gassy babies how to treat them

gassy babies how to treat them

19 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Babies are cute little creatures who can get scared of the sound of their own farts! Babies pass gas almost 18-21 times a day. That’s because they also swallow air while they’re eating, it doesn’t matter if they’re being breastfed or bottle fed. It can happen even if they’re sucking a pacifier and more often when they’re crying.   

What are the symptoms?

If there’s air trapped in your baby’s system, you’ll be able to observe the following symptom-

-Fussy and moody

-Tummy is bloated

-Frequent burps

-Crying due to discomfort

-Loud farts

-Hard tummy

Did You know?

Babies who are experiencing gas pain will pull up their legs and stretch out and arch their back. That’s how you can see if the baby has a gas problem or not!    

How do I ease my baby?

Watching your baby struggle with this gas thing can be a real task as it is quite heart wrenching scene for all moms and dads. Here’s how you can help your baby ease out-


Hold your baby tight and soothe him by making him feel cosy just like the way he was when he was in your womb.

Keep rocking

Just like the thing you did while swaddling your baby, move back in forth like in the rocking motion so that the baby also becomes more relaxed.

Suck on pacifiers

Babies if made to suck on the pacifiers will be able to get rid of their pain and gas. It is said that sucking releases endorphins which help in soothing a baby.

Body massage

Rubbing your baby’s belly may do some good in relieving the pressure built up in your baby’s tummy. This massage helps in relaxing the nerve signals in the baby’s intestines.

Air cycling

Make the baby lie down on his back and hold both the legs and move them like he’s cycling in the air. It is fun for the baby as you can easily distract him from the discomfort and let the gas pass!


The air bubbles stuck in your baby’s stomach can be released easily through burping. Don’t wait for him to finish eating, make him burp so that there will not be a problem even while digestion happens.

When should I take my baby to the doctor?

The gas in the stomach is a treatable problem and it is not that serious of a health issue. If you notice the following side symptoms, you need to take your child to the doctor immediately.

If your baby is not pooping or has bloody poop.

If your baby vomits.

Check for body temperature in your baby. If the baby has a rectal temperature of 100.4 F or higher, there could be a chance of infection. If the baby is younger than 3 months, run to the doctor immediately.    



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