Do You Get Cramps When Youre Pregnant

Do You Get Cramps When Youre Pregnant

30 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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Cramps during pregnancy are quite common and occur quite frequently. So why are there cramps? When your uterus expands to accommodate your baby, the ligaments that hold it in place, shift and cause what you experience, a cramp. They may become more evident when you sneeze, cough or even switch positions in the due course of your pregnancy.

In the later stages of pregnancy, your small intestine gets smushed by the baby; Often times, you will feel gassy and constipated which would also add to your already persistent, ligament pain. Although cramping during pregnancy is quite normal and is no cause for worry, in some cases, cramps are associated with causes, a lot more sinister. Here’s when you need to worry:

1.Ectopic Pregnancy

When the implantation of the fertilized egg occurs in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus, it is accompanied by unbearable pain and is unsurprisingly, a cause for concern.


Cramps coupled with mild to heavy bleeding could point towards a miscarriage in which case, you need to rush to a doctor.


High blood pressure during pregnancy could be trouble. Other signs of Preeclampsia include protein in urine. If you bear witness to these symptoms, meet with your doctor at the earliest.

4.Preterm Labor

If your contractions start off before your 37 weeks of pregnancy are completed, it is called preterm labor and it can manifest itself through cramps.

5.Urinary Tract Infection

Any pain experienced while urinating can indicate that you have contracted a urinary tract infection which will do you no good. See a doctor.

6.Placental Abruption

When the placenta detaches from the uterus before the delivery of the child commences is what is called a placental abruption. It can be identified by one stinging cramp that doesn’t part. This is a very serious condition and can potentially be fatal.

Types of cramps may vary but some kinds will definitely mean trouble in paradise; A severe pain that doesn’t go away is something you should have your doctor, look into. Any sort of contractions that you may feel before the end of your term, should be reported. Vaginal cramping during pregnancy is a big red light and should not be taken lightly. Cramping while also suffering from neck and shoulder pain is alarming and should be brought to the notice of your gynecologist.

Panic can only worsen things and there is absolutely no room for it, especially when you’re pregnant. Pregnancy can be challenging but is not impassable. Take good care of yourself and your little miracle. Be aware but stay calm and your pregnancy will be smooth sailing.



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