Know The Personality of Your Child Based on Their Birth Month

Know The Personality of Your Child Based on Their Birth Month

23 May 2022 | 5 min Read


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Believe in zodiacs and astrology? Well, you have been believing in the right thing till now. Recent research has proved that a child’s personality might actually depend on their birth month. And so, we bring to you the personality and character traits that a baby might have based on the month they were born in. 

1. January

Children born in this month can seem a bit mature for their age mentally. They find it difficult to go out and play and would rather stay at home and complete their homework. Yet, sometimes you might have to encourage them to set their goals and be successful. They are naturally responsible and do not show their emotions easily. Besides that, they are also ambitious, hardworking, practical and humble.    

2. February

Children born in February have a creative and imaginative nature. They are very original, love to stand out of the crowd, fast learners and do not like routines. They prefer to make their own way in the world rather than follow the herd and thus might become somewhat of a rebel. They feel a lot and have their emotions locked up inside and are also abstract thinkers, love to have fun and live in the moment.

3. March

The children born in March are introvert, secretive, intuitive and also might come off as shy. They are very emotional, create their own fantasy worlds and are often scared of monsters and ghosts. As they love peace, they like taking care of others but in the process don’t take care of their own selves. Besides being all the above traits, they are compassionate, honest, generous and sympathetic.

4. April

These children are risk takers. And when they are young, you need to always watch them as one moment they will be quietly sitting and the next moment they will start climbing a wall. They love trying new and different things and thus get bored easily. They are more like hyperactive kids and there is not a single dull moment with them. Being optimistic, confident and self-motivated is something that is instilled deep inside them. They like to talk a lot, have a great memory and are really clever.

5. May

They like to be organized in life and are more practical, careful and consistent. They are highly responsible and you may actually see them earning at an early age. They tend to be more honest and have a good relationship with both family and friends. They never go back on their word and might often come off as stubborn as they don’t back down from what they believe in. While they get angry easily, they calm down at the same pace too.

6. June

These kids are full of humor and liveliness. They love to entertain people around them with their witty humor and they can never be at a loss for words. These children are good communicators and have a flair for writing. Being good at speaking, they also turn out to be great sales people and can convince you of anything. Overall they are rather extrovert and confident.

7. July

The kids born in July need a lot of nurturing and they have a strong empathetic trait. They are dreamers with powerful imaginations and will go to any lengths necessary to protect their family and the people they care about. Having high empathy, they tend to have a lot of mood swings and might even get sad easily and for long times.

8. August

These children love attention and want you to give your entire time to them only. As much as they love pampering, they dislike criticism and the only way you get respect from them is if you shower them with praises. They are vengeful, playful and loud. Moreover, for them, trust is a very important characteristic.

9. September

These kids are perfectionists and have most of their emotions in extreme. They love taking care of the elderly, the sick and animals as they find their happiness in helping others. They are highly analytical and critical and often end up criticising themselves. They love traveling and want to see the entire world.

10. October

They are very practical and unbiased and thus it is a bit difficult for them to make decisions as they see both good and bad sides of the decision instantly. They are easy going, charming and polite and everyone loves hanging out with them. They appreciate all forms of art, have a diplomatic character and don’t care much about emotions.

11. November

One of the most persuasive kinds of people, once they get interested in something they won’t leave it until they understand every aspect of it. They tend to have emotions in the extremities and tend to get very vengeful if someone offends them. They are beautiful both inside and outside, highly independent, passionate, wild and mysterious.

12. December

Being happy kids, the children born in December are optimistic and ever enthusiastic. They love learning new things and enjoy going to school. They love to travel and know about different cultures. Hence they might make friends from different parts of the country and world. Also, they are very competitive, ambitious, sensitive and temperamental. They want the best and can be choosy at times.

Irrespective of what the months say about your child, we know your child will be the best in whatever s/he does and that is all that matters. Raise them in the best of ways and they will never disappoint you. 



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