Nandita Das Opens Up About Single Parenting And Shares Valuable Tips

Nandita Das Opens Up About Single Parenting And Shares Valuable Tips

6 Mar 2023 | 7 min Read

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Actor-director Nandita Das is currently gearing up for her directorial film, Zwigato. The film stars Shahana Goswami and Kapil Sharma in leading roles and has already garnered much attention due to its unique concept. Nandita, who has long wowed her audience with impeccable acting and charming expressions, opened up about single parenting in one of the promotional events of her upcoming film.

She talked about how single parenting is perceived by society and why it’s high-time people’s thinking should change. She also shared some valuable tips for single parents and talked about her bond with her son Vihaan. Read on, as we bring you excerpts from her interview and also useful hacks to reduce the stress of single parents.

On Single Parenting

After separating from her husband, Subodh Maskara in 2017, Nandita decided to raise her son Vihaan alone. While talking about single parenting, the actor revealed, “It is difficult, but there are lovely joys to it too. I share a lovely bond with my son, and we chat about a lot of things, and travel together.”

On Society’s Perception Of Single Parenting

Nandita says that while single parenting is tough, it’s society that makes the journey more difficult. She revealed, “So there are a lot of questions that arise on single parenting. People often ask, acha you are separated? What happened? He seems like a nice guy. I was like yes it is possible for two good people to not be compatible.”

She also talked about the lack of independence of women and stated, “We have given so much importance to the institution of marriage, while there are some amazing relationships, there are also hundreds of fascial relationships which we all know about.”

Nandita added, “These relationships mostly occur due to convenience, or just because the woman is not financially independent, so can’t get out, or for various reasons, or for children.” She ended by saying, “I think there is so much pressure from society and that should change.”

On The Guilts Of Single Parenting

During the interview, Nandita revealed that she also experienced the working mum guilt. While recollecting an incident, Nandita said, “I remember I was walking to my son’s school, and this mum came up to me and said I am feeling so good I have resigned as the CEO of my company. I was like oh, what happened? She said they will get another CEO, but my kid won’t get another mother.”

“That suddenly put guilt in my heart. I was like, but I am working. My son was still six or seven then, and I was like I am going to start my shoot, and I kind of started feeling bad. She added.” Nandita ended by saying, “But over the years, I have realised that it is fantastic for kids to see their mums work. This way children will learn that even their mums have dreams and desires, and they are good at so many other things.”

On A Valuable Tip For Single Parents

Nandita had a beautiful tip to share with her fellow single parents and said, “Yes single parenting is difficult, especially because you are the only go-to person for yourself, and you have the added pressure of being a working parent, but there are also many joys of it too. I share a strong and affectionate bond with my son, and we love to do things together. So stay strong, things will fall into place.”

In the next section, we have listed some tips that all single parents will find helpful. Try to inculcate these strategies into your routine, as they will help reduce your stress and also enable you to co-parent more effectively.

5 Helpful Tips On Single Parenting

Create a Consistent Routine

A consistent routine for children is crucial because knowing what to expect gives them a semblance of control. This strategy is even more crucial for single parents.

If your child has multiple caretakers and moves between different homes, life can be extremely chaotic for them without a routine. Establish a schedule for your child, including their bedtime, before and after school activities, meal times, and also a weekend routine.

Following a consistent routine will prevent the chances of a meltdown or a tantrum, and will ensure that your day runs much more smoothly.

Answer all Questions Honestly

Your kid may have a lot of questions about the current home situation, so when they ask, do not sugarcoat things, and give them an honest answer.

Depending on their age, take this situation as an opportunity to explain the current circumstances and make sure you are truthful. This will avoid false expectations in your child and also help keep they will benefit from this more than a made-up story.

Give Praise and Be Affectionate to Your Children

Your child needs your praise and affection on a daily basis. Engage with them as often as possible by taking them out, playing with them, and encouraging transparent dialogue.

Affirm them in areas they are excelling and praise their efforts more rather than their achievements. This will inspire them to continue working hard and not give up. Also, instead of sending them expensive gifts, spend time with them and put your effort into making lasting memories with them.

Don’t Neglect Self-Care

You should be caring for your own needs adequately too. Only when you are feeling healthy and well-rested, you can be in the best condition for your kids. So instead of always putting others’ needs first, make time for yourself, and do things that give you joy.

Eat your meals on time, get plenty of rest, and exercise whenever possible. Your kids depend on you, and you need to ensure that you are well-equipped to take on that responsibility.

Accept Help 

Don’t try to be a superhero and do everything by yourself. This will just lead to an endless cycle of exhaustion and feelings of inadequacy. Instead, seek assistance from your loved ones and take a break once in a while.

Asking for help doesn’t make you incompetent, so there’s no need to feel guilty about seeking assistance from people who are eager to help you out.


We completely agree with Nandita as she says: single parenting is tough, but there sure are many joys of this journey that make it all the more special. So instead of taking all the stress on yourself, seek help whenever needed, and encourage open communication with your child to understand their feelings and difficulties.

In addition, follow the tips that we discussed above as they will help make your journey more smoother and avoid exhaustion or burnout. 

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