Planning A Fun Tastic Birthday On A Budget

Planning A Fun Tastic Birthday On A Budget

5 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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While you might be extremely excited for your child’s birthday party, you also want to consider how heavy it would be in your pockets. Planning a perfect birthday party is quite a task. You need to take into consideration what your child wants and also what you want. Remember that it is your kid’s birthday party and their wishes need to be the primary focus, rather than your wants.

Throwing a fun birthday party which is enjoyable for all is not an impossible task while being on a budget.

Here are a few tips to plan a fun-tastic birthday, while on a budget:

1. The Guest List

Most of the times, kids are only interested in a few details such as, the design of the cake or the gift that they are anticipating and maybe a handful of people that they would like to see around on their special day. More often than not, parents extend the guest list by inviting unnecessary people which further leads to increased expenditure. Try to keep your guest list under control and invite only close friends and family.

2. The Cake

Believe it or not, but cakes are expensive when ordered from outside and can cost you a bomb if you are going for a particular cartoon themed design. Instead, look up some videos on YouTube and bake your very own cake at home with some simple ingredients. You can customize it with the toppings that you are sure your child will like. Also, if your kids are adamant about having a cartoon on their cake, then simply purchase a cake topper from a local bakery (these are available for a minimal charge).

3. Club birthdays together

If your child has a friend or a cousin whose birthday is on the same day, then try to work with the other parents to throw a combined birthday party. This will not only add to the fun but will also allow you and your kids to meet new people. Also, throwing a birthday party together can help you come up with various innovative ideas that you might have otherwise not thought of.

4. The Food

The best plan would be to order food boxes from outside. Cooking at home on the day of the birthday will leave you juggling too many things. Also, there are a variety of options available to order from outside, at cheap prices; whereas cooking in your house will make you spend that much more time, money and energy. Look for items that would strike a balance between the adults as well as the kids.

5. Pro tip: Avoid Party stores

You may feel that party stores are a perfect one stop shop solution to all your birthday requirements, but you might be falling into a trap. Party stores usually make you pay a markup price for things that you can usually find at other stores for less. To check this fact, just compare the prices of chocolates in the party store and those at the supermarket and you will know what we mean.











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