Phonics For Toddlers: Mum Sneha Kedia Shares Some Useful Tips

Phonics For Toddlers: Mum Sneha Kedia Shares Some Useful Tips

20 Sep 2022 | 6 min Read

Reema Shah

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New parents are constantly looking for ways to improve mathematics skills, language skills, fine motor skills and all possible ways that contribute to the child’s development. In a recent interview with BabyChakra, mum Sneha Kedia who is also certified in phonics for toddlers and a content creator shares some useful tips on teaching phonics to toddlers and talks about the importance of phonics for toddlers.

Getting To Know Mum Sneha Kedia 

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I belong to a very small town called Katrasgarh in Jharkhand. I studied in boarding schools since I was eight years old. I completed my engineering in 2009 and have been working in the IT industry since then. I was blessed with my son Reyansh in May 2018. I loved to play sports such as basketball, table tennis and track races. I also enjoy dancing, sketching, reading and content creation is new to the list.

I also have a certification in Phonics. I create content in areas like developing a child’s thinking, physical growth, reading and emotional quotient. 

2. What motivated you to do what you’re doing and how did it start?

In December 2021, I began my journey as a content creator. My friends would often question me on how I come up with ideas to teach a concept to my son. That’s when I realized that most mothers are going through the same struggles.

Therefore, I considered sharing my experiences and lessons with everyone who might find them valuable and thus my Instagram profile was created. 

3. How is corporate life different from content creation? Is the hustle any different?

They are similar in more ways than one would think. Learnings are faster in content creation because feedback is instant. The same learnings can be applied to corporate life as well. Corporate training and learning undoubtedly aided my ability to collaborate with people, analyze information using statistics, and plan.

In the process of content creation, both success and failure are yours to appreciate, analyse and learn. I feel accomplished and satisfied when people enjoy my content or when they relate it to an uncommon emotion.

phonics for toddlers and Sneha Kedia
Mum Sneha Kedia has an adorable son with whom she creates a lot of content

4.   Would you recommend being an online content creator as a career option, especially for young mums? What’s your advice to those who might be considering it?

Absolutely! Creating content is extremely satisfying because it is like pouring your heart into words. Creating a visual map of your thoughts for others to see and relate to. In exchange, I receive the gift of touching hearts and being a part of many people’s lives. The thank you messages from mothers, and pictures of their children playing the games are very heartwarming. 

5. How was your pregnancy journey? Did you face any challenges?

Fortunately, my pregnancy was stress-free and active. I did have problems after my child was born due to a lack of milk supply and my son not latching. My wounds were not healing, and so forth.

6. Husbands play a crucial role in bringing up a child, what are your views on equal parenting? How has your hubby helped you co-parent?

Yes, I agree that it’s important for both parents to be involved in their child’s life. My husband, Aman, is involved in all decisions concerning our son, whether it’s related to school or the bicycle he’ll buy.

phonics for toddlers and Sneha Kedia
Certified Phonics teacher and engineer mum Sneha Kedia believes that equal parenting is crucial to raise a child

Importance Of Phonics

7. How can phonics help children in academics and other areas of life?

I read it somewhere that “The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Phonics helps a child to read, so their love for reading and love for books start at an early age. By using phonics, even a three-year-old child can read which to me sounds like magic. Phonics makes children understand the language and they can read tougher words than adults by following the rules. It also helps them to increase their vocabulary.

8. What is bilateral coordination and how has it helped your child to learn better?

Bilateral coordination is using both sides of the body together in an activity. You need it for two-handed skills or activities we do in everyday life. My son is able to use both his hands in symmetry and asymmetry which is really impressive. I cannot talk about any visual benefits from it at this early stage. However, it helps in below things-

· It improves fine motor coordination skills like hand stability and two-handed control for activities like writing and cutting for school

·It increases memory, attention, and academic skills

·It promotes visual perceptual skills including visual motor, visual sensation, and visual attention

·Helps coordinate gross motor movements 

9. Can you suggest some play ideas for kids to retain sight words?

·  Stamping on clay the words like no, she, he

· Making a train of sight words by using cards

· Using blocks or cars or any other toy to learn by writing the words on it

10. How can learning mathematics be made fun for children?

· Counting blocks or toys

· Using numbers and counting while on the go

· Count candies and eat

· Let them handle coin currencies

· Counting the stairs while going up and coming down

11. What can parents do to improve language skills in their children?

· Talking to the child helps a lot

· Using a wide range of vocabulary

· Converting their words into real words

· Answering their blah blahs

12. How can writing be made fun of for children?

There are many ways to make writing fun. However, it will take time so persistence and patience are important.

Some ways to make it fun are-

· Developing fine motor skills by using scissors, moving water, beading and many other games.

· Developing writing interest gradually by making the child sit for some time and doing a few exercises.

Engineer and mum Sneha Kedia has some of the best tips for language skills, motor skills and other important skills required for the development of toddlers. You can try these tested tips that she has recommended.

Image credits – Sneha Kedia



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