Debina Bonnerjee Opens Up About Breastfeeding Struggles, Reveals She Was In Pain Initially

Debina Bonnerjee Opens Up About Breastfeeding Struggles, Reveals She Was In Pain Initially

1 Jun 2023 | 6 min Read

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Ever since they embraced parenthood, Debina Bonnerjee, and her husband, Gurmeet Choudhary have been super candid about their journey. From openly talking about her postpartum complications to the premature arrival of their second daughter, Divisha, Debina actively updates her audience about her parenting journey.

In fact, recently, the mum of two, took to her YouTube channel “Debina Decodes” to talk about her breastfeeding struggles and how her experience varied in both pregnancies. She revealed that while she found it difficult to lactate after her first baby’s birth, her breastfeeding experience after her second pregnancy was quite different.

Read on as we tell you more about what Debina had to say about her breastfeeding struggles and also useful tips to increase your breast milk supply naturally.

Debina Bonnerjee On Her Breastfeeding Journey

In her new YouTube vlog, Debina candidly spoke about her breastfeeding journey and her different experiences. She also mentioned the effects of pregnancy hormones and the beautiful changes they cause in her body.

Debina revealed, “After my first child Lianna’s birth, I was not lactating. But the case was different with Divisha, as I was able to breastfeed her immediately.” Elaborating on this more she said, “As I was unable to lactate after Lianna’s birth, I was mentally preparing myself about what will happen after my second child’s birth.”

She added, “Thankfully, after Divisha’s birth, I started lactating naturally, and I felt so grateful and blessed about this beautiful journey.”

Debina Bonnerjee On Experiencing Pain While Breastfeeding Initially

Further in the conversation, Debina revealed how her breastfeeding journey has been absolutely unpredictable. She said, “Initially, breastfeeding was so hurtful and I experienced terrible pain. I had nipple soreness and sometimes the baby also bites so it hurts a lot.”

She also revealed, “However, from the second month, it starts to get easier. The entire process becomes seamless and the mum and baby’s bond becomes stronger. Looking at their little one breastfeeding is one of the most precious moments for all mums.”

As Debina revealed, breastfeeding doesn’t come that easy, and sometimes, you may have to experience different breastfeeding issues, such as a lack of breast milk supply. But the good news is that this condition is temporary and there are many useful ways to enhance your breast milk supply and encourage lactation.

Ahead, we have discussed some useful tips to increase your breast milk supply naturally.

7 Ways To Increase Your Breast Milk Supply Naturally

Evaluate Your Little One’s Latch

A poor latch is considered one of the top reasons for poor breast milk supply. This is why you must ensure that your baby has a secure latch, with their lips covering most of your areola.

This will help your little one feed properly and drain milk from your breast, which will further stimulate your body to produce more milk. If you are unsure about how to determine your little one’s latch, consult a lactation expert for guidance.

Invest In A Breast Pump

Another way to enhance breast milk production naturally is by using a breast pump. Use a breast pump to express milk in between or after feeding sessions. If you are exclusively pumping instead of breastfeeding, then you can try adding a few extra pumping sessions in the first few weeks and continue for a few more minutes after your breast milk flow has stopped.

Follow A Nutritious Diet

Consuming a balanced and healthy diet, rich in anti-inflammatory and lactogenic foods ensure proper nutrition and boosts your breast milk supply naturally.

Dr. Pooja Marathe, Community Expert, BabyChakra says, “The right kind of galactagogue foods, such as fenugreek seeds, flax seeds, oats, barley, and garlic help stimulate your body’s capability to lactate naturally. Along with a balanced diet, make sure to focus on hydration to help replenish your body.”

Snack On Lactation Cookies

Lactation cookies are easily available at stores, or you can even try making some on your own. These cookies are generally made with lactogenic ingredients, which as discussed above help your body produce more milk.

So if you are making these cookies at home, don’t forget to include whole oats, wheat germ, or sesame seeds in the recipe as they promote lactation and enable you to breastfeed your little one without any worries.

Drink Plenty Of Fluids

Your body is unable to produce breast milk if you are dehydrated. This is why you should pay special focus to hydration. Besides the recommended eight glasses of water per day, your healthcare provider may suggest you add another four glasses of water to replenish your body and encourage lactation.

You can also suffice your hydration goals by drinking fresh fruit juices, smoothies, or even coconut water.

Find Ways To De-Stress

Navigating through breastfeeding and establishing a routine can be challenging. However, too much stress can take a toll on your body and hinder your breast milk supply. That’s why you need to add some de-stressing activities to your routine. 

Try deep breathing exercises, mild yoga, or just indulge in relaxing self-care rituals. Just be patient and get adequate rest to reduce stress and promote breast milk supply. 

Visit A Lactation Consultant

If you feel that the above remedies aren’t working for you, then we recommend you visit a lactation consultant for advice. The expert can help you identify the exact issue and also teach you some helpful breastfeeding positions to ensure your little one gets sufficient milk.

Often, only a few moderations in your nursing position and your little one’s latch make a world of difference and make your breastfeeding journey smoother.


We applaud Debina for being so open about her breastfeeding struggles and sharing valuable input about it with her audience. While breastfeeding is a special experience, it’s normal for mums to experience issues like engorgement and low milk supply.

If you are struggling with lactation, you can follow the tips we have mentioned above and also visit a lactation expert for more advice and guidance.

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