129 Popular Lord Vishnu Inspired Baby Boy Names With Meanings

129 Popular Lord Vishnu Inspired Baby Boy Names With Meanings

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Naming your baby after a divine entity is a common thing in a country like India. Being religious by nature, we often go for names of Hindu Gods and Goddesses to name our little ones. The Hindu God Vishnu is known as the preserver and has four arms which denote his strength and power.

Being an inspiration, many parents decide to name their little ones after him and look for god Vishnu names for baby boys. Here are some of the Lord Vishnu names for baby boys with meanings. The meanings of these Lord Vishnu names will help you make an informed choice. Take a look!

lord vishnu names for baby boy
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List Of Hindu Lord Vishnu Names For Baby Boys With Meaning

Are you a devotee of Lord Vishnu and want to name your baby boy after him? If yes, we are sure you will need a list of Vishnu names for baby boys.

Here’s a list of Lord Vishnu names for baby boy:

  1. Aadhavan – One who is as brilliant as the sun.
  2. Aavartanah – It refers to the unseen dynamism.
  3. Abhima – The destroyer of fear.
  4. Abhoo – The unborn.
  5. Achyutam – One who will never perish.
  6. Adbhuta – Someone who is wonderful or astonishing.
  7. Adeep – It refers to the light of the Lord Vishnu.
  8. Adhrit – Someone who does not require support but supports others.
  9. Adwith – The most powerful person.
  10. Agnija – Someone who is born out of the fire.
  11. Ajan – It refers to the unborn.
  12. Ajeya – Someone who cannot be conquered.
  13. Akshar – Something everlasting.
  14. Amitash – An omnipresent.
  15. Amogh – Someone who performs everything with a purpose.
  16. Amritaya – Someone who will never die.
  17. Amurti – It means all-prevading.
  18. Anagh – Something unblemished and virtuous.
  19. Anand – Blissful.
  20. Anantajit – A person who is always victorious.
  21. Ananth – Something endless.
  22. Anay – One who has no leader.
  23. Anil – The air.
  24. Animish – Someone who knows everything.
  25. Aniruddh – One who is unrestrained.
  26. Anish – One who is punctual.
  27. Anvith – Someone who bridges the gap.
  28. Archisman – One who is radiant.
  29. Ari – It refers to the inner skin.
  30. Arkah – One who is in the guise of the sun.
  31. Arnav – It refers to something that is as vast as an ocean.
  32. Arthah – One who is revered by all.
  33. Arvind – Someone who has lotus-like eyes.
  34. Asan – Another name for Lord Vishnu.
  35. Ashok – One who has no sorrow.
  36. Ashrith – One who is ready to help.
  37. Ashvattas – It refers to the tree of life.
  38. Atulya – An incomparable person.
  39. Avyan – One who is flawless.
  40. Badri – It refers to the rain that falls before winter.
  41. Bali – It refers to a mighty warrior.
  42. Bhanu – As bright as the sun.
  43. Bhavesh – Someone who rules the world.
  44. Bhudhav – The lord of the Earth.
  45. Bhuvanesh – The lord of the Universe.
  46. Bishnu – It refers to the protector.
  47. Chiranjeevi – Someone who will never die.
  48. Daksh – Someone who is smart.
  49. Devarshee – The teacher of the God.
  50. Devesh – The lord of all the Gods.
  51. Dhananjay – Someone who wins wealth.
  52. Dhruv – Someone who never changes amidst everything that is changing.
  53. Durjay – Someone who cannot be conquered or defeated.
  54. Durlabh – Something that’s rare.
  55. Eeshvara – One who can do anything all by himself.
  56. Eha – It means ‘present’.
  57. Gahan – The sky.
  58. Govind – Someone who protects and guards cows.
  59. Hari – The destroyer.
  60. Hemang – Someone who has a golden and shimmery body.
  61. Hrishikesh – The God of the senses.
  62. Inesa – It refers to a strong king.
  63. Inesh – It means the ruler of all.
  64. Iresh – It means the lord of the Earth.
  65. Jayant – It refers to the victorious one.
  66. Jina – It means to live.
  67. Jisnu – It means victorious.
  68. Jyesth – It means the eldest.
  69. Kanil – Someone who cannot be destroyed.
  70. Keshav – Someone who has long hair.
  71. Kumud – The lotus.
  72. Lathik – Someone very powerful.
  73. Madhav – The name of Goddess Mahalakshmi’s husband.
  74. Madhava – Something sweet like honey
  75. Madhu – It means honey.
  76. Madhusudan It refers to the one who killed the demon Madhu.
  77. Mahil – Someone who has the quality of being gentle and considerate.
  78. Manohar – Someone who wins over the mind.
  79. Mokshith – It refers to the one who is liberated.
  80. Mukund – The one who liberates.
  81. Namish – Someone who is well-mannered.
  82. Nand – Someone who is liberated from all worldly pleasures.
  83. Narayan – It refers to the abode of all human beings.
  84. Nikesh – It means the saviour.
  85. Nimish – It means “in no time.”
  86. Ojas – Vigour.
  87. Paarthiv – It means son of the Earth
  88. Pawan – The air.
  89. Prabhootas – It refers to someone who is always full.
  90. Pradyuman – Someone who is extremely wealthy.
  91. Prajaapatih – It refers to the lord of all creatures.
  92. Pranshu – One who is tall.
  93. Prathit – Someone who exists permeating everything.
  94. Pushkara – It refers to someone with lotus-like eyes.
  95. Rakshan – One who protects.
  96. Ram – Supreme spirit
  97. Reyaansh – It means the first rays of the sun.
  98. Rishik – Someone who is full of knowledge.
  99. Rivaansh – It means to have a strong desire to succeed.
  100. Rudra – Someone who makes everyone cry.
  101. Sahashrajit – Someone who defeats everyone.
  102. Sameeran – Someone who efficiently manages and is responsible for the running of all living creatures.
  103. Sarvaadih – It refers to the beginning of all.
  104. Sarvah – It refers to the only one.
  105. Sarveshwar – Someone who controls everyone.
  106. Satkrit – Someone who is loved.
  107. Satyah – It means truth.
  108. Sharvas – Someone who is auspicious.
  109. Shatrughan – The destroyer of enemies.
  110. Shauri – Someone who is brave.
  111. Shivah – Someone who is forever pure.
  112. Shresth – It refers to the best one.
  113. Shrish – It refers to the lord of wealth and prosperity.
  114. Shrivas – Someone who lives with Shree (Goddess Lakshmi).
  115. Shrivatsa – It means the lover of Goddess Lakshmi.
  116. Sourish – It refers to the lord of the Suras or Devas
  117. Sriyaan – Someone who is sensible.
  118. Stavya – Someone who is applauded and complimented by all.
  119. Subhekshan – It refers to a very favourable gaze.
  120. Subhuj – Someone with elegant arms.
  121. Trijosh – Someone who is full of positive energy and new ideas.
  122. Trilokesh – It refers to the king of all the three worlds.
  123. Vatsal – One who is extremely affectionate.
  124. Veer – It refers to the brave one.
  125. Vineet – One who is well-mannered and courteous.
  126. Viraj – Something magnificient and splendid.
  127. Visham – Someone who is equal to no one.
  128. Vishisht – Someone who surpasses all because of his glory.
  129. Vishvakarmaa – It refers to the creator of the universe.
vishnu names for baby boy
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These were some of the names of Vishnu for baby boys. If you want to find more such names, you can refer to the baby names finder

We hope that these Lord Vishnu baby boy names will be of great help to you. Save all your chosen modern names of Lord Vishnu for baby boy in one place so that you can finalise that special name.

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