MomStar Winner Sneha Ranebennur Talks About Equal Parenting

MomStar Winner Sneha Ranebennur Talks About Equal Parenting

14 Jun 2022 | 8 min Read

Reema Shah

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When mums decide to do something, they’re unstoppable. But MomStar winner Sneha Ranebennur believes that it is teamwork that makes the dream work.

In a recent interview with BabyChakra, Sneha Ranebennur talks about equal parenting and the support she receives from her partner which helps her comfortably juggle between content creation, motherhood and her job. She is grateful for all the support that made her win the MomStar title.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I started my career as a Software Engineer and moved to the US in 2014. I used to be a workaholic but it started taking a toll on me. There was a point where I had to come out of my shell. That’s when I began to find a creative outlet and started writing articles for an Indian Newspaper in Arizona, USA. This opened up a lot of opportunities where I participated in large scale community events and got to meet celebrities who I interviewed for the newspaper.

After my daughter was born, we had to move back to India in 2020 and that’s when I planned to start my Instagram account (mischief_mamma) to become a mum blogger and share my motherhood experiences and fun things which happen in my daily life. 

I hope to inspire all mums like me doing multiple jobs as a homemaker and moneymaker to do things to make themselves happy. Keeping myself happy, brimming with creative ideas and pushing myself to be better and to stand out is where I focus all my energy.

2. Please tell us about your profession / full-time content creation journey.

Yes, I am a full-time working mum. I am a Software Developer by profession and content creation is my sidekick. I have about 11 years of professional experience and the journey has been satisfactory. 

It’s my bread and butter. I do enjoy my work. I have been a columnist as mentioned earlier and an Instagram blogger for the last two years. The kind of connections and friendships I have gained through social media is tremendous. Content creation is not only fun but also brings out the creative side in me. 

Sneha manages her job and motherhood with the help of her supportive partner and believes in equal parenting

3. How do you manage motherhood and content creation/job?

Motherhood is fun and I truly enjoy every bit of it. I am taking it slowly and one day at a time, in fact with two toddlers it’s one hour at a time. I try to dedicate as much time as possible to my little ones. 

Teamwork matters so my family members work towards managing the household and kids. I have a full-time nanny to take care of my children because practically I can’t be available all the time. It’s important to prioritize time to achieve the goals set for the day be it with my job or content creation.

4. How was your pregnancy journey? Did you face any challenges?

After our fair share of struggles to conceive for three years, we succeeded and the journey was beautiful. I have had back-to-back pregnancies with my daughter and son being just a year apart. 

We didn’t want to wait for longer to have our second child so we went for it. My first pregnancy was smooth and I have enjoyed every little bit of attention. However, with my second pregnancy, it was hard as I had to take care of my first born who was an infant and myself. 

Sneha is a mum to two children – one son and a daughter who are both one year apart

5. Husbands play a crucial role in bringing up a child, what are your views on equal parenting? How does your hubby help you co-parent?

In my view, parenting should be equal. Raising a child and the responsibilities should be shared by both parents. Parenthood comes with a lot of duties like managing the house, and family and earning a livelihood. Gone are those days when men were the breadwinners and women were breadmakers.

As partners, every responsibility is shared equally especially inside the house but also outside the house. My husband is an example of a wonderful co-parent and has been by my side in every walk of my life. When it comes to being a dad he has gone above and beyond as a partner. Having my husband by my side is truly a blessing. 

6. How has your relationship changed with your husband after becoming a parent?

My relationship with my husband has changed multifold after becoming a parent. Becoming parents can be challenging for relationships. The major reason is time. It’s a lot harder to go out together and enjoy the things you used to do. 

The key is to make time for each other when you can communicate your feelings. We have been through the rollercoaster of parenthood and my husband has been a rock so with him by my side, everything seems to be manageable. 

Sneha’s husband believed in her and was confident that she would win Momstar

7. What was your motivation behind participating in MomStar? Why did you feel you were the right choice to win? 

The motivation behind participating in MomStar is me, myself. The reason is in the last two years of being a mum and a mum blogger, I have seen my growth and positive changes as a person. MomStar for me was one such platform where I could gain more confidence in being who I am.

Coming to the question of why I am the right choice to win, I am here to motivate and inspire more mothers to follow my journey and make them believe in themselves. The kind of votes that poured in for me from my family, friends and my followers is also the reason to be a winner.

8. How does it feel to be a MomStar? Tell us about your efforts and challenges. 

It feels incredible. In reality, I’m a simple mom, like stars in the sky. I’m like one of a gazillion moms, but to be recognized and appreciated to be given the title of ‘MomStar’ is truly special.

I must thank one person for all the efforts he put in to get the maximum votes my hero, my dad. He wanted me to win this title and I am really happy that BabyChakra identified me as a MomStar.

 I am grateful for the efforts we put in as a family with our teamwork and I thank each one of them and my followers for voting for me. The challenge I would say was the competition was lit and we had to fight to make our way to the top. 

9. How did your family react when they found out you won?

They felt elated. They are my pillars of strength and without them, this couldn’t be possible. My father was ecstatic and my mom was proud of me. My husband was confident that I would win.  For my kids, I am their world, and a MomStar already.

10. Last year’s MomStar winner Banashree Gala got a lot of fame and continues to create engaging content. How do you think winning this title will change your life?

Change is constant and I welcome all changes. Winning this title on ‘MomStar’ by BabyChakra will always be a crown that I will wear proudly. Having said that I look forward to the ample number of opportunities that will knock at my doorstep. I must thank and appreciate BabyChakra for organizing this contest which is a perfect platform for moms to grow and achieve their dreams.

11. What are your professional plans now that you won MomStar?

I will continue to create some engaging motherhood content. I know that MomStar is a big badge to earn. It will widen my reach to gain more audience and help me grow my reach and connections professionally with this prestigious title.

12. How do you think your win will positively affect your child’s outlook on life? 

As a kid, I used to read stories mostly which went like “Once upon a time….”

With this win, maybe when my children grow up, they will say that once upon a time my mom was featured in BabyChakra and she was a MomStar. 

Remembering that will push them to do more with limitations. Children look up to their parents and when they see parents making it big, it boosts a lot of positive confidence in them. It might earn me brownie points from my kids when they realize their mom was doing something special for them by participating and also winning the title of ‘MomStar’.



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