7 Tips To Raise Creative Kids And Why It’s Important

7 Tips To Raise Creative Kids And Why It’s Important

25 May 2022 | 4 min Read

Reema Shah

Author | 500 Articles

Creativity is not just about painting, making music, drawing and crafts. It is also the ability to transcend patterns, ideas, relationships or similar things to form ideas, interpretations or methods. When it comes to kids, giving them something to touch, feel or mould can help them channel their creativity as they explore and dive in. It also helps them express better while strengthening them emotionally and mentally. 

Let’s look at how parents can raise creative kids and why it is so important. 

Ways To Raise Creative Kids

1. Give Importance to Playtime

Do not estimate the power of playtime as this is the chance for your kid to get curious and creative. After all, it helps them be healthier and happier. In fact, unstructured playtime gives kids the chance to explore their creative side. So let them play with toys or take them outdoors to explore nature and the world around them. 

Tips on raising creative kids
Stock up space in your house with creative tools that your child can easily access and get her creativity flowing/ Credit – Canva

2. Be Mindful

A child who is just learning new things might mistake a toy for another object or vice versa. a. For instance, parents know that a block can help build something but a child might pretend the block to be of different use. So instead of telling the child the exact use of that block, let their spirits wander and tell them to just play. In simple words, do not limit your child’s imagination because of your own prejudices or scope of knowledge. 

3. Use Things Around You

In order to boost your little one’s creativity, you don’t need to invest in expensive toys each time. Find objects at home that your child can pick up to create something of use or play. Open-ended puzzles help the child’s creative juices flow while also giving them an opportunity to learn problem-solving. A simple clay dough is a door to open multiple opportunities for your child to enjoy and think out of the box.

Tips on boosting child's imagination
Let your child make mistakes and give them the opportunity to learn and figure things out independently as it develops their problem-solving skills / Credit – Canva

4. Make Room for Mistakes

Letting children solve something independently is critical. This isn’t only limited to playing, but also letting them solve their personal problems, or avoiding intervening each time they get into a quarrel. 

Similarly, giving them another chance after they make mistakes while they play and experiment will help them become confident instead of feeling embarrassed. They will be encouraged to try new things again. After their attempts, if it still does not work, you can then explain to them the reason for such failures. 

5. Use Electronic Devices

We can’t deny how difficult it is to keep children away from electronic devices but tablets and smartphones can also be used to create art, music, illustrations and more. Learning these things digitally can open a whole new world of possibilities for your child’s future as well.

6. Set up a Dedicated Creative Space

Whether it’s a playroom or a corner of your house, fill the space with creative tools and supplies. Your child will most likely start using that space to ideate or create something that excites them the most.

7. Take them to Creative Places

Art museums, theatres or fairs help children get exposed to creative people and surroundings. You can explore the places and if you visit them all, there are multiple online events that have creative activities for kids. 

There are multiple ways to let your child use their imagination to get creative. Whether you are outside with your kid or at home working with various interesting objects. The primary objective should be to allow your child to explore their most creative self so they are able to find a mode of self-expression, which will in turn help better shape their personalities.











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