10 Good Habits For Kids Every Parent Needs To Teach

10 Good Habits For Kids Every Parent Needs To Teach

26 Sep 2022 | 5 min Read

Reema Shah

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Children consider their parents as role models. Parents are always someone they turn to for guidance or reference whenever they need help. Children imitate their parent’s behaviour and actions and they always learn by example. Hence, it is important to teach children good habits and discipline. Here are ten good habits for kids that every parent should teach.

10 Good Habits For Child

1. Eating Healthy

Kids today are more attracted to junk food like chips, sweets, biscuits, burgers, pizzas and chocolates. Hence as a parent, you need to make them believe that even healthy food can taste good. You can serve your child a homemade version of cakes, noodles, pasta and cookies. 

To make your child develop a healthy habit, opt for the colourful way. Encourage them to eat fresh food like fruits, homecooked food, vegetables etc. by offering them a variety of colourful fresh food. As for the mess they create while eating, keep a pack of baby wipes handy but let them eat independently to form a good habit. 

2. Make Them Physically Active

Avoid letting your kids get into a sedentary lifestyle. Encourage your child to move around. It may be a walk or exercise or you can also send them to play outdoors.

Educate your kids about the health hazards a sedentary lifestyle poses like trouble sleeping, obesity, attention disorders and social problems.

3. Enjoy Family Meals Together

Manage your hectic schedule to spend some quality time with your child. Prioritise dinner time together with your family. Make use of this time to discuss a number of things and share your views. This will create a positive and long-lasting impact on your children. Children start getting comfortable sharing about themselves and adjust well in the family.

4. Avoid Littering Public Spaces

One of the most important good habits for kids is to be civilised and responsible citizens. This is something that parents must emphasise. Explain to your child that public spaces are not for littering and that one should throw waste only in a dustbin.

Help your little one develop this habit and ask them to follow it wherever she/he goes, as it will help them develop into better people. As a parent, you must avoid littering so your children also follow your example.

5. Stay Hydrated

One common habit that children easily adopt from adults is drinking aerated beverages. Hence, you need to set an example by drinking fresh juices, water, buttermilk etc and reinforce the importance of keeping yourself well hydrated. Talk to them about the harm that sugar-filled sodas can cause to their health. Educate your child about how water is healthy and how it helps to get rid of toxins and a number of diseases.

6. Managing Money
Educating kids about the importance of money is one of the most important good habits for kids that parents must teach. As soon as your child becomes responsible enough to use the money to spend it, you can start educating him/her about the value of your hard-earned money. It’s best to get your child into the habit of saving money in the form of pocket money once in a while. Buy them a piggy bank and teach them to save money.

good habits for child and good habits for kids
Saving money is a good habit for child that a parent must teach early so he/she understands the importance of money / Credit – Canva

7. Be Aware Of Food-Nutrition Labels

Most things that one consumes and uses in their daily lives come with a label. Once your child reaches a certain age, you can start educating him/her about food labels. Do it often so they form a habit and encourage them to learn about the nutritional value of food.

Teach them how to see the ingredients of their favourite packaged foods and point out the important information on the nutrition labels. Advise them to take note of ingredients such as unsaturated fats, calories, sugar and carbs. These efforts made by you will help them develop healthy habits for their lifetime.

8. Cleanliness

Cleanliness is one of the other important good habits for kids that must be taught to them by default early in life. You can do this by teaching them to organise their things properly. When your child gets used to seeing things in a proper and organised way, he/she will avoid keeping them untidy too.

9. Avoid Harming Animals or Birds

Children usually are amazed and attracted when it comes to animals and birds. Some children may fear them or get defensive, while some children stay calm. Educate your child that animals and birds are living creatures that communicate in their own ways and can be friendly.

Let your child learn to differentiate between creatures that are harmful and those which are not. Make them watch documentaries and animal shows on television or take them to petting zoos where they can interact with animals.

10. Exercise

To follow regular exercise as a part of good habits for kids, parents can set a routine for themselves and their family to spend some time together for physical activity. It can be a walk, swimming, jogging in the park or doing yoga at home. Exercise benefits everyone in the long run.

Hence, starting it early in your child’s routine will keep him/her active and fit. It will help set a healthy lifestyle for them. Play music to add some excitement to your workout. You can also enrol your child in some sport to keep them active. 

Try implementing these good habits for kids early in their childhood so that they make it a part of their life.

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