sensitivity to sweet, hot, or cold foods and beverages.

Dental pain while chewing.

Gum swelling around the affected tooth.

Frequent visiting pain in and around the affected tooth.

Teeth crack because of a variety of issue including:

  • Pressure from teeth grinding
  • Fillings so large they weaken the integrity of the tooth
  • Chewing or biting hard foods, such as ice, nuts, or hard candy
  • Blows to the mouth, such as might happen with a car accident, sporting injury, fall, or 

Few kids that suffer from cracked tooth tend to suffer from a dental infection or tooth abscess. When this infection spreads to the bone and gums, it leads

Cracked tooth in toddlers condition can only be prevented by: 

  •  Using a mouthguard while playing sports and harsh physical activities.
  • Using a mouthguard for kids that have a habit of teeth grinding.
  •  Follow good dental hygiene for strong teeth. Brushing the teeth twice a day, especially before going to bed. Flossing the teeth daily. Rinsing the mouth after every meal or after eating. These hygiene routines will prevent any dental and gum problems in children. 
  • Avoiding
  •  Going for dental check-ups and dental clean-ups periodically.
  • Prevent teeth grinding in children by using a mouthguard. 

Minor cracks are often restored with a filling or a crown. Deep cracks with pulp involvement require root canal treatment and a crown to protect the tooth. In the worst case scenario, a cracked tooth cannot be repaired. This occurs when the crack extends into the root of the tooth beneath the bone.

Cracked tooth treatment depends on the size and

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