45+ Popular And Funny Baby Names For Boys And Girls

45+ Popular And Funny Baby Names For Boys And Girls

10 Jun 2022 | 7 min Read

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If you are looking for an unusual moniker for your little one then you should definitely browse through our list of funny baby names. We have taken the following names from literature, movies, and other daily objects. What makes them goofy and unique is that they are quite unanticipated to be used as names for baby boys and girls.

However, don’t worry, all these names have sensible meanings, it’s just their backstories and pronunciations that make them funny. So are you curious to know which funny baby names made it to our list? Keep reading to find out. 

Top Funny Baby Boy Names

Funny Baby Names
These baby boy names are funny, uncommon, and have unique meanings / Image credit: Pexels
  • Audi: There is no better brand royalty than giving your baby boy the name of your favourite car brand. So if you are thinking about it, just go for it.
  • Alucard: The name sounds extremely spooky when spelled backward. But wait, perhaps that was the intention.
  • Banjo: A popular musical instrument, Banjo is a unique funny name that you can give to your little one. 
  • Bandit: It’s the perfect moniker for a mischievous little man.
  • Buzz Michelangelo: An amalgamation of two popular names, Buzz and Michelangelo, this funny baby name can never go wrong. 
  • Buddy Bear: If your munchkin reminds you of a cute little bear, then Buddy Bear is the perfect funny name for them.
  • Burger: If you love your fast food, name your child Burger, and watch them take over the world in style. 
  • Camera: Looking for a funny and rare name for your baby boy? You should definitely go with this.
  • Cricket: Are you a die-hard cricket fan? If yes, you can consider naming your baby boy after the sport. It’s funny and wholesome too!
  • Hashtag: if social media has taken over your life, then Hashtag would be a fun and cool name to give to your baby boy.
  • Kix: This is another bizarre and funny baby name that you can name your little man after. 
  • Levaeh: This name is the variation of Nevaeh, which is Heaven spelled backward. But do you know what Levaeh means? Just take a wild guess!
  • Mowgli: If you are a fan of the Jungle Book, then Mowgli seems an apt name for your little boy.
  • Peanut: Besides being funny, this name is sweet, short, and adorable, making it the perfect option for your cute little man.
  • Puma: Take your brand obsession to the next level by naming your little one Puma. 
  • Seven Sirius: American singer Erykah Badu has a playful passion for unique baby names, and chose the name Seven Sirius for her son.
  • Sirjames: Want to give a royal title to your baby? This may be the perfect option.
  • Sparrow: A cute and funny little name for your baby boy, Sparrow is a good option if you are a nature and bird lover.
  • Speedy: The funny baby boy names list is surely incomplete without this one. 
  • Spiky: Looking for a funny yet different name for your child? If yes, Spiky is the way to go.
  • Tu Morrow: Well, you can already guess what this funny baby name means. It’s just the word tomorrow broken up.  
  • Xzayvian: Not sure who invented this name, but pretty sure they wanted to squeeze as many consonants as possible.

Top Funny Baby Girl Names

Funny Baby Names
These names are perfect for your goofy little princess / Image credit: Pexels
  • Apple: If your little girl is the “apple of your eyes,” then why not name them Apple as well? It is funny, easy to remember, and definitely stands out.
  • Audio Science: Only scientist parents can name their child after this funny moniker.
  • Bear Winslet: This is Kate Winslet’s child’s name. It is indeed a wild choice.
  • Boo Weekley: A goofy yet cute name for your little girl.
  • Cherry: If you love fruits, and want your little girl to be named after something sweet, then cherry is one option to consider. 
  • Cherry Grant: Unbelievably, 12 people in the world are named Cherry Grant. 
  • Daisy-Boo: If you are a die-hard fan of Disney characters, Daisy-Boo is one funny baby name that you can name your child after. 
  • Dough: Looking for a fluffy, cute, and funny name for your baby? Here’s your pick!
  • Fifibelle: This funny name definitely sounds exotic, and is a great option for your little girl. It combines Fifi, with Belle, which means beautiful.
  • Jermajesty:  A funny and royal title for your baby girl? We say yes, why not?
  • Mega Grandberry: If you want to give a funny name to your baby girl, this is the right way to do it. It is the funniest and coolest name ever.
  • Miffy: Well, this name sounds a bit iffy, but it sure is memorable.
  • North: Why not name your baby girl after a direction? North is always the way up, and you can remind your little one to move upward in life. 
  • Nutella: This funny baby name is actually quite a popular one, and perfect for parents to show their love for the chocolate spread.
  • Ocean: Here’s another funny baby name for girls. It takes your love for nature to next level too. 
  • Royal Reign: This is a perfect funny royal title for your little princess. 
  • Sansa: The classic drama, Game of Thrones has inspired many funny baby names, and Sansa is one of them.
  • Smellie: This name is funny and brings a chuckle, but we hope you don’t name your little one after this.
  • South: Well Kim Kardashian already picked North for her daughter, so we guess you can pick South.
  • Stompie: another yet weird funny name for baby girls. It’s surprising a lot of parents do name their little ones Stompie. 
  • Sunday: The best day of the week! If you would like your child to enjoy each day of their life like a Sunday, just name them that.
  • Toasted Teacake: This funny name sounds more like a dish on an English breakfast menu than a baby name.
  • Titan Jewell: Honestly, this moniker sounds more like an ornament than just a baby name.
  • Will Power: A funny baby name for parents who want their children to be righteous.
  • Yoga: Why not let your love for Yoga transcend to your baby? Plus, this funny baby name is quite easy to remember. 


These funny baby names are quite unique and will definitely make your little one stand out among the crowd. In fact, you can choose one of these goofy titles as your baby’s nickname to express your love and adoration. We bet once your little one grows older, they will definitely ask you the reason behind their funny and unique nickname, so make sure to prepare a justified answer for them.


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