Perfect 5-Step Bedtime Routine For Your 6-Month-Old

Perfect 5-Step Bedtime Routine For Your 6-Month-Old

9 Aug 2022 | 4 min Read

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Your baby is six-months-old and loves to babble, smile and laugh. Your 6-month-old is also becoming a curious little human and learning to notice things around. He/she is moving to solids and slowly the sleep pattern is also changing. Many new parents struggle with their baby’s sleep timings and patterns around this time. That’s where setting a bedtime routine for a 6-month-old can be very useful.  If you’re wondering how much sleep a 6-month-old needs, here’s a 5-step bedtime routine for your 6-month-old.

How Much Should A 6-Month-Old Sleep?

A 6-month-old baby sleep for at least 14 hours a day. Parents should ensure their little ones sleep for about twelve hours at night, and about three hours during the day.

However, most babies need at least three hours of awake time in between sleep periods. Parents need to be careful when it comes to the baby’s third nap and see that the baby doesn’t get overtired by the time they make it to bedtime. 

5 Steps To Create A Bedtime Routine For A 6-Month-Old

Step 1 – Bottle / Breast

Whether you’re breastfeeding your baby or bottle feeding, ensure that your 6-month-old baby drinks at least one litre of milk in a day. It’s best to give your baby multiple feeding sessions throughout the day which allows the mum’s body to rest in between the feedings. 

Remember to take your physical-well being into consideration too along with your baby’s feeding schedule. For the final feed at night, you can turn out the lights, play soft music or sing a lullaby and nurse your baby until she passes out while on the breast. 

Step 2 – Bath

A bath before a baby’s bedtime provides a calming effect and relaxes the body to sleep. You can even massage your baby using organic coconut oil before bath time for relaxation. Make sure you use a baby-friendly moisturising wash with natural ingredients that strengthen your baby’s skin barrier while nourishing the skin deeply.

This helps the baby’s sensitive skin to stay supple, nourished and soft. Plus, the sweet natural lingering smell of this baby-safe wash is perfect for bedtime cuddles with your munchkin!

Step 3 – Brush Teeth

Brushing the teeth is another important step to be added to the bedtime routine for a 6-month-old. Usually, a baby’s tooth can appear anytime between four to twelve months. Parents can start brushing their baby’s teeth as soon as they start to sprout. Use a finger brush or soft wet cloth to wipe their gums and remove bacteria. 

Even if you don’t manage to brush much at first, you need not worry. The important thing to keep in mind is to get your baby’s teeth brushed as part of their daily routine.

bedtime routine for a 6-month-old
Reading and swaddling can be effective for getting a 6-month-old to sleep on time and calmly / Credit – Pexels

Step 4- Read

Babies can’t read but can understand visuals and feel soft objects which helps in their sensory and brain development. Parents can pick a soft cloth book that has a mix of mirrors, high-contrast images and crinkly pages which can stimulate the senses. Watch your baby get delighted at the sight of the friendly animal images and look at himself/herself in the mirror.

When your baby is exposed to vocabulary regularly, their language skills and intelligence can benefit highly. Plus, it also soothes them and you for bedtime.

Step 5- Bed

After reading for your baby, give your baby some quiet time which can be about twenty minutes before bedtime. Without setting up a good bedtime routine, parents can find it hard for babies and young children to settle into sleep.
Many babies tend to fall asleep while feeding, while some also fall asleep while swaddling. See what ways work for your baby and try them. Setting a bedtime routine for a 6-month-old will take some time. However, these five easy steps will calm your baby and help you build a better bond.

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