8 Simple Tips To Take Off Holi Colours From Your Child’s Skin And Hair 

8 Simple Tips To Take Off Holi Colours From Your Child’s Skin And Hair 

7 Mar 2023 | 8 min Read

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Holi is all about having fun, making great memories, playing games, and savouring delicious foods. However, there is one thing that every mum dreads! Yes, you guessed it right! It’s about taking off Holi colours from their little one’s skin and hair.

While kids love to splash on water and play with various colours during Holi, taking them off in the shower can feel like a long battle for mums, with no visible results in some cases.

But worry not, we have you covered with some tried and tested hacks that will help you safely remove stubborn Holi colours from your child’s skin, without causing any damage to their delicate complexion and hair. Read on to know what they are. 

8 Tips To Safely Remove Holi Colours

Holi Colours
A little bit of prep beforehand can help you efficiently take off Holi colours from your child’s skin and hair / Image credit: Freepik

Apply Coconut Oil Beforehand

Apply a thick layer of coconut oil to your child’s hair before they go out to play with colours. The oil will help form a protective layer on their hair and make the colours come off easily while rinsing. 

You can go for BabyChakra’s organic coconut oil, which is formulated with extra-virgin and unadulterated coconut oil and offers gentle nourishment and protection to your little one’s hair and scalp. It’s best if you massage the oil to your child’s hair the previous night as it prevents the Holi colours from sticking to their scalp. 

Prep Your Child’s Skin

Apply a generous amount of moisturiser to your little one’s skin to protect against dryness and skin irritation. You can opt for a lightweight and all-natural body lotion, such as Baby Forest’s Moh Malai Baby Body Lotion to deeply nourish and moisturise your little one’s skin.

The 100% organic body lotion is blended with 10 Ayurvedic herbs, natural oils, and medical roots, such as shea butter, almond oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, licorice extracts, and more to enhance the hydration levels in your child’s skin and suppress any skin disorders.

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Also, make sure to apply sunscreen to all the exposed parts of your child’s body. It will help offer extra nourishment and moisturisation, making it easy for you to take off the Holi colours during your child’s bath.

Moreover, sunscreen will also help protect your child’s skin from sun damage and prevent the risk of skin rashes and allergies. Since your child is going to splash around in the water a lot during Holi, make sure to use a water-resistant sunscreen, such as BabyChakra’s moisturising natural sunscreen made with carrot seed oil and rosehip oil that protect your child’s delicate skin by improving hydration. 

Protect Your Child’s Lips

Holi colours can make your child’s lips dry and even cause cracks. To prevent this, apply a good coat of lip balm to your child’s lips. This extra layer of nourishment will also help take the colours off easily and prevent further damage to your little one’s sensitive lips. 

Apply Powder To Keep Them Sweat-Free And Cool

Your little one is going to spend a fair amount of time outside while playing Holi. Hence, it’s important to keep them cool and sweat-free by applying powder to their skin. 

You can go for a talc-free and all-organic powder, such as Baby Forest’s Dulaar Pyar Talc-Free Baby Powder, which contains a blend of Ayurvedic herbs and oils that keeps your child’s skin cool and nourished.

The talc-free powder contains botanical extracts like chamomile oil, jojoba oil, cornstarch, aloe vera, marigold oil, and oats kernel that gently moisture your little one’s skin and also soothe inflammation caused by rashes and skin irritation.

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Avoid Using Hot Water

Do not hot water to rinse your child’s hair or skin. Hit water can cause the Holi colours to solidify, making it all the more difficult to rinse them off.

Once your child comes back home, use water-based wipes to cleanse their skin before giving them a bath. You can opt for BabyChakra’s bamboo water wipes, which are formulated with plant-derived ingredients like aloe vera and bamboo water that give a soothing effect on your little one’s skin and prevent skin rashes or infections.

After you have wiped your child’s skin, you can proceed to prepare their bath using a mild and protective body wash and shampoo.

Make A Mild Exfoliating Scrub

Holi Colours
Make a nourishing homemade paste with coconut oil and wheat flour to gently scrub your child’s skin / Image credit: Freepik

You can also consider creating a gentle scrub for your child using homemade ingredients. Take some wheat flour and add a bit of lemon or coconut oil. Mix the ingredients to create a paste and apply it to your child’s skin.

Scrub your child’s body with your hands, and make sure to use gentle movements to avoid stripping the natural oils from your little one’s skin. Let the scrub sit for 10-15 minutes and then proceed to rinse your child’s body.

Rinse Your Child’s Body Thoroughly Before Applying Soap

Before applying body wash, use warm water to rinse your child’s skin to take off the colours. Gently scrub your child’s skin with your hands to take off the colours, and then use a wash to cleanse the dirt and residual colour from their skin.

You can consider using BabyChakra’s moisturising wash, which is formulated with organic ingredients like pumpkin seed oil, moringa oil, and strawberry oil that help nourish and hydrate your child’s skin, and also strengthen their skin barrier to repair any damage caused. 

You can also try BabyChakra’s moisturising creamy bathing bar, which is also India’s first plant-based with skin identical complex that reduces skin irritation and rashes and gently removes dirt and oil without drying your little one’s skin. The bathing bar contains plant-based extracts like almond oil, oatmeal, and Pentavitin that offer gentle nourishment and protection to your child’s skin. 

Make A Curd Or Egg Yolk Hair Mask

Avoid immediately shampooing your little one’s hair after playing Holi. Apply a curd or an egg yolk mask to their hair for at least 45 minutes before shampooing. This will help remove the colours easily and also reduce the extent of damage to their delicate strand and scalp.

After rinsing the hair mask, use a natural and plant-derived shampoo to wash your little one’s hair. For instance, you can go for BabyChakra’s natural strengthening shampoo, which contains botanical ingredients like curry leaf oil and hibiscus oil that nourish your child’s scalp, removes dirt, and prevents hair breakage. 

Tips To Keep In Mind After Taking Off Holi Colours

  • Do not wash your child’s skin and face again and again as this will make it super-dry.
  • If the colour still remains on their face, soak a cotton ball in coconut oil to wipe off the residue.
  • Nourish your little one’s skin with a gentle moisturiser after bathing them to prevent dryness. You can go for the Baby Forest Khilta Mukhra Baby Face Cream, which is formulated with saffron, almond oil, and shea butter that delivers deep hydration and keep the pH value of your child’s skin balanced. 
  • Avoid the use of any chemically-laden skin or hair treatments to prevent further damage to your child’s skin and hair.
  • If your child’s hair appears dry, use a bit of oil to nourish their strands. 


Now that you know all the different ways to take off Holi colours from your child’s skin, you can let go of all your worries, and enjoy the festival with immense joy. Always remember that pre and post-Holi care is crucial for maintaining your child’s skin and hair health, and hence use the nourishing and plant-derived products that we mentioned above. 

Happy Holi everyone!


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