the sweetest thing my husband did 7 moms share

the sweetest thing my husband did 7 moms share

18 May 2022 | 6 min Read


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One thing we all love is when our husbands surprise us. And I don’t just mean with flowers, or chocolates, or some physical or material gift. I mean surprise us even with little acts of kindness and love when we don’t expect it.

These little things have the ability to make us feel so loved and valued. It shows us that our husbands really do appreciate us and aren’t just potatoes who only love eating and relaxing on the weekends. However, it’s a different instance for every person.

These 7 women have shared one instance in their lives when their husbands have done something sweet for them and made them feel loved.

1. Teatime goodness and dinner in bed

“This one day, I was really sick so I stayed home from work. I had had no energy throughout the day to do any work. I couldn’t wash the dishes, load the washing machine, or cook any food for dinner. When my husband got back from work, he was extremely tired and I was feeling slightly better, so I thought I’d make us both some tea.

By the time I freshened up and got out of the bedroom, I saw a pot of tea already on the dining table and I saw my husband in the kitchen with our kids. Something was cooking on the stove and he was washing my dirty dishes from that afternoon’s lunch, employing the kids to help. He hadn’t even changed or removed his socks. He was standing there, with his tie still on, and gave me the brightest smile when he heard me enter the kitchen. He refused to let me help him and sent me back to bed.

He then brought my kids into our bedroom and brought us all dinner and we had a little family picnic right there.”

– Ranjini

2. Chauffeur for the day

“I had a sprained arm for about a week, and it was the worst possible week for this, as I was super busy with work. It was the same week my mother had flown in and gotten sick the next day. So, my mum had to be taken to the hospital and I had to be taken to work, and my darling husband became our wonderful chauffeur.

Every morning, after our daughter left for school, he drove me to work, and whenever my mother had to go to the doctor, he drove us there and back.”

– Seema

3. Personal superhero!

“One thing we do very often, but still hate doing is fighting with our parents or relatives, especially because of someone else. Well, this one time, my husband’s family was having a get-together at his sister’s place and there were quite a few people there. I had met them all before, but one of his aunts didn’t take well to me.

My husband used to tell me to ignore her, but that day her comments were extra snarky. Without me even reacting to her, he took her aside and had a talk with her about the way she interacted with me. I was really taken aback because he knows that I don’t let it get to me, but he still put himself in that position just to make sure I didn’t have to deal with that negativity.”

– Nalini

4. Furry family member

“Last Valentine’s Day, my husband took me out without telling me where we were going. Now, I am a major dog person. I love dogs, and have loved them since I was a child. So I was thrilled when he drove up the road to an animal shelter.

Before going home, he revealed to me that he had adopted a dog, who was slightly old but a big sweetheart. It was the dog we had been playing with for the past couple of hours. When we went home, our son was thrilled to see the dog and it was love at first sight. Valentine’s day was great, but I was used to my husband and I doing something romantic. But seeing my son that happy really made my day.”

– Sonali

5. Number 1 Dad

I am a stay at home mom, so I spend a lot of time with my two children. The one thing I’m sure of is how much they admire their dad. And why wouldn’t they? He’s such a good man. A couple of years back, when they were both very young, he was going through a period of minor depression. We made sure that he got help, but he made sure that his problem didn’t affect our kids.

He left for work a little late and came back a little early to make sure he didn’t get overly stressed and used this extra time to play around with our kids. Anyone who would have seen him then would have said he’s one of the happiest fathers around, considering he has two toddlers.”

– Rose

6. My husband, the masseuse!

“My favourite thing in the world is a back massage. I absolutely love them. One thing I really appreciate my husband for is that he gives me a back massage every night. Even if we’re on vacation, staying with our relatives, he’ll make sure I get my back massage.

Even if we’ve just had a huge fight, he’ll still come in and give me a back massage. The fact that he can still be so careful and gentle even though he’s angry at me really shows how much he cares about my happiness and well being.”

– Neeti

7. Night owls

In my personal opinion, communication is very important in every relationship. When I am close to someone, I become extremely talkative about the most random things. There are some nights when my husband comes home and, even though he’s super tired, he’ll sit on the bed with me after dinner and ask me about my day and encourage me to talk about the hundred things that I probably want to talk about.

Sometimes these conversations are about work, and he helps me figure out what I need to do. Sometimes these conversations are him reassuring me that I’m a great mum and my baby loves me. And sometimes these conversations are about random dream vacations we want to take. Even though he’s tired, he’d rather stay up for hours and talk to me.

It makes me feel like how you feel in a relationship in college. You want to be best friends and prioritise each other. It keeps the marriage from becoming something you’re just ‘used to’.”

– Ashwini



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