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10 Latest Trends In Gifting For Mums-To-Be

10 Latest Trends In Gifting For Mums-To-Be

28 Feb 2022 | 4 min Read

Reema Shah

Author | 648 Articles

Thinking of gifting something that the mum-to-be or the new mum appreciates and actually uses? It might be tricky to pick the best one. One way to look at it is by giving something to the mother. Yes, a new mum mostly has everything that her baby needs, so it would be a good idea to pamper her instead. 

The gift does not have to be expensive, just something that she would cherish. For starters, you can think of her lifestyle, and what she prefers. If she is a working mother, you can give something that would ease her mind when she’s at work. When picking gifts for a new mum, think of the things she likes and it will help you pick the right one.

Here are 10 of the most trending gifts for a new mum

1. Diaper Bag

A trendy and functional diaper bag is always a handy and safe gift for a mum-to-be. Diaper bags are roomy enough for mum to carry all the things she needs for baby, once the baby is born, as well as herself, when she’s travelling or out shopping with baby. Diaper bags come in fashionable styles and there is a wide range one can choose from.

2. Soothing bath oils

Soothing oils can be one of the picks in gifts for new mums / Image credits – Pexels

For a mum-to-be ormum a new mother, pampering and resting is much needed. She will love to indulge in an evening of R&R in the shower. So you can pick up some aromatherapeutic oils like lavender, rosemary, marula, peppermint and chamomile. 

She will feel better and step out with a lifted up mood. Bath oils like marula and argan are also great for the skin.

3. Personalised birthstone chain

This can undoubtedly be one of the best gifts for new mums as chains are usually light and stylish to wear. Depending on the birth month of the mother, there are different stones to choose from. You can even get it customised with her name initials on it.

4. Fragrant candles

Aromatic candles provide a calming effect  for tired new mums / Image credits – Pixabay

Aromatic candles are sure-fire hits as presents. They can add warmth and coziness to any corner and make a good choice for a gift for new mums. The aromas that you can go for include fruity and flowery scents like lavender, cedar and mint. 

5. Concealer:

For those pretty eyes that are tired, a concealer can be the perfect pick. If you are not sure of the shade, you can go for a concealer palette that has different colors to be on the safer side. 

6. A soft pillow:

A soft pillow makes a great gifting choice for mums to be / Image credits – Pexels

This isn’t something that a mother usually gets as gifts but definitely needs them. It is one of the best gifts for new mums as comfort and sleep is all she needs. You can visit a store to pick a fluffy, soft pillow for the new mother. Pick one that is designed to provide the comfort she needs for a good night’s sleep. 

7. A good hair dryer:

While picking pregnancy gifts for first time mums, a good hair dryer can be a great pick. You will help her save time to get a gorgeous salon-like  hair style at home. You can find a dryer that is able to blow dry thick hair quickly, and give it that bounce and texture. The new mother will definitely love it and will thank you for it.

8. A notebook

With mental health being very important for her during this period, you can give her a diary where she can jot down her feelings. It is something that she might not have thought of and will definitely bring a smile on her face. 

9. A lipstick:

A lipstick is one of the best gifts to give to new mums / Image credits – Pexels

While the focus shifts on the baby, lipsticks make one of the best new mum gifts. It reminds the new mother that she is still beautiful and being a mother doesn’t mean she should stop taking care of herself.

10. A cordless facial trimmer:

A new mummy might find it difficult to take time off  to go for a grooming session at the salon. A battery operated facial trimmer that helps to shape the eyebrows and remove any unwanted hair from the face can be a great pick.

If you’re shopping for new mums gifts for your loved one, a best friend, a colleague or a family, these latest trending gift ideas might help you make the right choice.











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