Newborn Congestion: How to Clear Your 15-Day-Old Baby’s Stuffy Nose

Newborn Congestion: How to Clear Your 15-Day-Old Baby’s Stuffy Nose

19 Jan 2023 | 3 min Read

Manisha Pradhan

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Mucus (excess fluid) that builds up in the nostrils and airways causes congestion. Your 15-day-old may experience a plugged nose, noisy breathing, or minor feeding difficulties due to congestion. Even though newborn congestion is common it can be a concern for parents.

Since an infant’s lungs are still developing and their airways are so little, they occasionally require additional assistance to eliminate congestion. Your baby’s comfort and any mucus in their blocked nose will be your primary concerns while you provide treatment.

Below mentioned are a couple of tips to provide relief to an infant’s stuffy nose.

How to Clear Your 15-Day-Old Baby’s Stuffy Nose


Reluctance to feed is a common problem when a 15-day-old has a stuffy nose. If your infant has a stuffy nose, then he/she may not want to feed. This can lead to dehydration and since the only liquid a 15-day-old can drink is breastmilk or formula, make sure you breastfeed your baby regularly to keep dehydration away. Drinking liquids also helps to relieve stuffy noses.

Use Vapour Patch

While it is not recommended to use vapour rubs for a 15-day-old baby, natural vapour patches are completely safe to use for them. All you need to do is stick a vapour patch either on their clothes, pillow or crib. This will help clear your 15-day-old baby’s stuffy nose instantly.

Use a Humidifier

Making the air more humid will prevent your baby’s mucus from evaporating inside of his or her nose. Using a humidifier is one approach to increase humidity. Place a cool-mist humidifier next to the crib but make sure it’s not too close to the crib. Clean and dry the humidifier frequently to prevent the growth of mould or bacteria within. Another option is to take a warm shower and sit in the bathroom with your child so they may breathe in the steamy, warm air.

Natural vapour patches help clear your 15-day-old baby’s stuffy nose safely and instantly/ Image source: freepik


Massaging a baby has many benefits for a baby and your touch will help to soothe your baby. Gently rubbing the bridge of your baby’s nose, the bottom of the head, cheekbones, hairline, and eyebrows. This will help to drain the mucus.

Suction and Nose Drops

Use a rubber suction bulb after putting one to 2 drops of saline nasal drops in each nostril to assist remove any crusted mucus. Squeeze the bulb first before using it. Next, carefully insert the bulb’s tip into a nostril. Finally, gradually let go of the bulb, and mucus clogs will be removed. Continue with the other nostril. 

Your infant may seem to be breathing more quickly than usual if they have a stuffy nose or are congested. However, infants usually breathe rather quickly already. In comparison to adults, newborns typically breathe at a rate of 40 breaths per minute. Take your infant to the emergency department right away if their breathing rate is greater than 60 breaths per minute or if they seem to be having trouble breathing. 

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