How To: Treat Post Pregnancy Hair Fall

How To: Treat Post Pregnancy Hair Fall

12 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Among the various changes your body goes through during and after your pregnancy, one of the least-talked-about but most obvious ones are your hair fall and bald spots. Hair fall is one of the major changes that you’ll experience post pregnancy, and may result in bald spots if not taken care of.

Your hair is a major indicator of whether you are in a good shape, health-wise, or not. Be it any problems that your health faces, the first signs can be found in your hair. So if you’re losing hair rapidly, then it definitely means that something’s wrong.

Here are a few tried-and-tested methods to treat your post-pregnancy hair loss –

1. Take care of your tresses

The few remaining hair that you do have – please do take care of them! Use any product that you think can keep your hair healthy – shampoo, conditioner or a leave-in cream. Take special care when you wash them, and comb them regularly.

2. Oil massage

Oil massages have been known to improve your scalp and help in hair growth too. Oil massages also strengthen the roots of your hair and nourish your hair follicles. This will result in healthy hair growth.

3. Healthy diet

This is a surprising thing for many people, but it is true. Your diet has a direct bearing on your hair too. If the food you’re consuming isn’t healthy, then your hair fall won’t improve in any way. Consume healthy, wholesome, nutritious food which is rich in protein, omega 3 fatty acids, fish oils.

4. De-stress yourself

Stress, as everyone knows, is a major reason for hairfall. Your pregnancy is already cause enough for you to lose your hair, don’t make it worse by worrying about it. You will grow back your hair – just relax, and don’t stress about it. Sleep right, eat right and move right – the rest will take care of itself!

5. Choose the right haircare products

It is vital that your hair is pampered, and by that we also mean that you choose hair care products that are right for your hair. Dry, silky, smooth, oily – choose your pick and select products accordingly.

6. Try home remedies

Sometimes, home remedies work magic like no other products can. Try some of these home remedies for your hair, and consult the elders in your house for their hair care secrets. The results may surprise you!

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