10 Awesome Ideas For A Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Party

10 Awesome Ideas For A Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Party

25 May 2022 | 4 min Read

Reema Shah

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Theme parties can be a guaranteed success and are usually a favourite among children, especially if it’s one revolving around Dinosaurs. Children love these prehistoric creatures so organising a dinosaur-themed birthday party for your little one will surely be a hit with your little one.
If you are worried about how you can host this party for kids, we’ve got you covered. 

Fun Ideas For A Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Party

1. Dinosaur-themed Headbands

dinosaur-themed birthday party for kids
Dinosaur headbands or dinosaur party hats can be a great way to host a dinosaur-themed birthday party / Credit – Pinterest

To set the theme, begin with some DIY dinosaur headbands. After all, is a birthday party ever complete without hats? Use chart paper to make the crown similar to the head of a dinosaur. Here’s a video you can watch to make it yourself using egg cartons.

2. Dinosaur-themed Birthday Cake

How can you miss this when hosting a dinosaur-themed birthday for your kids! Pick a colourful customised dinosaur cake for your little one that will delight everyone around. Make sure to add his/her favourite dinos and set a scene on the cake. 

3. Dinosaur-themed Bar

Create a dinosaur toy station with dino footprints. Next, stock up some toy dinosaurs in a  basket so each kid gets to pick one during the party. These dinosaurs can then be placed in the dino footprints that you have added to the floor.

4. Dinosaur-themed Footprints

dinosaur-themed birthday party for kids
Stick dinosaur footprints on the party floor or paste an entire sheet on the backdrops to create the feels / Credit – Canva

The look of the party is important to make this theme a success and you don’t need much. Just use this free and downloadable dinosaur footprint to create your own dino entrance.

5. Dino Eggs Treasure Hunt

When hosting a birthday party for kids, games and activities must be included – after all that’s what the kids love the most. Simply hide some chocolate eggs or painted eggs and ask your little guests to find them.

6. Dino Dig

This is another amazing way to keep the kids entertained and occupied. Just fill a bucket with some sand and add the dinosaurs and fossils. Watch how they get excited and fascinated as they dig in to uncover these hidden treasures.

7. Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Snacks

Simply add names to the snacks that you serve at the birthday party for kids. For example, onion rings could be named dino rings or fries can be named dino fries. You can also add dinosaur toys beside each snack station to stick to the theme. 

8. Dinosaur Cupcakes

This is very easy yet the kids will find it fascinating. Simply cut out some dinosaur shapes after printing them and use them as toppers on the cupcakes. If you are good at drawing, you can get coloured paper and cut them out to top up the cupcakes. 

9. Roar Balloon Decor

dinosaur-themed birthday party for kids
Add roar balloons in the backdrop of the main celebration area when hosting dinosaur-themed birthday party for kids / Credit – Birthday In A Box

Get foil balloons that spell out ‘roar’ and showcase your dino-mite party decorating skills. Stick them on the backdrop where your child will cut the cake for the most amazing pictures. 

10. Dinosaur-themed Birthday Paper Plates

You can simply paste dinosaur paper cut-outs on the paper plates or even buy them online. Either way, the guests will be happy to eat out on these plates and get a feel of the party.  

Hosting a dinosaur-themed birthday party couldn’t get easier. These ideas are creative and also inexpensive. Go ahead and host a roar-some birthday party for your kids that we’re sure they’ll love.

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