Top 80 Funny Names For Baby Boys And Girls

Top 80 Funny Names For Baby Boys And Girls

10 Jun 2022 | 10 min Read

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A name is your child’s first identity that he/ she needs to carry. Mums during their pregnancy come up with a name for them. This is perhaps one of the best things that couples do. While most of the mums choose conventional-sounding names for their babies, some like to stand out with unique funny names.

One of the perks of funny names for your little one is that these will take everyone by surprise and also ensure your baby is always remembered, wherever they go in life. We have curated a list of funny names for you to choose from and we are sure that you won’t have a shortage of the funniest baby names.

List Of Funny Names For Baby Boy And Baby Girls With Meaning

Are you looking for funny names for your baby? Here’s a list of top 80 funny names for boys and girls:

  1. Sansa: Sansa is one of the names that became trending after the popular show, Game of Thrones. You can choose it as a rare name for your baby girl.
  1. Xzayvian: It looks like the parents were trying to squeeze as many consonants as possible into a single name.
  1. Sirjames: It seems that the parents wanted to give a royal name to their baby and decided to go ahead and combine the first name with the honorific prefix.
Audi is our favourite car brand and parents name their little one out of their brand loyalty. | Image Source: pexels 

  1. Audi: The parents have gifted the name of their favourite car brand to their baby.
  1. Levaeh: Lavaeh is a weird variation of the name Nevaeh that is heaven spelled backward.
  1. Tokyo: Parents love to name their son after the cosmopolitan city Tokyo.
  1. Pilot Inspektor: Pilot Inspektor is the child of Jason Lee, a comic actor who was a part of the first season of the television series ‘My Name Is Earl’.
  1. Fifi Trixibelle: The Irish singer Bob Geldof had named his daughter Fifi after his aunt. ‘Belle’ comes from his wife’s fixation with the lifestyle of French belles and here comes the fun factor.
  1. Apple: Apple is the name of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s daughter and parents can choose this fruity name because it sounds sweet.
  1. Ocean: Ocean is the name of the famous character Forest Whitaker’s daughter.
  1. Audio Science: This name sounds more like a class at a community college than a baby name.

12. Moon Unit: Moon Unit is the name of American musician Frank Zappa’s child.

13. Tu Morrow: You might have read some downright bizarre names, but this one is different. Tu Morrow is a ‘punny’ name of the American actor Rob Morrow’s son.

14. Briar Rose Christensen: Briar was the name the three fairies gifted to Princess Aurora and the unusual name of Rachel Bilson’s child originates from the 1959 classic ‘Sleeping Beauty’.

15. Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher: Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher is the American actress’ Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s daughter. It refers to someone who cares about the norm now.

16. Bear Winslet: Bear is the name of ‘Titanic’ actress Kate Winslet’s son and will be a funny choice!

17. North West: The name North sounds beautiful, but turns funny when pronounced together with the surname.

18. Egypt: Singer Alicia Keys and her music producer hubby call their first child Egypt. A rare-sounding funny name!

19. Buddy Bear: James and Jools Oliver have always been famous for giving quirky names to their children and they call their first son Buddy Bear, continuing the floral theme they started with their daughters.

20. Tiaamii: A fusion of Amy and Thea, Tiamii is a popular name that you could opt for your daughter. It is a funny girly name that people won’t forget.

21. Bluebell Madonna: Singer Bluebell Madonna is the daughter of Geri Halliwell. Her daughter’s middle name is a tribute to the pop singer Madonna.

22. Tu Morrow: This is the actual name of a celebrity’s child and just breaks the word ‘tomorrow’ to make it easier for you to remember and pick up your kids.

23. Sunday: Sunday is perhaps the best day of the week. If you’d like your child to enjoy life like every day is a Sunday, just name him/ her that.

24. Jermajesty: Jermajesty is a rare and powerful name that will give your little one respect anytime he/ she steps out of home.

25. Facebook: An Egyptian couple named their daughter Facebook to honour the role of this famous social media platform in the Egyptian Revolution.

26. Hashtag: An Instagram and Twitter-obsessed couple named their child Hashtag and it really sounds crazy!

27. Heather Tina Marie Lawson: Can you notice something unusual in this name? The acronym of the name would be HTML.

28. Bandit: Some German parents have named their child Bandit that means ‘robber’. Now that’s crazy right?

29. Camera: American tennis player Arthur Ashe and Jeanne Moutoussamy Ashe have named their child Camera. We can assume that their daughter will grow up and become an amazing photographer.

30. Puma: Here’s another example of brand obsession. Erykah Badu, a renowned American musician, has named her daughter Puma.

31. Seven Sirius: American singer Erykah Badu has a serious obsession with funny names and has named her child Seven Sirius.

32. India Rose: Parents can use this name for their child if they love the flower.

33. Daisy Boo: Parents can name their daughter ‘Daisy Boo’ to indicate their love for Disney characters.

34. Nutella: Nutella is a name that some parents chose for their children out of their love for the chocolate spread.

35. River Rose: If you are a nature lover, this name might be a good pick for you.

36. Summer Rain: Summer Rain is the child of American singer Christina Aguilera and Matthew Rutler. Nice choice, right?

37. Bodhi Ransom: This might sound old fashioned, but naming your kid Ransom will be a good idea.

38. Bandit: If you feel that your kid is naughty, you can name him/ her Bandit. It’s a great name to mirror their personality and Bandit is definitely one that no one will forget ever.

39. Titan Jewell: This name sounds more like an ornament than a baby name.

40. Megaa Omari Grandberry: If you want to give a funny name to your child, this is the best choice. It is the coolest and funniest name for sure!

41. Thinn: Thinn is an awful, yet funny name. You can try this name too.

42. Yoga: Parents seem to have taken their love for fitness too far and have named their kid out of this.

43. Zealand: The name Zealand sounds dignified and will be a funny name for sure!

44. Burger: Everyone loves burgers. A funny choice to name your kid!

45. Espn: This name originates from the Sports channel ESPN. The parents of this baby must be die-hard ESPN buffs.

45. Kix: The alphabet X is now as overused as the letter Y and you will find many names ending with X, like Kix, Dax, Kax, Pexx and so on.

46. Pawk: Pawk sounds more like a sound effect than a name and will be a funny choice for naming your little one.

47. Friday: All of us look forward to Friday. That’s the weekend! A lovely choice for naming your child! 

48. Fish And Chips: A couple in New Zealand chose the name Fish and Chips for their twins and parents can use this name out of their love for fish and chips.

49. Mustard: Sandwiches are a staple for everyone and mustard is definitely one of the best fillings you can place to make them taste heavenly. It’s also a name you can opt for your baby boy.

50. Mafia No Fear: Yes, that’s a fearless name. An astounding choice!

51. Cherry: If you love cherry and want your kid to be named something sweet, Cherry is one of the best options for you to choose from.

52. Free: Parents can name their kid Free as it indicates that their child is born to be free and it showcases what you’d like your little one to be growing up!

53. Toasted Teacake: This name sounds more like a dish on the breakfast menu!

54. Smellie: Smellie is also a funny choice while naming your kid.

55. Dough: Parents can name their child Dough. We guess they expect their child to be fat.

56. Justin Case: ‘Just in case’ you are wondering, what the name means is actually all about it.

57. Will Power: We know you want your child to be righteous and have great self-control for sure. So, choose this one. 

58. Boo Weekley: Golfers generally have goofy names. So, here is one such example.

59. Razor Shines: Razor Shines is a basketball player. Basketball players often pick up unique and amusing nicknames and here you have it.

60. Alucard: Although this name sounds scary when you spell it backward, it’s a funny choice!

61. Snape: There are so many die-hard fans of Harry Potter and parents are guaranteed to find at least one Ron, Snape or Hermione.

62. Peanut: After Nutella, Apple and Burger, here is another name inspired by food and trust us, your little one will love it – both the butter and the name!

63. Twelve: When people run out of flowers, food and colours to inspire their child’s name, numbers are probably the best bet!

64. Manhattan: If parents can name their child London, Tokyo, and Brooklyn, why not Manhattan!

65. South: Since the birth of North West, directional names are now a trend. The list is a bit short. So, you have to choose between North, South, East, and West.

66. Katniss: Katniss was one of the main characters in the famous ‘The Hunger Games’ series and several fans have chosen this name for their baby girls.

67. Huckleberry: The name Huckleberry rolls off the tongue and reminds us of the protagonist in a novel by Mark Twain.

68. Blaer: It means light breeze.

69. Fox India Owen: Fox India Owen is the name of the son of the famous singer Mark Owen and Emma Ferguson.

70. Blue Ivy: American singer Beyonce and Jay-Z had chosen this funny name for their child.

Vodka is clearly not a great name for kids but parents who love partying choose these names | Image Source: pexels

71. Vodka: Vodka is clearly not a great name for kids but parents choose these names as they love partying!

72. India: Parents can name their child as a tribute to their country.

73. Titan: A popular and famous name that sounds like a legend and will definitely stand out among the rest.

74. Bodhi: Bodhi in Sanskrit means ‘awakened’ and is a cool name for you to consider for sure.

75. Buzz Michelangelo: Buzz Michelangelo is the name of the two popular characters – Buzz from Toy Story and the legendary artist Michelangelo together.

You can combine characters for your little one’s names and get a unique result every time.

76. Saint Lazlo: This is a funny name that sounds absolutely different and brings with it a sense of mystique and fondness.

77. Thinn: This is really a funny name that your kid or anyone else who interacts with won’t forget for a long time.

78. Fish: Parents can name their little one as Fish out of their love for it.

79. Spiky: Spiky is a great option for anyone who wants to name their little one something funny and different.

80. Blazer: If your little one shows tendencies of power and speed, Blazer is a great option to consider.

We hope that our list of funny girl names and funny boy names will be of great help to you. You can save all your chosen funny names in one place so that you can finalise that special name for your little one.

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