epic parenting fails that will make you say wow

epic parenting fails that will make you say wow

18 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Nobody’s perfect. As parents, we try to be. But it’s quite an unachievable task. However, we never stop trying. These parents though… they should have quit while they were ahead. Here are a few parenting fails that will either blow your mind or make you cry in laughter.

1. Boink

Being a clutz when you’re young is okay. It’s funny even, to the people who watch you struggle. But once you’re a parent, being a clutz is a no-no. This one dad’s account of one of his less attractive moments proves this. After carefully soothing his baby for a couple of hours and making his little one stay quiet and fall asleep, this graceful dad ended up knocking his baby’s head on the door-frame. Beware that most doors were made for a width of one person.

2. Diaper Mishaps

One mom says that she was so drowsy when she woke up in the middle of the night that she put on her baby’s diaper over the child’s nightsuit. This translates into a huge mess and a wet night suit within the span of a couple of hours. Keep in mind that babies have zero bladder control. This isn’t the only story we’ve heard though. There have been parents who have mistakenly put the dirty diaper back on and threw out the clean one, thus wasting a perfectly good diaper and leading to an extra minute of discomfort for their kid before they realized their mistake.3. 

3. Watch your tongue!

With your friends, you’re used to using loose language. That’s the tricky part of being a parent. You now have to watch your mouth and speak very consciously. You would assume that you need to worry about this only when your baby starts talking. WRONG. How do you think your baby learns in the first place? One mom says that one of the first words her baby said was “shit.” Speaking from personal experience, thanks to my mom, I was a pretty “daring” child. On having found that my cupboard had been cleaned, 4-year-old me decided to go up to my mother and angrily proclaim “How dare you to touch my cupboard?” Watch what you say, friends.


You can’t tell me there haven’t been heart stopping moments when you see your baby put something into his mouth and chomp on it. You always think of the worst. But that can’t be worse than the mom who found her son digging into his diaper and proceeding to eat his own poop. Yep. That happened… You gotta watch them like hawks.

5. I lost my baby

Well, if you’ve ever felt like a bad parent, just remember that there was a dad who freaked out and spent half an hour looking for his baby daughter before he realized that she was attached to his back on a baby harness. Don’t be that guy. Or if you are that guy… please rethink your parenting. This is a public service announcement.


Rule number one of parenting is DO NOT EVER leave your kid unattended. If that means you have to be Mr./Mrs.Stinky the entire day, SO BE IT. This one dad seemed to have forgotten this most important rule as he thought it was okay to leave his kids alone to go take a shower. He was surprised, after his shower, by the presence of his neighbors in his living room because his kids had thought it was a great idea to walk out of the house and into the neighbors.’ Needless to say, he was quite okay with being Mr.Stinky after that7. 

7. It’s everywhere…

There are too many stories for this one. You know how once our kids start moving around on their own, you make it a point to childproof your house and keep basically everything out of their reach? Well, it seems as though quite a few parents didn’t get the memo. One mom left her lipstick out on her dressing table and woke up to find some beautiful red abstract artwork on her white walls (not restricted to just one room). Another parent found their kid bathed in cream, atop their bed.

Be wise, parents. Also, be wise parents. If you’re eve feeling stupid, remember these. If you’re one of these, remember how much better you can be. Use protection or be prepared to dedicate your time to take GOOD care of the result of your unprotected adventures.



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