How To Trick Your Kids Into Taking Their Medicines And Getting Vaccinated

How To Trick Your Kids Into Taking Their Medicines And Getting Vaccinated

1 Jul 2022 | 2 min Read


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Getting your toddlers to swallow a medicine or taking them to the doctor can be a task. You want your child to come out of the discomfort they are in, but they just refuse to be medicated. They can be fussy and a handful while trying to relieve them of their illness. Since you cannot reason with them, it makes things worse. Here are a few hacks to make this easier.

1. Try to negotiate with your toddler about getting a chocolate while on your way back from the doctor.

2. Play your child out to have the upper hand in the matter of deciding. Give them small task such as pouring the medicine up to a certain ‘ml’ in the measuring cup. Letting them know they are deciding for themselves gives them a sense of responsibility.

3. Make sure your paediatrician is entertaining. This will encourage your child to trust him/her and an awaiting lollipop at the end of the session makes it even better.

4. Crush the medicine to power so it is easier for you to mix it in a hot glass of milk without your child knowing of its existence.

5. Try and hide the medicine in your child’s favourite food or a cupcake to make it more appealing for them to gobble it up.

6. In case you are trying to get your baby to stay still for a vaccination, it would be best to take them to the doctor while fast asleep. Cradling them after the injection can help. Make sure your paediatrician is child-friendly.

Mothers can be very creative when it comes to getting their toddlers to take their medicines, so go with your motherly instinct. If they continue to fuss, bring out the big guns and go all out in the negotiations.











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