5 Fun Ways To Bond With Your Toddler

5 Fun Ways To Bond With Your Toddler

10 Oct 2022 | 5 min Read

Manisha Pradhan

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Your toddler needs more than just your love, and undivided attention, to make him/her feel secure and safe, they need some special moments with you. When you bond with your toddler over little things that you do together, it will always hold a special place in their heart and mind as they grow up.

We understand that being a parent is not easy, it’s one of the toughest jobs and sometimes all we can do as parents are meet their daily basic needs like bathing, feeding, getting them to sleep or sending them off to school. But showing your child that you enjoy spending time doing activities together with them helps to create a strong bond with your toddler. 

Why Is It Important To Bond With Your Toddler?

When you share a close bond with your toddler, he/she gets the feeling of security and safety. This gives them the confidence to show emotions, develop social skills, and language skills and also to explore the world around them which helps them to learn. Toddlers who share a close bond with their parents grow up to be happier people.

Ways To Bond With Your Toddler

When toddlers do activities they learn that they can do things to make other things happen, like chasing a rabbit to make it hide under a burrow or flying a kite and learning how it needs the wind to blow it higher. If you are doing the activity with them they’ll have more confidence to try new things. 

fun ways to bond with your toddler
Toddlers love parks and what better way to bond with them than taking a walk together?/ Image source: pexels

1. Make Hugs A Ritual

Who doesn’t like hugs? Hugs make everything seem right. Make it a ritual to hug and snuggle with your toddler first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Don’t let anyone disturb your hug time. Talk to your child while you snuggle together about the day and the things you need to do or ask them what they are looking forward to in the day. When you hug them goodnight, you can both talk about the day gone by. You can even give them a little massage or a foot rub.

2. Take A Walk In The Park

Toddlers love parks and what better way to bond with them than taking a walk together? Talk about the things you see around the park, collect leaves and twigs, play ‘spot the squirrels and birds game’ or just roll in the grass. You can relive your childhood by climbing on the monkey bars as well! Make sure you spray some natural mosquito repellent spray on your toddler before you head out.

When toddlers are given a chance to help you cook a meal for the family, they feel responsible and trusted/ Image source: pexels

3. Cook A Meal Together

When toddlers are given a chance to help you cook a meal for the family, they feel responsible and trusted. You can ask your toddler to plan the menu and cook food that they like. Ask your toddler to wash the vegetables or chop them with a kid-friendly knife, while you do the cooking. You can occasionally allow your toddler to stir the food as well. Talk to your child about the food and take their opinions on how they would like to present the food and arrange the table for a family meal. Be ready for the mess and keep some baby wipes handy.

4. Keep A Mum And Baby Diary

Write notes to each other every day in a special diary that is only meant for you and your toddler. Decorate the cover of the diary with stickers along with your child. If your toddler hasn’t learnt to write yet, he/she can express their feelings by drawing a picture, while you can write a little note for them. It could be anything about why you love them, a good deed they’ve done or how proud you are of them. You can ask your child to share his/her feelings too. 

5. Plan A Movie Night

This is one ritual that my teenager remembers even today. Create a ritual where you have a movie date with your toddler once a week. Try and fix a day over the weekend for your special movie night together. Let your child choose a movie of their choice and get some popcorn and snacks ready before you snuggle together to watch the movie. Just be prepared to watch the same Disney movie over and over again for weeks! 

When you do these ordinary everyday activities with your child even on your busiest days, you show your child that you care. These activities are daily simple ones but the bond you create with your little one while doing these activities is sure to last a lifetime. 

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