How To Motivate Your 9 to 10-Year-Old To Do Worksheets?

How To Motivate Your 9 to 10-Year-Old To Do Worksheets?

29 Jul 2022 | 6 min Read

Manisha Pradhan

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The pandemic has changed the way kids learn. With them being indoors for almost two years, online learning has become the new norm even though children are slowly getting back to school.

Having said that, online learning or classroom learning should not be the only mode of learning for kids, as the pandemic has made most parents realise that kids need to be taught at home too. Kids can be taught at home via various methods like exploring, observing, experimenting, listening and worksheets like the Print Learn Center’s (PLC) worksheets. The PLC worksheets are designed for kids in the age group of 3 to 12. These worksheets cover all the fundamental concepts required for different subjects, with a plethora of fun and interesting topics. These worksheets are easy to download and each week a set of worksheets will be emailed with a structured learning plan.

By the time kids are around 8-10-years-old, their metamemory skills (ability to understand how to think about improving memory) develop. They also understand how studying can improve their performance in subjects like maths, spelling or reading.

This is the perfect age to help children organise content by subject matter. Their attention span increases and they are also able to read more complex and longer books and follow instructions. Kids this age love to go beyond book learning and find out more on their own about the things they like.

Besides reading, they perform more complex maths problems and are better able to visualise objects in space and they can draw conclusions about where an object will be or what it will look like from a different perspective. Their motor abilities are more refined.

That’s the reason 9 to 10 years is the perfect age to work on worksheets. Choosing the right worksheets like Print Learn Center’s worksheets for 9-10 years is important. PLC’s worksheets make sure that they help 9-10-year-olds with a clear understanding of fundamental concepts as it helps them develop an interest in learning.

The Print Learn Center worksheets for 9-10-year-olds are designed by India’s leading early-year educationalists and are based on paper-pencil activities. These worksheets are not only age-appropriate but also help children improve their understanding and application of concepts with the help of guided video tutorials.

Print Learn Center’s worksheets for 9-10-year-olds boost critical, logical thinking, improve problem-solving skills and challenge young minds.

In addition, kids’ activity sheets help them develop a sense of independence and enhance their fine motor skills. Most parents think that worksheets are mundane drill-and-practice rituals for kids. But that’s not true.

There are some fun worksheets for kids that are extremely helpful in encouraging their thinking abilities. In fact, worksheets for 9-year-olds are a great tool to help children retain knowledge and revise lessons.

Just playing alone cannot help a child learn advanced maths or physics or several such topics. They will need to revise and practise on worksheets to help them learn and retain such concepts.

This is where worksheets for kids come into play. They are easy to understand and help parents who are guiding their children to study to understand textbook theories. Worksheets for 9-year-olds are also engaging and will make teaching any concept at home easier for parents too.

In short, fun worksheets for kids are a great tool to help children bridge the gap between watching what is taught in the classroom and doing it on their own at home. It helps them revise a topic that is taught in the classroom.

5 Tips To Make Worksheets Fun For 9 to 10-year-olds

1. Combine worksheets with internet searches: 

Kids in the age bracket of 9-10 love searching the internet. Use this interest to combine worksheets with searches. Once your child completes a worksheet, for example, if your child has worked on the HP Print Learn Center’s India Concepts worksheet, let her/him read more about the different cultures of India online.

2. Have a worksheet challenge

It’s always fun when you get kids together for a challenge. Have a playdate and invite your child’s friends over to work on worksheets. There are some fun HP Print Learn Center activity sheets for 9-year-olds that you can ask the kids to work on like the Algorithms and Robotics worksheet and turn it into a challenge like who cracks the code first. Kids this age love challenges.

3. Buy them some special pens for the worksheets

Even though you may think that your 9-10-year-old will not be fascinated by new stationery, you’ll be surprised to know that kids no matter the age love colourful stationery. Buy them some interesting pens that they would not use for doing their regular school homework and let them use it only to work on the worksheets.

4. Apply the Worksheet to Real Life

You can use the HP Print Learn Center General Concepts, ask your child to work on the worksheet and then together you can try out some experiments in the kitchen.

5. Let Them Choose

Allowing your child to choose the worksheet she/he would like to do will make it seem less like a task and more like a fun activity. It’s important to allow children to make choices. HP Print Learn Center has a plethora of activity sheets that your child can choose from; from art to maths, science, technology, social studies, values and social skills and brain games.


When children are provided with the right environment and motivated appropriately, their love for learning comes naturally and that’s what the HP Print Learn Center’s kids activity and worksheets for kids aim to do.

HP Print Learn Center has a repository of worksheets based on the LAR approach that is scientifically designed by educational experts. Their unique approach enables children to understand basic concepts, retain them in long-term memory and apply them needed.

Children learn better when they solve activity worksheets for kids that are great hands-on activities. 

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