100 Lord Shiva Names For Baby Boy

100 Lord Shiva Names For Baby Boy

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Lord Shiva is one of the supreme Gods of Hinduism and his name by itself means ‘The Auspicious One.’ As per the Hindu mythology, he destroys the impurities taking refuge in the human mind and is therefore called the ‘destroyer of evil.’ Hailed as a great protector of the downtrodden, he is believed to be the lord of strength, wisdom and skill.

Lord Shiva is known by hundreds of names in various parts of India and many children are named after him every year. If you are looking for Lord Shiva names for baby boys with their meanings, here’s a list to choose from.

shiva names for baby boys
Mums start to think of names for their little ones long before their birth. | Image Source: pexels

List Of Lord Shiva Names For Baby Boy With Its Meaning

Are you a devotee of Lord Shiva and want to name your baby boy after him?

Here’s a list of 100 Shiva names for baby boys with their meanings that we have curated for you:

  1. Adikarah – It refers to the first creator.
  1. Aja – It refers to someone who is eternal.
  1. Akshayaguna – One who has limitless attributes.
  1. Alokah – Transcending the world, vision, sight, and aspect.
  1. Amaresah – It means ‘the lord of the gods.’
  1. Amrtyu – One who is blessed with infinite life and immortality.
  1. Anagha – Someone who has no fault in them.
  1. Ananthadrishti – A person who has the gift of the infinite vision of the future.
  1. Aniket – It refers to the ‘lord of the world.’
  1. Augadh – One who revels in life at all possible times.
  1. Avyagrah – A person who has singular vision and is not distracted by the materialistic world.
  1. Ayudhi – The Lord who wields the trident as His sole weapon.
  1. Balavan – One who is strong.
  1. Bhairav – One who can defeat fear and is formidable in nature.
  1. Bhalanetra – One who has the all-seeing eye on his forehead.
  1. Bholenath – The Lord who is kind-hearted and benevolent towards everyone.
  2. Bhudeva – The Lord of the Earth.
  1. Bijadhyaksh – One who is responsible for controlling both virtues and vice.
  1. Brahmakrit – One who has authored the Vedas.
  1. Brahman – Someone who is not limited by time and space.
  1. Chandrapal – One who controls the moon and is her master.
  1. Chiranjeevi – Immortal
  1. Chandraprakash – It refers to the light emitted by the moon.
  1. Dayalu – A name that depicts kindness and compassion.
  1. Devadeva – Lord of all lords and ruler of all beings on the Earth.
  1. Devarshih – Divine sage.
  1. Devesh – God of the divines and someone who is praised by deities or king of God.
  1. Dhanadeepa – Lord of wealth.
  1. Dhruvah – One who is immovable.
  1. Dhyanadeep – An icon of concentration along with meditation.
  1. Digambara – Someone who wears the skies as his clothes.
  1. Duradharsa – One who is impenetrable and incapable of being attacked.
  1. Durjaya – Someone who is difficult to conquer or is unvanquished.
  1. Durvasah – A person who resides in difficult places Lord Shiva.
  1. Gajaha – The Lord who was responsible for slaying the elephants.
  1. Gajendra – One who removed the dangers posed by the Lord of elephants.
  1. Gandalih – The Lord who resides in the mighty hills of the Himalayas.
  1. Gangadhara – Lord of the river Ganga that flows from the Himalayas.
  1. Girijapathi – Lord Shiva himself or a consort of the Lord.
  1. Girish – Lord of speech.
  1. Gopalih – Protector of senses.
  1. Gurudev – One who is a master of all beings.
  1. Hara – One who will remove sins from the planet Earth.
  1. Hutah – One who is pleased with the offerings given to him.
  1. Jagadadhija – One who originated at the beginning of the universe.
  1. Jagadisha – The master of the universe.
  1. Jatin – Someone who has matted hair and is disciplined.
  1. Kailas – The Lord who lives in the legendary mountain of Kailash.
  1. Kailashnath – The master of the mountain of Kailash.
  1. Kaladharaya – One who adorns the crescent moon on himself.
  1. Kamalakshana – The Lord who is lotus-eyed and is kind to all.
  2. Kantha – Someone who is radiant and beautiful.
  1. Khatvangin – One who wields the all-powerful Khatvangin missile.
  1. Lalathaksha – Someone who has the all-seeing Eye on his forehead.
  1. Lingadhyaksha – Lord of all the lingas abiding on the planet.
  1. Lokankara – Someone who is responsible for the creation of three worlds.
  1. Lokapal – One who takes care of the world and its well-being.
  1. Madanah – One who is known as the God of love.
  1. Madhukalochanah – The red-eyed.
  1. Mahabuddhi – An individual who is intelligent.
  1. Mahadeva – The Lord who is above everybody else.
  1. Mahakala – The most powerful god.
  1. Mahamrithunjaya – One who has emerged victorious over death.
  1. Mahashakthimaya – One who is blessed with abundant power and strength.
  1. Maheshwar – The great God.
  1. Mrityuanjaya – The Lord who has been able to overcome and conquer death.
  1. Nagabhushana – One who wears snakes as ornaments.
  1. Nataraja – Another name for the Lord when he gets into a state of angry trance.
  1. Nilakanth – A famous aspect of the Lord was his blue throat, and the name translates to the one with the blue throat.
  1. Nityasundara – One who glows with beauty and radiance.
  1. Niyamasrithah – Someone who seeks answers with the help of ordinances.
  1. Nyagrodhah – The spiritually-bound and ascetic Banyan tree.
  1. Nyamah – Someone who commands authority by issuing ordinances.
  1. Omkar – Om is the primal sound by which the earth was created and it symbolises expansion and unfolding.
  1. Paashivimochakah – One who liberates someone from the different bonds that hold them.
  1. Padah – The goal that is supposed to be sought after and is obtained.
  1. Palanhaar – One who protects everybody and oversees it.
  1. Panchavaktra – The five-faced man who sees, hears, feels and knows it all.
  1. Pandita – A learned man who is fully acquainted with the knowledge of the world.
  1. Param – A supreme being.
  1. Paramathma – The soul that wanders the three worlds.
  1. Paramesthin – Someone who stays at the highest points.
  1. Parivrdha – One who protects all.
  1. Paryah – One who is praised by the liberated people.
  1. Pashupathi – The Lord who leads all living beings.
  1. Patikhecherah – One who rules all the chirping birds on the planet Earth.
  1. Pinaki – The one who is armed with the supreme bow.
  1. Pranava – The one who originated the most sacred symbol of ‘Om’.
  1. Priyabhaktha – One is universally loved by all the devotees.
  1. Ravilochana – It means having sun as the eye.
  1. Rudra – It is the fearsome form of Lord Shiva.
  1. Sadashiva – It means ‘eternal God’.
  1. Swayambhu – One who is self-manifested.
  1. Trilokpati – Someone who is regarded as the master of the three worlds.
  1. Tripurari – It refers to the enemy of Tripur Asuras (three cities of demons).
  1. Trishoolin – The Lord wielding the omnipotent trident in his hands.
  1. Umapathi – A consort of the Lord Uma.
  1. Uttaranah – One who rescues.
  1. Vidhart – Giver or bestower.
  1. Yogesh – Master of yoga.

Parents often search for Lord Shiva names for baby boys starting with ‘S’. Our list has covered all such details. These are some of the baby boy names on Lord Shiva and we hope our list of modern names of Lord Shiva helps you choose the perfect name for your little one.

lord shiva names for baby boys
Lord Shiva destroys the impurities taking refuge in the human mind and therefore is called the ‘destroyer of evil’. | Image Source: pexels

Hinduism is one of the most diverse and historical religions in the world. By giving your son a name of Lord Shiva, you can pay tribute to one of the strongest Gods in the world.

Lord Shiva is part of the triumvirate of Gods, the other two being Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma. Vishnu restores balance and Brahma is known as the creator.

Lord Shiva is known by thousands of other names that are manifested in different forms to celebrate his personality and actions over the course of history.

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