Hey Mom! Do You Have These Products Xyz

Hey Mom! Do You Have These Products Xyz

25 Apr 2022 | 6 min Read


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As a mom, you are loaded with multiple responsibilities like looking after your baby and the family and maintaining your responsibilities of a wife. But you have also been juggling with other responsibilities like handling the office pressure, work schedules, making presentations and whatnot!

Mothers are the typical Indian Goddess who have been handling so many things at once and they’re really good at it. As a mom, even if you’re working, your baby’s responsibilities are your priority. However, when it comes to feeding and taking care of the baby, your comfort matters too.

With so much going on in your life, we have a list of items that typically work like a working mommy’s hacks for feeding her baby.

Here’s a list of must-haves for a woman as smart as you.

Breast pumps

1. Swing single electric breast pump

Although it looks small, it works wonders when it comes to pumping breast milk. It has a 2-phase pump, which makes the pumping activity easy. It gives an experience that is similar to that of a baby sucking milk. This breast pump is efficient in pumping out enough milk for your baby. It comes with a powerful monitor and a fitted breast-shield. It is small in size, which makes it portable and easy to carry around. You can switch between the stimulation and expression phases and set the most comfortable vacuum level. It comes with a handheld battery-operated switch, so you can pump milk according to your baby needs.

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2. Swing maxi double electric breast pump

This works exactly like the swing single electric pump, but the only difference is that it has two bottles that you can fill up simultaneously. It is super simple and uber comfy to work with, and its user interface is quite easy to operate. It has been scientifically proven that it pumps 18% more milk than other technologies.

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3. Freestyle double electric breast pump

With the ease of technology, this pump will let you feel less worked up when it comes to feeding your child. It is small in size, so you can easily carry it around wherever you go. It comes with small sized rechargeable batteries, which make your life simpler as you can now pump milk wherever and whenever you want to.

It comes with a digital monitor, which displays a timer and has a backlight. Since it has two pumps, you can fill two bottles in a much less time.

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4. Hands-free pumping bra

The bra is made up of nylon and spandex and seamless technology. It suits best with electric pumps like swing maxi, swing, freestyle, and symphony. It is easy, comfortable and hands-free, so you can focus on doing other things while you’re pumping milk. It is stretchy and comfortable to wear and take off whenever you’re done with feeding. This bra is exclusively crafted to use all of Medela’s electric breast pumps. It is available in four different sizes.

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Nursing and maternity wear

1. Nursing Bra

The Wonderbra you need while feeding your baby – the stretchability of this bra makes it a must have for you and your baby. The soft fabric adjusts itself according to the shape of your body. It is seamless and wire-free so your comfort is always a priority.

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2. Nursing tank top

This is a new age nursing wear, which provides extended comfort. The nursing tank top has a good length, with a number of layers that make your feeding experience a good one. With a blend of tummy tucking style and nursing wear, this top is the next best thing for you. It is stylish and comfortable at the same time. It comes with a seamless design and since it is wire-free, your breasts will be at ease too.

The breathable cotton makes it a comfy wear at home and the one-handed easy “open-and-close” clips make breastfeeding effortless. It is available in two colors and multiple sizes.

3. Sleep bra

This is a bra that keeps the moisture away from your body and a bra that comes with the ease of feeding your baby at night. With the demand of mommies to have nursing pads that don’t slip to preventing leakage, this bra is an innovation for breastfeeding. It enhances the comfort of wearing it and feeding your baby is easy with this bra. It has a seamless design and an easy accessibility to reach out whenever your baby is hungry.

It is available in two colors and many sizes.

Feeding Bottles

1. Calma

This is your baby’s best pal. When your baby is transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle feeding, s/he might find it different and difficult to adapt to. But with the help of this bottle, this transition becomes easy and hassle-free.

The best part about this bottle is that it prevents your baby from sucking in air. The bottle is airtight and supplies only milk.

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1. Cooler bag

For days, when you’re busy with office and running late for work, you can fill up bottles and feed your baby whenever required. This is an ideal bag for you to help you transport breast milk. You can store milk in the bottles and keep it inside this bag. It keeps your milk cool and safe from any bacteria. It is extremely safe for your baby.

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2. City style breast pump bag

Imagine you’re out shopping and you want to pump milk for your baby. You have the pump in this bag and you can easily pump your milk and feed your baby. This bag is one-of-a-kind, as it helps you discretely carry around your breast pump wherever you go. It is a safe and easier way to transport milk around. There is plenty of space for your pump and few bottles to fit in and be carried around.

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3. Pump and save bags

As a working mom, you might find it hard to find time for breastfeeding. You might get completely drained out by the time you come home from work. Your baby cannot be left hungry, so you can store your baby’s liquid gold in these bags.

This bag lets you name and number the bag, so that you know which bag belongs to which date. It is convenient for you to feed your baby accordingly.

It helps in saving time and helps to reduce the effort required to build up enough milk to store it. So, turn on the pump, pour the milk into these bags and just pop it in the fridge.

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