15 Unique And Fun Creative Activities For Kids To Enjoy After Exams

15 Unique And Fun Creative Activities For Kids To Enjoy After Exams

17 Mar 2023 | 6 min Read

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Are you searching for creative activities to keep your child entertained after their exams and bust boredom? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. We have created an entire list of age-appropriate activities that are interesting, and fun, and help spark curiosity in your little one.

In fact, these activities are designed to get your kids to use their imaginations, be active, and practice certain skills like memory building and sensory development. So put these boredom-busters to good use and keep your toddler happy and entertained throughout their break.

15 Fun Creative Activities For Kids

Creative Activities
Don’t throw away all the bubble wrap, instead give it to your child and let them paint on it with colours / Image credit: Freepik

Make Art With Bubble Wrap

Instead of throwing away your latest delivery bubble wrap, use it to create art with your little one. Encourage your child to use different colours to paint the bubble wrap and create cute, funky designs by giving it shapes with a scissor. You can later hang your kids’ masterpieces as decor in your living room.

Enjoy Doodling With Your Little One

Doodling is a therapeutic activity and a fun way to pass the time. It also helps improve your child’s drawing skills and can be a great addition to their portfolio later in life. You can download printable versions of doodles or let your child freehand to hone their creative skills.

Make Paper Flowers

Paper flowers are easy to make and are the perfect way to brighten up your house. With just a few materials like tissue paper or crepe paper, glue, and scissors, you can create beautiful decorative pieces with your child.

Since this activity can get a tad bit messy, make sure that your child washes their hands afterward. Give them the natural foaming handwash from BabyChakra to remove dirt and impurities and keep their tiny hands soft and clean.

Create A Sensory Bag

Engage your toddler’s senses and boost their cognitive skills by exposing them to different colours, sounds, and textures. Sensory bags are easy to make and offer hours of mess-free play. All you need to do is fill a Ziploc bag with different sensory-building materials like glitter, hair gel, beads, and any other small items that your toddler wishes to put in.

Create Different Characters Using Stones

Your toddler can gather plenty of stones from your backyard and then draw or paint different characters on each one of them. This activity is super engaging and you can also encourage your child to use each stone character as a prop to make up a fun story.

Create Fairy Jars

Creative Activities
Fairy jars are easy to make and they can also be used as beautiful room decor / Image credit: Freepik

This is another creative and stimulating activity that you can try with your kid. Plus, fairy jars are absolutely gorgeous to look at, and your child will be proud of the masterpiece that they’ve created. There are multiple tutorials that you can look at online for creating easy fairy jars at home.

Design A Postcard

Buy a bunch of blank postcards from a stationary, and hand them to your child along with stickers, paints, crayons, and more fun materials for them to decorate. Your little one can then design them and send out their cute postcards to their class friends and even family members.

Try Finger Painting

A piece of paper and paint are all your toddler needs to get creative and messy. Let your little ones use their fingers to create different designs on paper, and then decorate their art around your home.

After your little one is done with this activity, make sure to wipe their fingers clean with BabyChakra’s bamboo water wipes, and then proceed to wash their hands with the foaming handwash.

Make DIY Slime

Creative Activities
Slime play is fun and can help boost your child’s sensory development / Image credit: Freepik

Slime is trendy and addictive. Plus it’s so easy and fun to make. You can make your own slime at home, with just a few materials, and add sensory items into them to boost stimulation in your little one. 

Create A DIY Jellyfish

Transform paper plates and strands of old yarn into this fascinating creature from the deep blue sea. You can also use glow-in-the-dark paints to create this piece and see the DIY jellyfish come to life when you put the lights off. 

Create A Sidewalk Art

If you think sketching on paper is standard, then take it a notch higher by letting your little one create art on the sidewalk. Give them a few colourful chalks, and encourage them to bring their imaginations alive with their sketches.

Build An Indoor Fort

This is one of the most fun playtime creative activities for kids. Bring out all your chairs, pillows, boxes, sheets, and blankets, and help make your little ones build their own magical fort. After all the hard work, sit in the fort with your child and watch a fun movie while sipping on a cool drink and munching on some snacks.

Make A DIY Miniature Garden

Create a beautiful mini garden with your child with foil trays. Use twigs, rocks, succulents, and cute toy figures to make your garden appear more life-like. You can also add thermocol for a snowy backdrop or sand for a beachy scene. 

Try Origami

Creative Activities
Your little one can create different fun characters using origami / Image credit: Freepik

You can also try making origami to hone your child’s creative and artistic skills. From different birds to turtles and dinosaurs, your little one can create nearly everything and anything they imagine with origami.

Download And Print Fun Worksheets

During this time, you can also try downloading printable worksheets from the internet and solving them together with your child. Make sure the worksheets are age-appropriate and interactive to keep your child occupied and also garner their interest in different subjects. 


These creative activities will help keep your child entertained and keep boredom at bay during their break. You can try a combination of these activities to keep them entertained and engaged during the day. The best part is that these activities also help hone your child’s creative thinking, and enhance their gross motor skills.

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