5-Minute Crafts To Bond With Your Toddler

5-Minute Crafts To Bond With Your Toddler

29 Nov 2022 | 4 min Read

Manisha Pradhan

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Craft activities are the best way to keep the little ones busy and engaged while having fun. If you’ve had a stressful day and want to keep your little one busy, try and create craft to bond with your toddler and de-stress at the same time. You can do easy 5-minute crafts and have fun with them.

The crafts you create with your toddler need not be anything complex, it can be as simple as colouring, drawing, paper folding, and creating things out of waste. The point is to do these together as a family for a fun-filled bonding time. Forget about the mess, keep wet wipes handy to clean the mess and just enjoy your bonding time with your toddler.

We’ve put together a list of some 5-minute crafts to bond with your toddler.

5-Minute Crafts For Toddlers

These easy-peasy 5-minutes crafts can be great fun and you do not need too many materials to make them.

Leaf Painting

All you need is some leaves from the garden, some paints, paper and imagination! 

  • Ask your child to brush some paint on the leaf.
  • Place the painted side on the paper to make a print. 
  • Use the printed paper to make gift tags, and cards or just frame it and hang it on the wall.


You need a sheet of thick drawing paper, a pencil, some colour pencils, sketch pens or paint, ribbons or thread.

  • Cut the sheet of paper into bookmark-size strips.  
  • Let your child decide what he/she wants to draw on it.
  • You can draw along with your child on another strip.
  • Draw and colour the designs.
  • Punch a small hole on the top center of the strip.
  • Tie a ribbon or thread to make a tassel.
  • Your bookmark is read to be used or gifted to family and friends.
5-minutes crafts
5-minute crafts are great for todfdlers who have shoirt attention spans/ Image source: freepik

All About Me Book

This is a great way to recycle old unused sheets of paper from old notebooks. You will need stickers and colours along with the sheets of paper.

  • Fold the sheets of paper to the size of a mini booklet
  • Staple the sheets together in the center
  • Let your child decorate the cover page with stickers or colours
  • If your child knows how to write his/her name as them to write their name on the cover or else you can help them.
  • Your child can write about himself/herself in the book or draw pictures to express it.

Styrofoam Cup Animals

If you’ve had a party and have some leftover styrofoam cups, you can make use of them by creating some fun foam cup animals. You will need foam cups, googly eyes, scissors, coloured pipe cleaners or wool and a black sketch pen.

  • Turn the foam cup upside down
  • You and your child can start off by painting the cup a base colour for the animal your child chooses.
  • Once the base paint dries, draw the nose and mouth and stick the googly eyes.
  • Use the wool or pipe cleaners to create whiskers or tails.
  • You can create a whole animal farm!

Pasta Necklace

Making pasta necklaces is a fun way to build fine motor skills as it reqiures threading.You will need an assortment of uncooked pasta, paints, thread and scissors.

  • Let your child decide the pasta shapes they want to use.
  • Paint the pasta pieces in different colours.
  • Let the painted pasta pieces dry.
  • Cut thread to the required length depending on the length of the necklace you need.
  • Thread the coloured pasta pieces one at a time to create a colourful necklace.
  • You can even make a matching bracelet.
  • Have a fun time playing dress up with your child.

Crafting with kids benefits them in many ways:

  • It helps develop their fine motor skills. 
  • It helps them learn counting and recognising patterns.
  • It helps them lear about colours and shapes.
  • Encourages critical thinking.
  • Boosts their imagination.
  • Keeps them away from gadgets and screens!

All it takes is 5-minutes crafts with your kids to make memories for a lifetime!

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