The Only Toy Guide You’Ll Ever Need Xyz

The Only Toy Guide You’Ll Ever Need Xyz

5 Apr 2022 | 9 min Read


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Once you have a baby, your entire life just changes.Being a mom demands a lot of sacrifices and hard work. But the happiness you get out of hearing your child’s laughter and seeing the twinkle in their eyes makes you feel really happy about it!

The moment you walk into a toy store you’re overwhelmed by seeing the variety of toys for your child. You know how it feels when you buy something fancy for your child and he hardly even looks at it. So, that usually puts you in a fix and sometimes you might wonder what to even buy for your child depending on his/her age.

You need to be a smart shopper when it comes to choosing and buying toys for your child because it is not only expensive but your child is sure to outgrow them after a point of time. You need to choose toys that fit your budget and at the same time make your child happy.

So, here’s a toy guide, exclusively for you to cater to your child’s entertainment needs. This guide will help you understand what your child needs and what you can buy for your little one depending on his/her age:

New born babies

Initially, they would love it if you play with them and help them awaken their sensory systems. In simple words, a newborn would require your support and a lot of your time as you need to play with them. Your touch, your voice, your face is everything they need till they are at least around 3 months old.

New born babies are fascinated by lights and anything that is vivid. They like things that make a slight sound that isn’t loud enough to startle them. Your baby needs something small so that he can learn how to grab hold of them and play with them.

You need to understand that your baby can see objects that are at the most 8-10 inches away. Your child cannot see a whole spectrum of colors so, not many details are visible. Their eyes follow the objects rather slowly. At this stage, children mimic facial expressions when they are being spoken to.

You can alert them by snapping your fingers or clapping softly and talking to them softly.

3-6 months

By this age, your baby is acquiring some knowledge about the world and you two are bonding already! Your baby is able to make an eye contact and they will gradually begin smiling at you. They understand your facial expressions at this age and respond accordingly. Your baby is slowly getting active each day and he likes hearing different sounds like that of a key bunch and rattles. They like it when you blow raspberries on their stomach and sing to them.

Your child needs toys like:

Rattles and teethers

Your child loves seeing bright colored objects that attract his attention. So buy him toys that are bright and make some sound at the same time. Rattles, plastic colorful key bunch. Teethers are important for your child as his gums are quite itchy at this time. He is about to develop teeth so, his gums need something that he could nibble on.

Mommy tip: Avoid buying sharp toys as your child might get hurt while trying it take it in the mouth.

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6- 12 months

At this stage of life, your baby is trying to see the world with more clarity as his eyes are able to grasp colors and movements. Your baby needs toys that are visually appealing to his eyes to attract his attention.

The toys should be something that can move and are colorful at the same time. Keep your phones away from your child, as he is learning how to grasp. If he gets hold of your phone it might fall on him/her thereby hurting them.


You can buy toys that produce rattling sound or you can bring in toys that produce a cute squeaking sound.

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Soft toys

Soft toys are a thing among little kids. So, buying a stuffed soft toy for your little munchkin sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? You can buy stuffed animal toys or dolls whatever fits your purpose.

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Mom tip: Your baby is still too little to play with toys that have many small parts attached to it. So, buying toys that can break easily can be harmful to your child as they could choke your baby if they are accidentally eaten.

Picture books

Babies at this age need to start enhancing their visual capabilities. You can get them books with round edges that have simple and colorful figures to help them enhance their visual development.

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1-3 Years

Your dear little one is transforming into a ball of enthusiasm and getting determined to face the world. You need toys that will help your child in becoming more confident, application of mind in order to accomplish tasks. These kinds of toys will help your child gain ideas and learn to play with mates.

She/He may be walking by this age and exploring things by themselves gives them more pleasure than ever.

They are able to connect the dots and formulate an entire plan all by themselves.Your child is able to take objects in and out from the box. So here’s a list of toys that are the best for your child at this stage of development-

Assorted shaped toys

Sorting type of toys. These are the different shaped toys that require the child to arrange in an orderly fashion. An order may be by the shape or by the size, it differs from toys to toys.

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Molds and clay

Then comes the gooey and sticky clay. Children can make models out of this clay and that is something that will enhance their creativity. They will be able to develop and create new ideas to play with them.

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Building blocks are a way to improve their cognitive capabilities and help them understand the art of balance.

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Although kids cannot read and understand words, they can get accustomed to shapes, colors, and pictures. So, story books with a lot of pictures or just picture books are suitable for children at this age.

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Musical Toys

Musical toys and other sound producing toys are suitable at this age to enhance the auditory receptors. Put a smile on your child’s face with these them right here

Stacking rings, simple puzzles, shape sorters etc should be given to children to improve their sense of order.

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These are the basic toys that your child would require to learn and formulate his cognitive capabilities in the correct way.

3-5 years

Your child is growing up and he already goes to school now. As a preschooler, he is able to run, walk, stand and sprint around in a more organized manner. He is able to throw and catch objects with much ease. He is able to ride a cycle with the help of training wheels. Engaging in activities like skipping, skating and jumping rope etc are his favorite things to do at this age.

As you know, this is the prime age to expose them to a lot of other toys like remote controlled cars, robots, cycles, doll houses and so much more, you get to choose toys from a wider range of toys too.

Science experiment kits

Since kids are really curious at this age, you can get a simple science experiment kit too! It is

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Art and craft

Children by this age are able to grab hold of pencils and crayons. Let them unleash their inner creative soul through some art and craft products.

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5-12 years

Your child is sensible enough to understand the art of balancing. He/she knows how to recite alphabets and numbers backward, although the handwriting can be quite messy, it is readable. Gone are the days of training wheels on their bicycles and skates, they need some real wheels to move around with.

They are aware of combing their hair and tying knots. By the time they’re 12 years old, They have well-established groups in their classes and they enjoy playing together as a team. At this age, they are more influenced by their peers and their beliefs and perspectives are influenced by their friends.

They become more responsible when it comes to their own belongings. They love winning but at the same time, they cannot accept their defeat graciously.

For 5-year-old kids

You can buy toys like dolls with fancy kits, three wheeled scooters to move around, uno playing cards and so much more.

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10 and up

Your child will become more active and would love spending time outdoors. They will want some privacy and alone time with their friends, so you can buy them a lot of things like

Helicopters and drones

For those days when they all want to just fly around their helicopters around the area and play with it. You can surprise your child with a fancy drone from flip kart’s very own exclusive remote control toys collection. You get to choose the toy of your child’s fantasies right here

Board games

Childhood is incomplete without the classic board games. Get your child some fancy games like Monopoly, snakes and ladders, ludo, Pictionary, guess who and other games of the similar kind.

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Flipkart has a lot of exclusive brands, collections and plenty offer only for you and your little one! Make your children’s dreams come true by fulfilling their wish list. You know your child deserves the best so buy them the best from the best!



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