Dipika Kakar Reveals How She Controls Her Third Trimester Pregnancy Cravings, Says She Is On A Strict Diet

Dipika Kakar Reveals How She Controls Her Third Trimester Pregnancy Cravings, Says She Is On A Strict Diet

21 Jun 2023 | 6 min Read

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Ever since her pregnancy announcement, Telly Town’s beloved actor, Dipika Kakar, has kept her fans updated about her health and journey through regular vlogs on YouTube. A month back, the mum-to-be revealed that she has been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and recently, Dipika opened up about her struggles with third trimester pregnancy cravings on her channel.

Read on as we tell you more about what Dipika had to say about her pregnancy cravings and the health tips she follows. We also discuss the possible causes of third trimester pregnancy cravings and ways to control them.

Dipika Kakar Opens Up About Her Third Trimester Pregnancy Cravings

Dipika Kakar and her husband Shoaib Ibrahim are currently in the process of shifting to their new house. In the latest YouTube vlog, updated on their channel, the couple talked about buying new furniture and decor, and were seen going to a store for that purpose.

After shopping, the couple went for lunch, and while Shoaib enjoyed a plate of vada pav, Dipika revealed that she has to stay away from all kinds of junk food, even if she craves them.

The new mum revealed, “I am on a strict diet because I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and can only have homemade food right now. I have also been advised to eat a lot of protein-rich foods and drink plenty of water to maintain my health.”

In the same video, Dipika can also be seen resisting a bottle of mango smoothie and said that she has already made a list of foods that she is going to eat after delivering her baby.

The mum-to-be ended by saying that while she is craving a lot of foods during this time, but has no choice except for resisting them. Dipika said, “I am trying to stay active until the end, as long as I am comfortable. I am also filling my meals with nutritious items like yogurt, salad, and chapatis, and have healthy snacks in between to deal with my increased hunger.”

Ahead, we discuss the possible causes of third trimester pregnancy cravings and healthy ways to control them.

Possible Causes Of Third Trimester Pregnancy Cravings


The exact reason for pregnancy cravings is still unknown. However, experts have concluded certain theoretical causes that contribute to food cravings during pregnancy.

  • Hormonal changes: The increase in the production of hormones oestrogen and progesterone may be the reason for those irresistible urges. These hormones potentially change the receptors of your tongue during pregnancy, causing you to develop cravings or aversions for certain foods.
  • Nutritional deficiency: Generally, food cravings during pregnancy are symbolic of a nutritional deficiency. This means that your body lacks a particular dietary element, that manifests as cravings.
  • Increased sense of taste and smell: Hormonal changes increase the sense of taste and smell during pregnancy, which could be another factor contributing to food cravings.

Common Third Trimester Pregnancy Cravings

  • Salty foods: A study by Nutrition Reviews states that if your diet is low in sodium, you may crave salty foods during pregnancy. Some foods that you may carve include popcorn, French fries, chicken wings, and different sauces.
  • Sweet foods: According to experts, women diagnosed with gestational diabetes may carve more sugary foods during pregnancy. You may have an increased urge to eat ice cream, chocolates, and doughnuts daily.
  • Spicy and hot foods: Although not as popular as sweet and salty cravings, spicy foods also fall under the cravings list. You may want to eat red peppers, chillies, or hot sauce.
  • Cravings for citric foods: Craving citric or acidic foods could be a sign of low stomach acids. You may want to have lime, pickle, or lemon.
  • Cravings for weird food combinations: You may crave some strange food combinations, such as ice cream and pickles and hot sauce, and banana. This could be linked to specific physiological changes during pregnancy.

How To Control Third Trimester Food Pregnancy Cravings?


The following tips will help you control and manage your food cravings during pregnancy.

  • Avoid skipping your breakfast: Start your day by having a proper and balanced meal to ensure that you have enough energy and don’t have hunger pangs later.
  • Eat at frequent intervals: Have small and healthy meals at regular intervals to avoid binge eating. Eat about 4-5 small meals a day.
  • Exercise regularly: Physical activities relax your body by releasing endorphins. This will help balance your hormone levels and further curb insatiable cravings.
  • Try new recipes: Make your meals delicious by trying out new recipes. The more you enjoy your food, the less likely you will have frequent cravings.
  • Look for healthy alternatives: Look for healthy options to substitute unhealthy ingredients. For instance, if you are craving sweets, have fresh fruits, or if you are craving beverages, have coconut water or sweet lime juice.


As Dipika said, try to fill your meals with nutritious-enriched foods to beat your third trimester pregnancy cravings and have homemade meals to avoid stomach issues. Food cravings are a part of your pregnancy journey and are mainly caused due to hormonal imbalances. 

If you feel that your pregnancy cravings are occurring due to a dietary deficiency, then don’t hesitate to speak to your healthcare provider, as they can conduct a full-body examination to determine the exact cause of your food cravings and administer proper supplements and provide dietary recommendations.

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