How Cool Is Your Mom In Law Xyz

How Cool Is Your Mom In Law Xyz

25 Apr 2022 | 2 min Read


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It’s unfair how the word mother-in-law is associated with trouble, jealousy and every other hateful thing in the world. Maybe you can relate or maybe you can’t. But after reading this article, you’ll finally realize how cool your mom-in-law actually is.

1. Best friend

There might’ve been instances when you felt like your mother-in-law might just be your best friend – when she sat next to you, holding your hand and telling you not to worry or when you talked about how your day went. It just goes to prove that you can never tell how much a person can mean to you.

2. Supportive of you

One thing that most women are afraid of is how supportive their in-laws are going to be. Whether it’s something like going back to work or your parenting techniques, it’s always such a relief when you know your mother-in-law’s got your back.

3. Masterchef

Does she cook the best channa masala you’ve ever had in your life? Or those rasgullas that your kids go crazy over. Ah, why isn’t she on a cooking show right now?

4. Open-minded

She might not fit the typical mother-in-law character that is portrayed in media. She’s modern and open-minded and doesn’t try to keep you down with her beliefs and superstitions. You don’t have to worry about saying anything to your mother-in-law because you know she will take it in the best way possible.

5. She was there for you when your mom couldn’t be there

She not only gave you an amazing gift by giving birth to the man of your dreams, but also accepted you as her daughter. Every time you felt you missed your mom, she was there for you. A caring and understanding mother-in-law is everything you could’ve asked for.

6. Uber-generous

Your mother-in-law might be so generous that it’s actually unbelievable. She’s kind and accepting of you and every time you feel down, she might as well surprise you with something!