Seizures In Babies Reasons For It And How To Treat It

Seizures In Babies Reasons For It And How To Treat It

1 Jul 2022 | 3 min Read


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Seizures in babies can be a terrifying episode for a mother, as they usually panic at the frozen position their baby is in. They are rarely painful, but it is made to look like your baby is in acute pain. It is extremely hard to identify a seizure in a newborn even at a professional level.

Seizures can be a cause of numerous signals sent to the brain at the same time, which leads to a lock down.

A sudden movement or a shock can trigger a seizure. Seizures in a baby are very different from that of an adult. Since an adult is capable of making full-fledged movements, it is easy to spot a seizure. In the case of a baby, since movements and expressions are not yet developed, it is hard to identify a seizure.

Some actions such as sudden jerking of the knees and legs upward is a visible sign of a seizure in a baby. Twitching can be another sign of a seizure, while uncontrollable eye ball rolling can be another sign. Keep a lookout for unusual movements, as any of these might be a seizure.

If your baby is prone to epilepsy or seizures, take your child to the doctor. You do not want to risk a home remedy that might not work.

However, there are a few home remedies that you can try out in case your baby is having a seizure for the first time. You can do this in the time period before the professional aid arrives.

1. The first thing you need to check for is the breathing pattern of your baby. Make sure he/she is breathing steadily.

2. Make sure you do not feed your baby anything while or immediately after the seizure, as he/she has a very high chance of choking on the food.

3. Do not leave your baby unattended during an episode of a seizure.

4. Keep all glass items or fragile items away from your baby as, their inability to control their actions might lead to an accident

5. Help your child lie down in a comfortable position.

6. If your baby is unable to breathe, put him/her in a position that is comfortable or make them sit up straight if need be.

7. Immediately after the seizure, shift your baby’s position wherein they are lying on their side. Make sure you do not feed them anything.

Seizures are usually not treatable with home remedies. It is avoidable by sticking to a healthy diet that will definitely keep a seizure at bay. Your baby’s seizure should not be ignored it is a serious issue that needs immediate attention. Take your child to the doctor, if the doctor does not see any signs of a seizure, he/she may ask you to visit regularly. Document unusual actions or freezes to show the doctor at your next visit.











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