Journalist Mum Stuti Agarwal Shares Tips On Creating Value-Added Content

Journalist Mum Stuti Agarwal Shares Tips On Creating Value-Added Content

30 Jun 2022 | 8 min Read

Reema Shah

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Having a knack for content and identifying the best is a talent not everyone has. The online world has so much content but keeping the viewers’ interests in mind and creating content with an aim to add value to their lives always stands out.

In a candid interview with BabyChakra, Journalist, and mum Stuti Agarwal shares how her experience as a journalist and motherhood has helped her create value-adding content.

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself. 

I am a journalist turned parenting blogger and was born and brought up in Kolkata.

I am a mum to a 4-year-old son Yuvraaj and a 2-year-old daughter Aarna. I am multi-faceted and love reading, writing, networking, doing crafts, painting, cooking, travelling, and also am interested in home decor. In fact, I have a long list of things that I love!

However, the best part of my day is playing with my kids. I just love spending time with them. We do a lot of DIY crafts and activities, which I also post on my Instagram page.

2. Please tell us about your profession. What motivated you to do what you’re doing and how did it start?

I am a content creator, but at heart, I will always be a journalist. I started working as a journalist as soon as I turned 13. I was a student reporter and got the “Best Reporter of the Year” award for 3 consecutive years. It fueled my dreams to become a journalist. I worked with multiple media companies throughout college and finally got into my dream media college, IIMC (Indian Institute of Mass Communication), and started working for The Telegraph. 

Later, I joined the Times of India as a lifestyle journalist. I worked for 8 years until I became pregnant and then decided to quit journalism. So, to sum it all up, I have been creating content throughout my life.

Soon, I moved to Hong Kong from Bangalore, where I read as much as I could about parenting and would research for hours on topics like breastfeeding and similar topics. People told me to share my parenting experiences through writing, but I was busy soaking in motherhood. 

Once I moved to Mumbai in 2018, I started Content Writing for PR companies as a freelancer. But a month after my daughter’s birth, my freelancing work wasn’t keeping me busy enough. That’s when I decided to document my parenting journey and thus started my page. The fact that my page is helping so many parents out there, is my biggest motivation. Motherhood gave me the wings to start the second innings of my career!

Influencer mum Stuti credits her husband for sharing equal responsibilities in raising her kids which helps her manage time for content creation and family

3. How do you drive inspiration and ideas for content creation?

My inspiration is my children. I do not want to miss any moment of them growing up, so I document it with the hope that I can come back to these days through pictures once they grow up. I know we break a lot of stereotypes in day-to-day life, and I want it to help other parents break their shackles.

As for inspiration, I believe everything is content. But while creating content, I try to figure out what will add value to my audience’s life. I try to collate all their questions in my DMs and make appropriate posts. My page is all about helping people.

4. How do your kids and family support you in your content creation?

My kids are not camera-shy and that’s a big support. My family is very supportive and helps me in various ways. My husband is an equal parent and chips in whenever possible. He looks after the kids while I attend events and shoots, while my mum does everything she can to ensure that I can create content. She manages the house, gives me ideas, and even sets everything up for me to just shoot.

5. How do you ensure that your kids don’t get affected by social media? Do you take any steps to limit their screen time?

I have faced the demon of screen time during the lockdown and have taken strict steps to ensure that the demon doesn’t step into our house again. We do a lot of activities, play games, paint and do experiments in the time that would otherwise have gone in front of screens. 

I involve my children in house chores, take them to the park as a routine, and organise play dates and they hardly ask for screen time after this. The best thing is that my children only associate TV with screens. They have never had access to other devices like mobile phones and iPad, so it is easier to divert them. Plus, I prefer books over TV and never switch on the box when at home, so they have kind of imbibed that.

journalist mum Stuti Agarwal
Stuti Agarwal has been able to limit the screentime for her children by engaging them in multiple acitivities including fine and gross motor activities

6. How do you balance your work, kids, and home?

A schedule helps. I have a fixed routine and that helps. Also, I know I can’t do justice to everything – so I have staff to help me with home. I do online shopping, so grocery and other house needs are managed. I do a nighttime reading with the kids and spend time with them at the park. Plus, since I work from home, I am always available.
I do all my work on my mobile, so I can work whenever possible. This includes early mornings, once my kids are in school or sleeping.

7. Would you recommend being an online content creator as a career option, especially for young moms? What’s your advice to those who might be considering it?

Of course! This job is flexible, lets you spend time with your kids and pays well, so why not. If mums are considering it as a career option, I would advise them to be true and not choose shortcuts. Also, always try to add value to your followers’ lives. To help new moms make it a career, I also take workshops on content creation.

8. How has being a journalist helped you in content creation?

I have been a journalist for 12+ years and am trained to create content. I can identify content by taking a glance – thanks to years in this field. And there is so much content that you need to filter, and I can do that – thanks to my journalistic eye. 

Basically, I am only doing what I used to do for newspapers, but this time for my page. Also, being a journalist means I am very particular about research, which shows in my posts and people trust me for that. Also, my training as a journalist has helped me to put my point across concisely. It has also made me particular about language and grammar and helped my writing skills.

influencer mum on creating value-adding content
Stuti Agarwal has a 2-year-old daughter Aarna who also shoots with her and communicates when she doesn’t want to shoot

9. Husbands play a crucial role in bringing up a child, what are your views on equal parenting? How has your hubby helped you co-parent and is he also involved when you make these videos?

Oh yes! I couldn’t have done this without equal parenting. He was the first to change diapers in the hospital when I was recovering from my C-section delivery. Post that, he has helped in all ways possible with the kids. He has not only been my photographer on multiple occasions but agreed to shoot despite hectic schedules.

Besides this, he comes home early when I need to go to night events and meetings. He even bought me a laptop to grow my business. Basically, he does everything he can in his capacity.

10. What activities do you indulge in with your children during free time?

We do a lot of activities! We do fine motor activities, gross motor activities, sensory bins, play with play dough, paint to our heart’s content, pretend play, read books, do house chores together or just turn the music on and dance! 

I have converted a room into a playroom for them, which has all their educational resources and toys – and you’ll always find us there. I hope to make childhood memorable for my children and make them remember that their mum always played with them.

11. What future do you see for your children?

I want my children to be curious about the world, be on the constant lookout to learn more, and read a lot. I hope they become self-aware and fearless. I also don’t want them to bother about what the world thinks about them and know that they can always come back to their safe space – their parents – for anything. I hope they have the virtues of kindness, gratefulness, and a helpful attitude.

Stuti Agarwal is a mum who has managed to keep her kids away from electronic device addiction and has also been managing to create a difference through her content among the viewers. She sets an example for all mums who are seeking guidance for both these aspects and more!

Image credits – Stuti Agarwal



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