7 Pieces Of Parenting Advice That New Mums Should Not Follow

7 Pieces Of Parenting Advice That New Mums Should Not Follow

6 Jul 2022 | 3 min Read

Manisha Pradhan

Author | 1053 Articles

The moment you announce the news of your pregnancy, you will start receiving unsolicited pieces of parenting advice or wisdom from experienced mums, grandmoms, chachas and chachis, mamas, maamis and maasis etc.

While they have your best interest in mind, sometimes some of the so-called advice and wisdom are pretty outdated, and most of it is a myth that has been passed down from generations.

Here’s A List Of Seven Pieces Of Parenting Advice You Must NOT Follow!

These pieces of advice are nothing but myths.

  1. Myth: Sunscreen is not good for babies.

Truth: While it is advisable to keep babies under 6 months of age away from direct sunlight, it is necessary to use a baby-safe and natural sunscreen on your baby whenever you take your baby outdoors.

So do not listen to anyone who tells you that sunscreen is not good for babies, as the risk of skin cancer in babies is more than the risk of reaction to sunscreen. Choosing a baby-friendly sunscreen takes care of the reaction.

  1. Myth: Picking up a baby every time they cry can spoil them.

Truth: This is like the outdated saying, ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child.’ No, picking a baby up when he/she cries does not spoil the baby. 

Babies, especially those under four months of age have not yet learnt to self-soothe. They need to be soothed and picking them up when they cry makes them feel secure.

  1. Myth: Nursing your baby often helps them sleep better.

Truth: Most new mums must have been told to nurse their newborns often so that the baby sleeps better or longer. But the truth is babies need to be nursed only on demand. It is advisable to feed your baby whenever he/she is hungry. Mums can use their instinct to know when to feed their babies.

Parenting advice that are actually myths
Babies need to be nursed only on demand
  1. Myth: Carrying your newborn for a long time can spoil them.

Truth: Go ahead and hold, and cuddle your baby for as long as you want because carrying them or cuddling them for long does not spoil them. It helps new mums bond with their newborn babies better. 

  1. Myth: Playing classical music for your baby helps to develop a better IQ

Truth: While music is good for your baby’s development, there is no evidence that playing classical music for your baby helps them develop a better IQ.

pieces of parenting advice
  1. Myth: Your baby will sleep the night if you add rice cereal powder to your baby’s milk.

Truth: Introducing solids to babies before they are 4 to 6 months old is not a good idea. Adding rice cereal powder to your baby’s milk is not advisable and can worsen their sleep. Introducing solids early also leads to obesity later.

  1. Myth: You need to bathe your newborn every day.

Truth: Babies need to be bathed once every two to three days. Bathing your baby frequently can dry their delicate skin and can also worsen newborn skin conditions like eczema.

Motherhood, especially the earlier days, can be challenging since as a new mum you are still getting acquainted with your baby. You want to do everything right, and you have pieces of advice coming from different ‘parenting gurus’ that could sometimes overwhelm you. No matter what advice or wisdom you are given, your instinct is what you need to trust! 



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