Top 180 Nicknames For Baby Boy

Top 180 Nicknames For Baby Boy

13 Jun 2022 | 5 min Read

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By giving a nickname, parents extend warmth and love towards their little ones. Plus, nicknames play quite a crucial role. Now that your prince has already arrived, have you prepared the list of pet names for boys? 

If yes, fab! If not, there’s nothing to worry about as we’ve got a well-curated list of nicknames for boys so that you can pick any name that sounds best to you. Take a look!

Just as all productive tasks start with making a list, the same goes in the case of finding a nickname for your little one. | Image Source: pexels

List Of Nicknames Or Pet Names For Boys

Whether you are on the quest for a cute nickname for your son or looking for results for a short nickname, we have covered all of them. Here’s a list of nicknames for baby boy:

  1. Bungie
  1. Blanket
  1. Babushka
  1. Bacterium
  1. Boop
  1. Bitsy
  1. Bug
  1. Bump
  1. Cowboy
  1. Chickie
  1. Cheeks
  1. China Doll
  1. Cowboy
  1. Chubs
  1. Cookie
  1. Cupie-doll
  1. Cubster
  1. Cutie-pie
  1. Crazy
  1. Cutie-patootie
  1. Cutie-patootie
  1. Cutiekins
  1. Daffy
  1. Dentonic
  1. Druncola
  1. Dearie
  1. Diddles
  1. Diddle-doo
  1. Doodles
  1. Doodlekins
  1. Dot
  1. Dumpling
  1. Dynamo
  1. Doozer
  1. Goofy
  1. Gypsy
  1. Giggles
  1. Hobbit
  1. Half-pint
  1. Huggy-buggy
  1. Itsy-bitsy
  1. Jocko
  1. Jazzy
  1. Johnny
  1. Juggernaut
  1. Kooky
  1. Kiddo
  1. Kiki
  1. Laddie
  1. Lagniappe
  1. Lass
  1. Lassie
  1. Lil’ Bit
  1. Love
  1. Muddles
  1. Munchkin
  1. Munchy
  1. Nanners
  1. Ninja
  1. Popper
  1. Poppet
  1. Racer
  1. Rollie-pollie
  1. Roo
  1. Rookie
  1. Scooby
  1. Scooby-Doo
  1. Scout
  1. Scrappy
  1. Scrappy-doo
  1. Shortcake
  1. Shortie
  1. Short-stuff
  1. Silly-willy
  1. Slugger
  1. Smiley
  1. Smoochie
  1. Sprinkle
  1. Squirt
  1. Squishy
  1. Star-bright
  1. Sweetcakes
  1. Sweetiekins
  1. Sweets
  1. Sugar
  1. Sweet-tater
  1. Sugar pie
  1. Sweet-treat
  1. Sweetums
  1. Tabby
  1. Tater
  1. Taterkins
  1. Teddykins
  1. Tilly
  1. Tink
  1. Tinker-doodle
  1. Tiny
  1. Toodles
  1. Tootsie
  1. Tootsie-pop
  1. Turbo
  1. Turbo-man
  1. Twinkie
  1. Tyke
  1. Waddles
  1. Whiz-kid
  1. Widdle-waddle
  1. Wiggle-bum
  1. Ashu
  1. Babai
  1. Babbu
  1. Babu
  1. Billu
  1. Bittoo
  1. Chotu
  1. Golu
  1. Goplu
  1. Gopu
  1. Gudda
  1. Guddu
  1. Kaddu
  1. Kesu
  1. Munna
  1. Pappu
  2. Raja
  1. Shibbu
  1. Shomu
  1. Vava
  1. Vishu
  1. Vishnu
  1. Warrior
  1. Tiger
  1. Soldier
  1. Prince
  1. Yankee
  1. Alex
  1. Alpha
  1. Amazing
  1. Andy
  1. Atom
  1. Azucar
  1. Bambi
  1. Beagle
  1. Bear
  1. Biggie
  1. Blueberry
  1. Brainiac
  1. Bro
  1. Captain
  1. Champ
  1. Chief
  1. Dick
  1. Drew
  1. Flash
  1. Hulk
  1. Lion
  1. Rick
  1. Sherlock
  1. Ted
  1. Theo
  1. Tommy
  1. Vegas
  1. Isaac
  1. Phil
  1. William
  1. Woody
  1. Zu
  1. James
  1. Duke
  1. Gaston
  1. Quicksand
  1. Tornado
  1. Deadshot
  1. Turbine
  1. Fireball
  1. Glacier
  1. Monsoon
  1. Barrage
  1. Apex
  1. Onyx

We hope that this list of cute nicknames for boys lets you find the right one for your son.

Since the nickname of your child holds greater importance than it did before, choose it wisely. | Image Source: pexels

Picking The Perfect Nickname for Your Baby Boy – Things to Remember

Here are certain things that should be kept in mind for picking the perfect baby nicknames for boys:

  1. Throw some names around: The best way to know how you feel about a particular nickname is to just casually bring it up with your partner.

Just see how he reacts to the suggested names and welcome suggestions from his end too. Casually discussing names is indeed a great start before you eventually pick that one superb nickname.

  1. Make a list: All productive tasks start with making a list and that is true even in the case of finding a nickname for your little one. So, make a nickname list for boys you like.

This will give you numerous names to choose from as the time nears.

  1. Shorten it too: You can pick a name that is likely to sound just as pleasing when shortened and nicknames are usually short too.

You can also choose a cute nickname for a baby boy that is short and can’t be further shortened.

  1. Consider the siblings: Although a personal choice, many parents with an older child tend to choose names for their upcoming baby that rhyme with their toddler.

For instance, names like Rian, Jian and Cian all rhyme well.

We say instead of creating a rhyming family, you can use the same initial alphabets and let the names be distinct. Believe us your children will be grateful that you took the effort once they grow older.

  1. Pick a good book: There are plenty of books with names listed and their meanings. You can also look online for the unlimited options to find the perfect nickname for your little one.

Nicknames have a deep impact on your child. It can affect a child’s self-esteem. Sometimes parents like the nickname more than the formal name. They want more control over what their child is actually called, and sometimes they simply see the short form as more cute, modern, and stylish way of addressing their child.

Finding a name for your baby together with your partner is a different experience altogether. Enjoy the process with each other and take the time to discuss why you love the names.

The nickname of a boy holds greater importance than it did before. It can also be indicative of who he will grow up to be.

If you want to have a look at more such names, you can also refer to the baby names finder

For more tips on pregnancy and parenting, you can now download the BabyChakra App, the best App for parents. We wish you the best as you embark on your parenthood journey!

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