Ranbir Kapoor Is Confused About Who Raha Will Look Like: What Influences A Baby’s Features?

Ranbir Kapoor Is Confused About Who Raha Will Look Like: What Influences A Baby’s Features?

3 Mar 2023 | 6 min Read

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2023 has just started and Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor is already on a roll. Kapoor, who recently welcomed his daughter Raha, with partner Alia is cherishing his parenthood days to the fullest, and soaking in every moment with his darling daughter. On the work front, the actor is all set to release his film “Tu Jhooti Mai Makkar” co-starring Shraddha Kapoor, and is giving his all to the promotions of the film.

Recently, the actor visited The Kapil Sharma Show to talk about the rom-com and more and shared a promotional video of the upcoming episode. In the video, the new dad could be seen having a fun conversation with the host and his co-stars, and also shared a much-awaited update on baby Raha. Read on to know what Kapoor had to say about his darling daughter and his experience of embracing fatherhood for the first time.

Ranbir Kapoor Makes An Adorable Revelation About Daughter Raha

We’ve previously seen that in all the recent promotional events that Kapoor went to, he couldn’t stop mentioning his little one, and even said, “I wish I could just be at home, with my daughter…I don’t feel like working or doing anything at all…But of course, that is not possible!” In the promotional video shared by The Kapil Sharma Show, the actor mentioned his daughter again, and this time he made an adorable revelation about her.

When the host Kapil asked the new dad if there are any family members or neighbours who come and ask who their daughter resembles more, Ranbir replied, “Hum khud hi confused hain, kyunki kabhi kabhi uska chehra mere jaisa dikhta hai, kabhi Alia ke jaisa dikhta hai. Par achi baat yeh hai ki hum dono ke jaisa hi dikhta hai.” (We are ourselves confused, because sometimes she resembles me, and sometimes Alia. But the good thing is that she resembles both of us only). The new dad’s statement made everyone burst into laughter and Kapoor himself couldn’t stop giggling. 

Watch the promo video here.

Well, there’s no denying that since the time couples get to know that they are expecting, they cannot stop thinking about who their baby will look like. Will the little one resemble their dad more, or their mum? 

While there is no foolproof way of confirming your baby’s appearance, an understanding of the role of genetics in this can help you determine what your baby’s features will be influenced by. 

In this section, we give you an insight into the role of genetics and what experts have to say regarding this subject. 

The Role Of Genetics In Your Baby’s Appearance

Ranbir Kapoor
Genes play a crucial role in determining your baby’s features, such as their eye and hair colour, as well as height and weight / Image credit: Freepik

While there are different possibilities of the exact combination of genes that your baby could inherit, it all comes down to DNA. This means predicting your baby’s look is not as easy as you may think.

Most traits that your baby will inherit are the result of multiple genes that are working together to form their appearance. When these genes come together, some of the effects on the basis of appearance are amplified, while others are reduced.

Scientists have some understanding of why your baby develops particular features. Here are some ways your baby’s primary features, such as their hair and eye colour are influenced by genes.

Hair Colour

Your baby may inherit multiple genes from each of you, and that may further play a crucial role in their appearance. These genes together determine your baby’s hair and eye colour, as well as complexion.

While scientists are yet to determine how many genes are responsible for your baby’s hair colour, they do have an understanding of how the process works.

The genes that influence your baby’s hair colour, also regulate melanocytes (commonly known as colour-producing cells in your body). Whether your baby’s tresses fall within the spectrum of black to brown will be determined by how many melanocytes they have,  what kind of pigment these cells make, and how of pigment each of them produces.

Further, a substance within melanocytes, known as eumelanin produced black to brown hair colour. This means the more melanocytes your baby has, the more eumelanin those cells make, and the darker their hair colour will be. 

Eye Colour

Many babies are born with bluish-greyish eyes. This is because the colour-producing cells in their iris need more exposure to light to activate. It can take up to six months for your baby’s eye colour to stabilise.

Just like their hair colour, your baby’s eye colour is determined by melanocytes. Over time, if the melanocytes secrete only a little melanin, your baby will have blue eyes, and if they secrete a lot more melanin, your baby will have black or brown eyes.

Your baby’s eye colour will also be dependent on the combination of alleles that they will inherit from you. If both you and your partner have dark eyes, the chances of your baby having dark-coloured eyes is high. 

Height and Build

Your baby’s measurements at birth do not necessarily predict its future height and weight. There are many factors that can influence your newborn’s size, including various health conditions and your diet during pregnancy.

This means there is no foolproof way to determine your baby’s future height and weight. Even growth charts fail to give an accurate answer here. Aside from genetic factors, nutrition, and physical activity can also play a role in your baby’s future build.


As Ranbir Kapoor said: It’s confusing to determine who baby Raha resembles more, we guess we have to wait for a little more to understand if she looks like her dad or mum. As we discussed above, many genetic factors influence your baby’s appearance, and it may take a while for them to form distinct features. As new parents, you may have to be patient for a while and then settle on your baby’s looks.


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