MomStar Winner Hetvi Thakkar Gets Candid About Her Career, Pregnancy And What It Takes To Be A Winner

MomStar Winner Hetvi Thakkar Gets Candid About Her Career, Pregnancy And What It Takes To Be A Winner

9 Jun 2022 | 10 min Read

Reema Shah

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Being a working mother, content creator and passionate human being in life come with constant juggling and the willingness to get things done. While motherhood is a beautiful journey, it requires the support of family and close ones to do things smoothly.

In a recent interview with BabyChakra, Momstar Winner Hetvi Thakkar shares all about her journey to winning the title, motherhood, her career, her passion for content creation and how she has come this far in life.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I was born and brought up in Mumbai. As a child, I was a very naughty one. My parents would always run behind me to get things done, towards my teen years I started taking interest in arts and dance. I always wanted to pursue my career in either of them. 

I have completed my Kathak practice of seven years and done multiple art concept events. Eventually, I bent toward architecture so I completed my degree in architecture and got a special certification from CEPT University one of the best for architecture in India. I also did my master’s in set designing which led to multiple jobs in movies, theatre, Ad films and more. 

I still continue to pursue my passion but with my added little bonus my daughter Viyaana. 

The day I got to know I was going to be a mother my joy knew no bounds. Being a young mother I had the benefit of being a child with my daughter. Every day I learn something new from both my mother and my daughter specially. 

I have always wanted a family but it was surely a struggle to manage work and my child. Of course, I took a break to give my daughter the time she needed and now she is giving me the time to get back to work and excel at it. 

2. Are you a working mum? If yes, please tell us about your profession.

I am an architect turned mother. Architecture is a tedious job for sure! I studied architecture and majored in set design and I have done several sets for movies Ads and Theatre. But hands down, the theatre has been my favourite. 

I have worked with some really big names, be it Makarand Deshpande, Nassirrudeen Shah, Nadira Babbar and so on. I love challenges and theatre is a space which challenges you in every single step. Plus, it also teaches you patience and gives you an understanding of space. 

I still do continue my architectural practice but the sets are where my heart lies. 

3. How do you manage motherhood and content creation/job?

It’s not as simple as it looks! I want to give time to my child as much as I can but work is important too. We have managed to make a good plan for ourselves. We start our day with a heavy breakfast and I drop my child at school. While she’s at school I complete all my work and by the time she’s done with school,  I go to pick her up and bring her back home for some hot lunch. Then once she’s asleep I head back to work again.

Evenings are usually garden or playdates at friends’ houses and once we go back home, it’s dinner time and playing with papa, dada, dadi and aunt Vidhi. Some days we also go for nice long drives which we absolutely love.

momstar winner Hetvi Thakkar
Hetvi says that while she wants to give time to her child as much as she can but her work is important too.

4. How was your pregnancy journey? Did you face any challenges?

Honestly, by the grace of God, my entire pregnancy journey was very easy. Not even a single day of being sick or any pukish feeling. I used to have all the varieties of food I wanted to like I used to have before getting pregnant.

But during the time when the entire nation was in the most strict lockdown state, we were towards the end of my pregnancy. We had to be super careful with everything. I was missing the fresh air and walks that I would go on every evening. But somehow we managed to continue doing so.

I had a full-term pregnancy, and I was huge towards the end. I delivered my baby at the 42nd week and she weighed 3.82kgs. From the beginning, I was very sure of having a normal delivery but my doctor and husband were sure that it was not even possible because till my last week I wasn’t dilated even 2cms. 

But after looking at my child, I had forgotten all the pain and only had happy tears. 

5. Husbands play a crucial role in bringing up a child, what are your views on equal parenting? How has your hubby helped you co-parent?

Hetvi says she’s blessed to have a husband who shares equal responsibility in bringing up their daughter

My husband always says it’s “OUR” child. That means we share equal responsibility. 

From waking up at night to my regular feed schedule to playing with her, and giving me some time alone, to bathing her, my husband has done it all.

My daughter is the apple of his eye and he needs her around as much as possible. He keeps telling me that I have never seen your childhood but I could only imagine how beautiful you must be after seeing my daughter.

After having our daughter, I have seen such a huge change in my husband. He used to forget things but now has started remembering the smallest details, be it bringing a new toy every day or bringing chocolates that she’s asked for in the morning. 

Usually, evenings are their daddy-daughter time which they both spend only with each other. 

6. How has your relationship changed with your husband after becoming a parent?

There’s not much of a change trust me when I say this but our child has brought us even closer. We do have differences on how to bring her up but towards the end, we communicate with each other and decide what’s the best for her. 

Even before becoming parents, we had decided that we would maintain the same relationship even after having a child. We have our alone times where we go for dinner dates and have every alternate Sunday when we do whatever we like. We go on vacations alone – at least one mini staycation every month. 

7. What was your motivation behind participating in MomStar? Why did you feel you were the right choice to win? 

My family and my child were truly the driving force for participating. My husband had this unlying confidence that I am winning this and that I also deserve it completely. In fact, whenever we spoke about it he had only one thing to say, “You are my MomStar.”

This gave me a lot of power and positive energy. Both my parents also have supported me a lot in this journey. Also, my mother would tell every single person that she would meet about how I participated in this contest. That feeling of them being so proud of me makes me feel very good. 

I feel I was the right choice because when you go to see, no mother is perfect but every mother is perfect in her way! I also feel the decisions I have taken for my child and for my family along with my career have gotten me so far.  I aim to get more success ahead with everyone’s good wishes and blessings. 

Yes, I have come across people who say we don’t think you are that great a mother!! But my only reply to them is,” Look at where I have reached and what I am achieving in my life. And I am very proud of it.”

8. How does it feel to be a MomStar? Tell us about your efforts and challenges. 

Being a MomStar brings me a lot of joy. Honestly, I have heard so many people saying we don’t think you will crack this but we know the results now. Every single person that explained why I wanted to win it so bad understood my reasons and voted for me.

Of course, we have a family who just wants you to excel in everything and you have their support no matter what. Luckily I have some amazing friends and their families, who really helped me achieve my goal as well. Last but not the least, I would like to thank every single person who voted for me and made me the Momstar.

9. How did your family react when they found out that you had won?

Everyone was very excited. We had a wonderful celebration with loads of food, desserts and a huge party!! Till the last moment, you wouldn’t know who would win because it was indeed a tough competition. Every single mother is so deserving but making me the winner makes it very special for my family and me.

10. Last year’s MomStar winner Banashree Gala got a lot of fame and continues to create engaging content. How do you think winning this title will change your life?

Of course, we know about Banashree Gala and she creates amazing content. I really look up to her and I don’t know if I can be as good as she is at creating content, but I will try my level best. The journey has just started and I believe I have a long way to go. I am still discovering many aspects of content. I am sure all the mothers will love the content I create for them and what better platform than BabyChakra. 

11. What are your professional plans now that you won MomStar?

MomStar has opened a new door for me in the social media world and I am sure I will excel and work hard in this field too as I do in my professional life. I will continue to work, travel and slay on social media. 

For me creating content is just not for the sake of it, I truly love doing that and I adore the love and support people give me on my Posts and stories. It’s the confidence that matters at the end of the day. 

Momstar winnerHetvi Thakkar
Hetvi wants to teach her daughter that failing in life is not wrong but one should not fail without trying

12. How do you think your win will positively affect your child’s outlook on life? 

One thing I have believed is You can’t win everything in life you need failure to learn more. But winning this MomStar title surely shows my child the efforts I have taken to achieve what I really wanted. 

I teach my daughter every day that failing in life is not wrong but don’t fail without trying, and if you try your best you definitely aren’t far off from your goal. This is the beauty of life: you are given unexpected success even when you aren’t expecting it. 

I really want to thank everyone who voted for me and especially Baby Chakra to give me such a huge platform. 

We congratulate MomStar Hetvi Thakkar for winning MomStar and love her energy and passion. We also truly admire the way she’s handling motherhood, family and career. 



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